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Freestyle jet ski tricks are the most amazing stunts you can do on a stand-up jet ski.

If you’ve ever seen a freestyle jet ski competition, you’re aware of what kind of amazing tricks can be done on a stand-up jet ski. Are you wondering which the most popular and spectacular tricks are, and how you can do them?

We, at JetDrift, have collected the best stand-up jet ski tricks, as well as created a guide on how to choose the best models for tricks!

5 Best Stand-Up Jet Ski Tricks


When it comes to freestyle jet ski tricks, the most well-known is probably the backflip. Although it can be done on still water, usually it’s much easier with the help of a boat’s wake or waves as well.

If you do it on still water, you can even create a wake for yourself and can start the jump on it. If you want to know how to do it, don’t miss this step-by-step tutorial video:

Barrel Roll

The barrel roll is considered the second most popular stand-up jet ski trick. During this trick, the rider corkscrews their jet ski in a 360 degree turn in the air.

Compared to backflips, where the jet ski’s power can do the biggest part of the job, the barrel roll is more difficult and needs more practice as well. Experts say that 95% of this trick depends on your technique!

Monkey Jump

The monkey jump is not only considered one of the hardest freestyle jet ski tricks to master, but it’s quite dangerous as well.

Doing it wrong may end in serious injury. That’s why you rarely see these tricks on the water!


The submarine is known as a much easier and less dangerous trick.

As its name implies, you can submerge the jet ski under the water’s surface after some smaller jumps.

It’s not only spectacular, but refreshing as well!


The fountain is a unique trick where the rider shoots water in the air with the jet ski’s pump. Although this trick looks really fun, be careful if you want to prank your friends nearby by spraying them.

As the water squirts from the pump extremely fast, it can lead to many injuries! The best practice is if you target an empty area with the water jet.

The List of Stand-Up Jet Ski Tricks

These five tricks were just some of the most spectacular freestyle jet-ski tricks.

Are you wondering what other kinds of tricks can be done on a stand-up jet ski? For your convenience, we’ve summarized these tricks for you into these charts.

It’s amazing that there are around 40 different tricks you can do on a stand-up jet ski!

Stand Up Jet Ski TricksTrick Type
Bulldog spin 180Hood
Bulldog spin 360Hood
Hood spin 180Hood
Hood spin 360Hood
Hood reverse rideHood
Hood reverse 180 spinHood
Kamakazi drive (from hood ride)Hood
Monkey JumpHood
Surf turnHood
Submarine underwater 180Hood
Fountain shoot throughHood
Bunny hopHood
Flat 180Aerial
Flat 180 to flipAerial
Flat 360Aerial
Flat 360 into more flat 180 or 360Aerial
180 from wake 360 from wakeAerial
Backflip from wakeAerial
Backflip from idleAerial
Double flip Aerial
Barrel roll from wakeAerial
Barrel roll from no wakeAerial
One handed barrel roll & one hander lander barrel rollAerial
one hander lander barrel rollAerial
One foot barrel roll Aerial
No handed barrel roll & no hander landerAerial
Scarecrow (no hands, one foot barrel roll)Aerial
One footed flipAerial
Can flipAerial
One handed flipAerial
Spider flip (one hand one foot (opposite)Aerial
Flex flip (one hand one foot (same side and look back)Aerial
360 flairAerial
180 flairAerial
180 flair into flipAerial
Sprung monkeyAerial
Combinations (spins to flips etc)Aerial

Source: DJRltd.com

Best Stand-Up Jet Skis for Tricks

Are you wondering which is the best stand-up jet ski for tricks?

Being honest, many stand-up jet ski models can’t do the majority of these tricks in stock condition. Because of this, many freestyle jet ski riders make several modifications on their jet skis, or even build a custom jet ski with an aftermarket hull.

If you’re looking for a freestyle jet ski, but want to save the hassle of the building process, the good news is that “turn-key” freestyle personal watercrafts are now available off the shelves!

You can also discover all of the currently available stand-up jet ski models here. Although sit-down jet skis aren’t designed for tricks, it’s good to know that some of them have the potential for doing spins, jumps or even backflips!

The Risks of Freestyle Jet Ski Tricks

Before you start practicing your first tricks on your jet ski, it’s always good to know what the potential risks are, and what you can do to improve your safety!

Accidents and Injuries: Doing tricks on a jet ski is always dangerous, as you may get injured in several ways. Because of this, beyond the life jacket, you should always wear protection like a helmet, shoes, gloves and wetsuits.

Damaging the Jet Ski: Also, don’t forget that you can damage your jet ski while doing tricks, as jumps can put dynamic impact on your ski, and in the worst case scenario, water can leak into the hull. This can lead to many mechanical problems which may end in costly repairs.

Disturbing Others: Let’s face it; a jet ski’s engine is pretty loud, especially when the ski is jumping out of the water again and again. This can be disturbing for others around you, so to reduce these negative effects, always try to practice away from others, if possible.


Freestyle stand-up jet ski tricks are amazing, but definitely need a lot of practice as well.

There are easier tricks, like the submarine, 180 spins or fountain, which can be done even on a stock stand-up jet ski, while more serious tricks require some modifications, or even a special freestyle, stand-up PWC.

Always keep safety in mind and before you start doing tricks, don’t forget to get the essential accessories and protection like a life jacket, gloves, shoes, wetsuit and a helmet.

It’s also wise if you don’t disturb others with your jet ski’s noise, so try to find an abandoned area for practicing!


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