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Benelli B3S Specs and Review [Video]

Benelli B3S Specs and Review [Video]

The Benelli B3S was a high-performance, 4-stroke jet ski manufactured from 2012 through 2016. Unlike its predecessor, the legendary Hydrospace S4, the Benelli B3S featured a 1602cc, 4-stroke triple Benelli engine. The ski was offered in two configurations; the naturally-aspirated B3S Dynamic, which provided 135 HP, and the turbocharged B3S Extreme, which cranked out an amazing 180 HP.

If you want to learn all about this legendary machine, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this Benelli B3S review!

Benelli B3S Review

The history of Benelli jet skis started in 2006 when the Italian manufacturer acquired the successful Hydrospace. The latter was the boutique European jet ski manufacturer producing the race-intended Hydrospace S4.

After the acquisition, these skis were rebranded to HSR-Benelli, but they were offered in unchanged form.

The all-new Benelli PWC lineup was introduced in 2008, featuring a new runabout model, the Series-R, and a new stand-up labeled Series-S.

Unfortunately, these new Benelli skis didn’t really become popular due to reliability issues and limited availability.

In 2012 Benelli decided to rebrand its fleet again when the Series-S stand-up was renamed the Benelli B3S.

Let’s now get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about these machines in detail!

Benelli B3S Features and Dimensions

The Benelli B3S was available in two configurations, the turbocharged B3S Extreme and the naturally-aspirated B3S Dynamic. These skis shared all the same features except for engine power and color schemes.

The platform of the Benelli B3S was designed from scratch and was made of CMHPCTM (Compression Molded High-Performance Composite).

This hull featured built-in front sponsors and a sharp-contoured aft for the best high-speed stability and cornering. The large hood also ensured easy access to key engine features like the dipstick, oil filter, plugs, and the e-box.

Regarding dimensions, the ski measured 96.46 inches in length, 28.74 inches in width, and 26.38 inches in height, while its dry weight was 439 pounds.

The Ergal handlebar had co-molded grips and was mounted on a lightweight aluminum handlepole. For safety reasons, there was also a soft pad placed on top of the handlepole.

Standard features included a 4.5-gallon fuel tank, aluminum scoop grate and ride plate, easy-release fuel cap, safety lanyard, integrated rub rails, drain plug, and a factory bailer.

Benelli B3S Engine

There’s no question that the most exciting part of this ski was its outstanding 4-stroke engine.

This 1602cc, 3-cylinder DOHC I3C16 Benelli Marine engine featured a dry-sump oil system, multi-point fuel injection system, digital ignition, open-loop cooling, and a water-cooled single-stage downpipe exhaust system.


This triple power source was available in two configurations, the Benelli B3S Dynamic had a naturally-aspirated version that was rated at 135 HP, while the turbocharged Benelli B3S Extreme cranked out 180 HP out of the box.

Thanks to this extreme engine power, the latter hit a 62-65 mph top speed under ideal conditions. This speed was amazing, especially on such a tiny stand-up ski!

What’s more, the B3S Extreme offered an unmatched aggressive sounding exhaust.

Engine power was delivered to the single-stage axial-flow jet pump via a direct drive shaft.

This pump featured an aluminum HPDC housing and a stainless steel sleeve to avoid cavitation, and a stainless-steel, 3-blade impeller.

Benelli B3S Problems

To the regret of many stand-up PWC enthusiasts, the Benelli B3S models never became commercially successful.

As reported by The Watercraft Journal, the hull of these skis suffered from manufacturing issues, which often resulted in hull failures. Because of this, the official release was delayed several times.

When the skis finally hit dealerships, buyers had to face limited availability, as these machines were only marketed in certain parts of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

They were never sold in the U.S. as they didn’t meet the strict requirements of the U.S.C.G. Since the company missed out on this huge market, future opportunities were severely limited.

Since only a couple of Benelli B3S were sold, the company eventually dropped its stand-up line in 2016 and rebranded its runabout ski (again) to Belassi Burrasca.

Benelli B3S Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Benelli B3S specifications into these charts!

Benelli B3S Dimensions Chart

Benelli B3SDimensions
Length2.45 m / 96.46 in
Width0.73 m / 28.74 in
Height0.67 m / 26.38 in
Weight (dry)199 kg / 439 lbs
Rider capacity1 person
Fuel capacity17 l / 4.5 gal

Benelli B3S Hull and Top Deck Features

Benelli B3SHull and Top Deck Features
TypeLight weight CMHPCTM Compression Molded High Performance Composite hull and stringer structure
Hull shapeHydrodynamic optimised hull shape, for extreme corneability and high speed stability
StringersRigid structure glued into the hull interior to accommodate the forces implied by driving the PWC
Hull surface finishHigh scratch resistance due to in mold coating process (color Black)
DrainsSingle vacuum drainage system
Front hookHook contour design integrated in hull shape
DeckLight weight CMHPCTM Compression Molded High Performance Composite structural deck
HoodLight weight CMHPCTM Compression Molded High Performance Composite hood with integrated air intake system
BulkheadRear bulkhead to ensure rigid torque box
ColorExtreme: Red, White, Black / Dynamic: Blue/Silver

Benelli B3S Engine Specs

Benelli B3SEngine
Engine typeMarine 3 cylinder – 4 stroke
Engine familyI3C16TM
Displacement1602 cc
Bore x stroke100 x 68 mm
Performance (naturally-aspirated/ supercharged)135 HP / 180 HP
Intake systemMulti-point fuel injection - Naturally aspirated - Electronic throttle body Ø 60 mm
Exhaust systemWater cooled single stage downpipe with water injection
Valve trainDirect acting double over head camshaft DOHC - 4 valves per cylinder
Compression ratio11.5 :1
Lubrication systemFull dry sump oil pump
Cooling systemOpen loop cooling system
Fuel type91 octane minimum via active knock control 95 octane recommended
Main engine materialAluminium
Cylinder block designClosed fire deck principle with bedplate
Cylinder linersNSC Coated

Benelli B3S Propulsion

Benelli B3SPropulsion
Propulsion systemDirect drive
Jet pumpAluminum HPDC housing - Stainless steel sleeve to protect against cavitations - Single stage axial flow, 8 vane stator
CouplersHigh pressure die cast aluminium
ImpellerStainless steel 3 blades
Intake grateHigh pressure die cast aluminium, hydrodynamic optimized to ensure perfect pump filling
Riding plateHigh pressure die cast aluminium

Benelli B3S Electrical Features

Benelli B3SElectric Features
Battery12V 14AH
Engine management systemsBenelli SMPI-KTM – Benelli Sequential Multi-Point Injection with knock control
Throttle leverContactless angle sensor

Benelli B3S Features

Benelli B3SFeatures
Standing matLarge standing mat area for optimal ergonomics - Material lightweight PU - Unmatchable traction and comfort
LiningTop quality high grip synthetic surface
HandlepoleAluminum extruded, one piece hollow handlepole profile
HandlebarErgal handlebar with co-molded grips with Benelli logo
SwitchesIP-68 push button switches
Start-StopStart stop switch with safety lanyard
PadLarge PU safety pad
Steering systemDirect steering system
Foot area padsLarge soft pads to protect your feet
These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

Benelli B3S For Sale

If you are considering purchasing one, you probably want to know where to find a Benelli B3S for sale. As only a couple of them were shipped to the U.S., finding one is not an easy task!

We recommend that you start your research on dedicated stand-up jet ski forums and Facebook fan groups. Aside from some good deals, you may find some valuable info there about this ski.

Besides these sources, you may also find some used Benelli B3Ss for sale on Craigslist, PWC Trader, and other dedicated jet ski swap sites.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the Benelli B3S!

What was a Benelli B3S?

The Benelli B3S was a unique 4-stroke stand-up jet ski manufactured by Benelli. This machine was available in two configurations, the naturally-aspirated B3S as well as the turbocharged B3S Extreme.

What Year did Benelli Make the B3S?

The Benelli B3S was marketed from 2012 through 2016.

Was a Benelli B3S a 2-Stroke Ski?

No, the Benelli B3S utilized a 4-stroke triple engine.

How Many People Could Ride a Benelli B3S?

The tiny Benelli B3S was rated for only one rider.

What Size was the Benelli B3S?

The Benelli B3S was 96.46 inches long, 28.74 inches wide, and 26.38 inches high.

How Much Did a Benelli B3S Weigh?

The dry weight of the Benelli B3S was only 439 pounds.

What Kind of Engine Did the Benelli B3S Have?

The engine of the Benelli B3S was a 1602cc, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC I3C16 Benelli Marine engine.

How Much Horsepower Did a Benelli B3S Have?

The naturally-aspirated Benelli B3S Dynamic provided 135 HP, while the turbocharged B3S Extreme cranked out an impressive 180 HP.

Did the Benelli B3S Have Reverse?

No, the Benelli B3S was manufactured without reverse.

How Much Weight Could a Benelli B3S Hold?

The total weight capacity of the Benelli B3S was 264.6 pounds (including fuel, oil, and items).

How Much Fuel Did a Benelli B3S Hold?

The Benelli B3S utilized a 4.5-gallon fuel tank.

How Fast Did a Benelli B3S Go?

The top speed of the turbocharged Benelli B3S Extreme was 62-65 mph in stock condition, while its smaller brother offered a slightly lower top end.

How Much is a Benelli B3S Worth?

It’s hard to tell the exact price of these skis, as it strongly depends on their year, condition, and location. But as a rule of thumb, the prices of Benelli B3S skis typically range from $3,000 up to $7,000.