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Belassi Burrasca Specs and Review [Video]

Belassi Burrasca Specs and Review [Video]

The Belassi Burrasca is a unique high-end jet ski manufactured by a boutique European PWC manufacturer. This amazing ski is built on a special hull with carbon fiber reinforcements and features a turbocharged 4-stroke, 1602cc triple engine rated at 320 HP. Since this engine comes without any restrictions, the Burrasca can hit nearly 80 mph under ideal conditions.

If you want to discover this legendary PWC, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled the specs and all the key info into this Belassi Burrasca review!

Belassi Burrasca Review

Belassi jet skis have a really rich history, as they were rebranded several times. The company was established as Hydrospace in 2004, but it was acquired by the Italian Benelli two years later.

After some new brand names like HSR-Benelli, Benelli, Benelli Srl, and HSR-Belassi, the company was finally renamed “Belassi” in 2017. (You can read more about the history of Belassi/Benelli jet skis in this post.)

Today, the company offers only one sit-down (runabout) style personal watercraft, known as Belassi Burrasca. The name “Burrasca” comes from the Italian word “storm,” referring to the outstanding power of the machine.

Contrary to popular belief, the Burrasca is not a brand new machine designed from scratch. Instead, this ski is actually a rebranded and slightly modified Benelli B3R Sport.

The unique hull is made of race-grade composite reinforced with carbon fiber, making the ski capable of achieving 4G in the turns. To check the forces acting on you, the ski is equipped with a built-in G-force meter.

Along with certain parts of the hull, many other features of the ski are made of carbon fiber like the entire top deck, seat frame, hood, side covers, rear spoiler, handlebars, and exhaust covers.

These carbon parts not only look awesome but can also help shave a couple of pounds off the ski. They are also a perfect match to the red-white gloss paint job, which features large Burrasca labels.

The body of the ski has a sleek design influenced by Italian superbikes and hypercars. This is why the Burrasca is often referred to as a “Marine Hypercraft.” As its advertisements suggest, the Burrasca is a nice addition to any large boat or luxury yacht.Regarding dimensions, the Burrasca measures 144 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 46 inches in height. The dry weight of the machine is only 772 pounds, which is remarkable for such a powerful runabout.

However, a full 16.9-gallon fuel tank, the coolant (1.5-gallon), and engine oil (1.25-gallon) add almost 200 pounds to the total weight. This means that you can expect the curb weight of the Burrasca to range 960-970 pounds.

Under this unique hood, you can find a turbocharged 4-stroke, 1602cc, DOHC triple engine, featuring a multi-point fuel injection system, open-loop cooling system, and digital ignition.

This power source gets its oil from a 6-stage gear-driven pump featuring a dry sump and a separate carbon fiber oil tank with an integrated oil cooler.

The exhaust system is water-cooled and the full-carbon muffler is completed with four chromed exhaust tips, even though the engine is only a 3-cylinder unit.

Thanks to the intercooler and turbocharger, this power source puts out an amazing 320 HP.

The driveshaft directly delivers power to a single-stage, axial flow jet pump housing a stainless steel 3-blade impeller and a stainless steel sleeve to reduce cavitation.Like other competitor high-end PWCs, the Burrasca also comes with a brake and reverse system labeled the “Dynamic Brake System” (DBS).

This unit is a foldable flap behind the pump intended to reverse the water flowing from the pump. On the Burrasca, this flap is made of carbon fiber with forged aluminum brackets, while the intake grate and the ride plate are made of casted aluminum.

Standard features include an adaptive trim system, adjustable mirrors, small windshield, large textured traction mats, storage compartment, wire throttle, and aluminum sponsons.The top deck houses an ergonomically designed sport seat rated for two riders. This saddle is filled with a special waterproof foam and covered by special upholstery for the most comfort and durability.

Unlike other “regular” jet skis, you can’t simply remove the seat from a Burrasca. Instead, the seat is mounted on a hinged base made of high-performance composite materials.

Opening this hood allows easy access to the engine and provides a truly unique look.

The most unique feature of this ski is arguably its factory-installed adjustable trim flaps made of high-quality cast aluminum.

Another custom feature on the Belassi Burrasca is its dual dashboard. The smaller one is mounted in the center of the handlebar, while the larger one is integrated into the top deck facing the driver.

These dashboards come with many useful features, including:DASHBOARD ONE

  • Integrated GPS sensor for speed and position
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Bright warning lights (low oil pressure, low fuel level, check engine)
  • Main indicator of boost level (engine speed / rpm, vehicle speed / mph or km/h)
  • Fuel level
  • Adjustable user indicator (air temperature, ambient pressure, battery voltmeter, time, date, adjustable time zone)
  • Hour meter
  • Trip meter
  • Engine hours
  • GPS position, GPS status
  • Adjustable driving mode (sport or rookie)
  • Lock mode for rpm limiting to 2000 rpm
  • Operation via co-molded easy grip – soft touch buttons

  • User-adjustable screen
  • Compass
  • Compass screen (big compass with direction indicator)
  • G-meter
  • Nozzle indicator
  • Warm-up indicator
  • Display for engine details
  • Global symbol bar
  • Service indicator
  • Cruise control status
  • Auto hold status
  • Reverse indicator
  • Time
  • Error indicator (low oil pressure, exhaust overheat, engine overheat, low fuel, low battery, drive system error status)
When it comes to riding experience, the manufacturer claims that the Burrasca offers outstanding agility, like an Italian superbike. The top speed of the Belassi Burrasca is nearly 80 mph (130km/h), which makes it much faster than any other PWC in the marketplace.

However, it has to be mentioned that the flagship models from other manufacturers come with a factory-installed speed limiter. Due to a gentlemen’s agreement between the USCG and the “Big Three” (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo), the top speed of any production jet ski in the U.S. market is restricted to 67 mph.As expected, the Burrasca comes with a hefty price tag, as it’s priced at €45,000 (ca. $50,000).

This is no surprise as each of them is assembled from more than 2,000 parts manufactured by hand in Austria, Europe. In contrast, flagship jet skis from the “Big Three” (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo) cost about $17,000-$20,000.

Besides high manufacturing costs, another drawback of Belassi Burrasca is its limited availability.

To the greatest regret of many fans, this machine is not marketed in the U.S. and only currently available in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Belassi Burrasca Specs Chart

Belassi Burrasca Dimensions Chart

Belassi BurrascaDimensions
Length366 cm / 144 in
Width119 cm / 47 in
Height116 cm / 46 in
Rider capacity2 persons
Fuel capacity64 L / 16,9 gal

Belassi Burrasca Engine Specs

Belassi BurrascaEngine Specs
Engine typeMarine 3 cylinder - 4 stroke
Engine performance320 HP / 235 kW
Displacement1602 cc
Bore x stroke100 x 68 mm / 3.9 x 2.7 in
Intake systemTurbocharged with water cooled intercooler, multipoint fuel injection
TurbochargerSingle scroll - integrated water cooled aluminum turbine housing with watercooled cartridge, waste gate valve and pulse valve control turbo pressure
Exhaust systemWater cooled with water injection
Valve trainDirect acting double overhead camshaft DOHC - 4 valves per cylinder
Compression ratio9.1:1
Lubrication systemFull dry sump 6-stage gear pump
Cooling systemOpen loop cooling
Fuel typeRecommended: Premium gasoline – 100RON or 94AKI (octaine index)
Alternative:Super gasoline, 95 up to 98RON or 91 up to 93AKI (octane index)
Valve CoverMade of high-tech aluminum
Engine managementBelassi SMPI-K Systems Sequential Multi-Point Injection with knock control
MufflerFull carbon 3K muffler with double chromed exhaust tips
General informationCylinder liners: NSC coated, forged crankshaft, conrod and piston for high engine performance. Cylinder block design: Closed deck with bedplate. Gravity cast aluminum. EPD coating or anodization to protect the engine external surface against corrosive conditions

Belassi Burrasca Drive Unit

Belassi BurrascaPropulsion
Propulsion systemDirect drive
Jet pumpMetal housing, high-efficiency 14 vane stator
ImpellerStainless steel, 3 blades
Intake grateBlack stainless steel, hydrodynamically,optimized to ensure perfect, pump filling
Riding plateHighly durable black aluminum
DBSDynamic Brake System
E-RevE-hydraulic Reverse System with axial displacement cylinders
TRIMAdaptive Trim
ReverseReverse flap made of full 3K carbon fibre with forged aluminum brackets

Belassi Burrasca Steering Specs

Belassi BurrascaSteering
HandlebarFull 3K structure carbon handlebar
SwitchesPush button switches for reverse
PadSafety pad with carbon texture
Steering shaftSteering pipe machined from solid aluminum
Throttle and brake by wireBodies machined from solid aluminum

Belassi Burrasca Body and Seat Features

Belassi BurrascaBody and Seat
Deck & HullHandmade deck and hull, made of infused high-performance composite. High-serviceability hood, deck side covers, rear spoiler and exhaust covers all made of full 3K carbon fibre
ColorRacing Red high-gloss paint. Bright White with Burrasca labels. Superior quality marine paint
SponsonsHigh-tech aluminum rear sponsons, adjustable to individual ride
HoodLarge hood with high-tech damper system
X FrameFull carbon 3K X frame for the internal reinforcement
Sport seatErgonomically contoured seat upholstery
UpholesteryCertified upholstery with very high abrasion resistance for extreme wear
FoamWaterproof foam structure
Seat baseMade of infused high-performance composite materials
Mat - Foot areaLarge textured traction mats provide optimal grip and water drainage
Mat - Rear areaLarge textured traction mats in the rear section of the MHC
These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the Belassi Burrasca!

What is a Burrasca?

The Burrasca is a high-end jet ski manufactured by the European Belassi. The Burrasca jet ski is virtually a rebranded and slightly redesigned Belassi B3S Sport watercraft.

When did the Belassi Jet Ski Come Out?

The Belassi Burrasca was officially revealed in April 2017. However, its predecessor (namely the Benelli B3R Sport) had been around for years.

Where are Belassi Burrasca Jet Skis Made?

Each Belassi Burrasca is hand-assembled in Linz, Austria.

Is a Belassi Burrasca a 4-stroke?

Yes, the Belassi Burrasca is powered by a 4-stroke engine.

What are Belassi Burrascas Made of?

The hull of the Belassi Burrasca is made of a special composite material featuring carbon fiber reinforcements. Many other parts like its top deck, hood, side covers, and exhaust system are all carbon fiber.

What Size is a Belassi Burrasca?

The Belassi Burrasca is 144 inches long, 47 inches wide, and 46 inches high.

How Much Does a Belassi Burrasca Weigh?

The dry weight of the Belassi Burrasca is only 772 pounds, but you expect the curb weight of this machine to be about 960-970 pounds.

What Kind of Engine is in the Belassi Burrasca?

The engine of the Belassi Burrasca is a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder Marine engine. This 1602cc, turbocharged and intercooled DOHC triple features an electronic fuel injection system, open-loop water cooling, and digital ignition.

How Much Horsepower Does a Belassi Burrasca?

The lively Belassi Burrasca produces an amazing 320 HP.

Is the Belassi Burrasca Turbocharged?

Yes, the Benelli Burrasca is powered by a turbocharged 4-stroke engine.

How Fast Does a Belassi Burrasca Go from 0 to 60?

According to Money INC, the Belassi Burrasca is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds.

How Much Fuel Does a Belassi Burrasca Hold?

The Belassi Burrasca is equipped with a 16.9-gallon fuel tank.

Does the Belassi Burrasca have Trim?

Yes, the Belassi Burrasca is manufactured with an adaptive trim system.

How Many Passengers Can the Belassi Burrasca Carry?

The Belassi Burrasca can carry two adult passengers safely and legally.

How Fast is a Belassi Burrasca?

According to the manufacturer, the top speed of a Belassi Burrasca is nearly 80 mph (130km/h).

How Much Fuel Does a Belassi Burrasca Use?

Although the manufacturer isn’t revealing Burrasca’s fuel consumption figures, based on numbers from other supercharged PWC models, this ski may get about 20-25 GPH at WOT and 3-5 GPH at best cruise speed. (Again, these are only estimated figures.)

Does the Belassi Burrasca Have Reverse?           

Yes, the Belassi Burrasca comes with a brake and reverse system, labeled as DBS – “Dynamic Brake System.”

Do Belassi Burrasca Have Speakers?

No, unlike the flagship competitor skis, the Belassi Burrasca comes without speakers.

How Much is a Burrasca Jet Ski?

The Belassi Burrasca jet ski is marketed for a hefty price tag of €45,000 (ca. $50,000).

Where Can You Find a Belassi Burrasca for Sale?

If you are looking for a Belassi Burrasca for sale, you may want to check the company’s official Dealer Locator tool. Belassi has an extended dealer network across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Unfortunately, the Belasis Burrasca isn’t marketed in the United States.