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12 Best Gift Ideas for Jet Ski Lovers [Video]

12 Best Gift Ideas for Jet Ski Lovers [Video]

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for jet ski lovers? Without further ado, JetDrift’s top 12 gifts for jet skiers are as follows:

  1. Bouy key chain
  2. Waterproof phone case
  3. Dry bag
  4. Jet ski lock
  5. Jet ski fenders
  6. Mooring ropes
  7. Anchor
  8. Go-Pro
  9. Bluetooth speaker
  10. Solar charger
  11. Tow sport accessories
  12. Fishing accessories
If you want to find out more about these accessories, this post is for you. We’ve compiled all you need to know under one roof!

1. Bouy Key Chain

A bouy key chain is arguably one of the cheapest jet ski gifts you can buy. This is a miniature bouy intended to keep keys floating if they accidentally fall into the water.

The cheapest models are made of a buoyant material and sold for only a couple of bucks.

If you are looking for something more stylish, you should consider a “capsule keychain.”These waterproof aluminum capsules have a little storage space for smaller items like pills or some cash. Just make sure to buy a capsule that has enough buoyancy to keep keys afloat.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

Another affordable jet ski gift is a waterproof phone case.

In many cases, they do a good job, as contrary to popular belief not every jet ski features a waterproof storage compartment!While the latest flagship jet ski models come with a sealed watertight box designed to store your phone and wallet, entry-level and older skis are typically missing this feature.

They may have some “wet storage” compartments that are usually not completely waterproof, so they can’t offer perfect protection for phones.

This is where waterproof phone cases come into play. These products are designed to keep phones dry on the water, so they are a must-have item for any jet skier!

If you are unsure about the size, you should purchase a universal phone case that can hold almost any size smartphone.

What’s more, they can also accommodate important documents, a wallet, and other small valuables.

3. Dry Bag

Besides a phone and wallet, there are many other important things you have to carry on a jet ski. This is why dry bags are also commonly used by jet ski riders.

These special bags can keep gear like clothing, towels, tools, first-aid kits, flashlights, and other safety accessories dry all day.

If you shop around, you can find many different types of dry bags in the marketplace. The smaller soft dry bags (also known as dry sacks) are always the best option on a jet ski, as rigid-core dry bags don’t fit well on jet skis.

Unlike cars, jet skis typically feature smaller storage compartments, often split up into one larger and 2-3 smaller units. This is why you should stick to smaller soft storage bags!

4. Jet Ski Lock

A jet ski lock works like cheap insurance on a jet ski, which is worth every penny. It can be used to secure the jet ski to the dock and even to the trailer.

Jet ski locks come in many shapes and sizes, but some of the best, are alarm cable locks, which provide an extra layer of security.

These long hardened steel cables are attached to an alarm unit that triggers a noisy alarm when the cable is cut.

5. PWC Fenders

You not only have to protect a jet ski from theft but also from getting damaged by the dock.Due to their size and design, jet skis can easily slip under the dock, resulting in costly damage to the top deck and controls.

Because of this, a pair of high-quality fenders always makes a great present for jet ski owners!

The best models are the hinged “PWC counter fenders,” which protect the side of the hull as well as the top deck.

6. Bungee Dock Line

While on the topic of docking a jet ski, it’s worth mentioning how useful bungee dock lines are.

These special dock lines can stretch, which ensures a little more protection on choppy waters. They are also much easier to use than regular marine ropes.

On top of that, jet ski bungee dock lines are usually covered by foam floats, so they won’t sink in the water and be accidentally sucked into the jet ski’s pump.

7. Anchor

Another great jet ski gift idea is a small PWC anchor.

These anchors are specially designed for jet ski owners. Hence, they are tiny and lightweight, so they can be stored safely in the storage compartment.

There are many types of jet ski anchors, but one of the best is arguably the Cooper jet ski anchor, which is very effective.

8. Go-Pro

A Go-Pro camera can also be a great present idea for jet ski riders. They are easy to use and can be attached to various points on the jet ski.

Thanks to its built-in image stabilization system, this innovative camera provides surprisingly smooth video shots even on the water.

If you are on a budget, you can also find cheaper action camera brands that can provide a quality image that’s nearly as good as a Go-Pro, for a more reasonable price.

The hidden advantage of taking videos on a jet ski is that it provides you with an opportunity to edit the video footage during the long off-season.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

While flagship jet skis came with integrated stereo systems, their smaller brothers typically lack this convenient feature.

If you are shopping around for a jet ski speaker, you have many choices, from affordable portable Bluetooth speakers to OEM jet ski audio systems. These factory jet ski speakers don’t come cheap, but they ensure a perfect fit and are compatibile with the jet ski’s computer.

Therefore, they are worth the price if you can afford them!

10. Solar Battery Charger

Today’s jet skis are stuffed with many electronic gadgets, including large color LCD screens, GPS/Fishfinders, coolers with livewells, audio systems, and so on.

These electronics can easily drain the battery, leaving the rider stranded on the water.

This solar battery charger makes a perfect gift for jet ski owners. Besides jet ski tours, it can also be used for any other outdoor adventure.

11. Tow Sport Accessories

If your giftee prefers watersports, you can’t go wrong with some tow sport accessories.

Contrary to popular belief, jet skis can tow wakeboards or tubes without any issues. Wakeskates are also popular among jet skiers. These boards don’t have bindings so they’re easy to store and carry.

In a nutshell, the best jet ski tow sport accessories are as follows:

  • Wakeboard with bindings
  • Wakeskate
  • Tow rope
  • Inflatable tube
  • Impeller protector
  • Wakeboard rack
  • LinQ tow pylon (available only for Sea-Doos)

12. Fishing Accessories

Jet ski fishing is the fastest-growing segment in the PWC industry and for good reason. Since today’s jet skis are as large as small boats, they can easily be used for offshore fishing trips.

The list of jet ski fishing accessories is nearly endless, but we’ve tried to compile the most important ones into this post!

What not to Buy for a Jet Skier?

Are you wondering what not to buy for a jet ski rider?

For example, it’s never wise to purchase clothing or other types of gear like helmets, gloves, goggles, or life jackets.

Although all of this gear is essential, every rider has a unique style. Buying these items for someone else can be difficult as there’s a risk of selecting the wrong design or size.

It’s also not recommended to give performance parts as a gift. They affect the jet ski’s handling and durability, so selecting these parts requires caution and awareness.


As you can see, there are many great presents to choose from when shopping for jet ski riders.

As a takeaway, here are our picks of the best jet ski present ideas:

  1. Bouy key Chain
  2. Waterproof phone case
  3. Dry bag
  4. Jet ski lock
  5. Jet ski fenders
  6. Mooring ropes
  7. Anchor
  8. Go-Pro
  9. Bluetooth speaker
  10. Solar charger
  11. Tow sport accessories
  12. Fishing accessories
They are perfect as Christmas gifts for jet skiers and do a good job as birthday presents as well.

If you are looking for more ideas, don’t miss our detailed list with the most important jet ski accessories and gear!