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7 Best Jet Ski Magazines You Should Read [List]

7 Best Jet Ski Magazines You Should Read [List]

Based on our research, the best jet ski magazines and authority sites are as follows:

If you want to find out more about these magazines, keep reading. We’ve compiled all you need to know under one roof!

7 Best Jet Ski Magazines

1. JetDrift

We at are a group of jet ski enthusiasts who want to share valuable information with other riders.

We started our magazine when we realized how difficult it was to find basic information about PWCs in one convenient place. Another issue we found was that even with all the information available online, it is often too technical for beginners, or even average riders, to understand without mechanical knowledge.

Because of this, we at JetDrift have compiled the basics under one roof, so that riders can quickly find the information they need and have it explained in the simplest possible way.

Our commitment is to share the latest news, along with the most relevant information with the PWC community.

We release new long-form articles every week on various topics, such as reviews, industry news, beginners’ guides, how-tos, and more.

Our team not only enriches each article with informative visuals and engaging pictures, but also includes the most relevant and valuable videos on each topic.

But we at JetDrift also realize that a lot of problems cannot be solved by simply reading an article.

Therefore, beyond our articles we’ve developed some unique tools to better serve the PWC community. These innovative tools are as follows:

Our team devotes a significant amount of resources to the development and maintenance of these tools year in and year out to serve the PWC community at the highest possible level!

2. The Watercraft Journal

The Watercraft Journal is arguably one of the best jet ski magazines these days, owned and operated by the industry-expert Kevin Shaw.

Also, the magazine employs several freelancer contributors, publising no less than five articles every single week since 2013. You can read product and jet ski reviews, industry news, interviews, and how-to articles on this valuable site.

You can also find this magazine on various social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. Personal Watercraft is one of the oldest online jet ski magazines, having been established in 2008. The site is owned and operated by a large technology company, the Toronto-based VerticalScope.

This website reviews jet skis from across the industry. It frequently publishes informative articles from the most well-known industry experts, including Jeff Hemmel, Lucas Cooney, and Derrek Singler.

Like JetDrift, PersonalWatercraft also has useful tools, including a PWC comparison database. The latter contains PWC models from the major brands (Kawasaki, Yamaha, Sea-Doo) since 2004.

On top of that, the site incorporates an interactive dealer locator, which allows you to get a price quote from local authorized dealers.

These are all good points when it comes to buying a new jet ski!

4. ProRider Watercraft Magazine

ProRider Watercraft Magazine claims itself to be the “sport’s premier U.S. publication.” It was established in 2011, and it currently is the only real print jet ski magazine in the U.S.

Besides the ordinary reviews and news, ProRiderMAG gives more space to stand-ups and jet ski racing.

Whether you are a racer or a newbie jet ski rider, you may find this information source useful!


Besides in the U.S., jet skiing is very popular in remote Australia. So it’s not at all surprising that you can find some great Australian jet ski magazines down under.

One of the most well-known of them is the which enjoys the support of Kawasaki Motors Australia.

Besides its main site, the magazine is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

6. Watercraft Zone

One of the newest jet ski magazines is Watercraft Zone, specifically targeting Australian riders.

This site was established by Joshua Dowling, an avid PWC enthusiast since 2014. You can often find him riding on the east coast of Australia.

Besides WCZ, Joshua often publishes articles in The Watercraft Journal as well.

7. Steven In Sales

Although this is not an official jet ski magazine, is definitely worth mentioning.

Steven is a salesman in a powersport dealership who has deep knowledge about jet skis and off-road vehicles. As the name suggests, he originally started his site to speed up his sales, but it quickly became a “Go-To” place for many PWC enthusiasts.

Besides his golden buying tips, Steven often posts reviews about the latest models and many informative how-to articles.

He also owns a YouTube channel where you can find some good videos.