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Jet Ski Addition Math Game at Arcademics and ABCya

Jet Ski Addition Math Game at Arcademics and ABCya

The Jet Ski Addition Math Game is a popular online educational game from Arcademics.

Unlike other jet ski racing video games, Jet Ski Addition has much simpler graphics, but it’s still an excellent workout for kid’s minds!

Would you like to know how Jet Ski Addition works and where can you play it? Don’t hesitate to read more!

How the Jet Ski Addition Game Works

Arcademics’ Jet Ski Addition is an educational online game designed for up to 4 players to practice addition. This means it’s not simply a jet ski racing game, as here the jet skis are fueled with answers!

When you can see four answers on the screen, you just have to select the correct answer as soon as possible. Quicker answers mean a higher speed on the jet ski!

This makes this game so exciting, and ultimately, it not only develops math skills, but improves the players’ reaction time.

The game is recommended for children grades 1-3, but it can be fun for adults too!

Are you wondering how Jet Ski Addition works? Let’s see how can you play this game like a pro.

1. Choose a name: Once you click on “PLAY” you have to choose your name.

2. Join or create a game: You can join one of the pending games if you can see any in the queue. The games could be public or private depending on the settings. This is a great feature because if you want to play with friends, you can password protect the game to make it private. If you don’t see any game in the queue you can even create your own game.

3. Other players vs. computer: Whenever you create or join a game, it will start after all of the 4 players join the game. But what happens if one or two players are missing? Don’t worry, because in this case, the computer will replace them. This means you can start the game any time, even if you’re alone! In this case, you’ll race with the PC, not other people.

4. Choose the color: Before the game, you can change your jet ski’s color for better identification.

5. Start the game: Once you click “PLAY”, the jet skis will will start and you have to answer the addition problems. That’s why this game is called Jet Ski Addition! For higher speed, you’ll need quicker answers. If you have the fastest rate of correct answers, you’ll win the race. To make the game faster, you don’t have to type the answer with a keyboard, but you can choose from four different answers instead.

6. Results: The great advantage of this game is that once the race finished, it gives you a detailed statistic of your performance. You can see your missed questions, accuracy, as well as your time and the competitors’. Additionally, the site informs you about the daily top scores.

7. Play again: At the end of the game you have two options. You can simply leave the game, but you can also play again for more fun!

It also has to be mentioned that Jet Ski Addition is a completely free game, but it also offers a subscription option for extras like custom colors, patterns and many more features.

Are you wondering where can you play this game?

Don’t hesitate to read more!

ABCya Jet Ski Addition Game

Jet Ski Additions is powered by Arcademics, so you can find this game at the website, of course.But surprisingly, you can find this game on many other websites, as Arcademics offers an affiliate program. That’s why you can also find this game at to this site’s popularity, the game is also known as Abcya Jet Ski Addition Game, despite the fact that it’s powered by Arcademics.

What’s more, beyond websites, the Jet Ski Addition game is available for iPod and Android tablets since the game can be found in the app stores!

It means this amazing game can be played easily on any device.

About Arcademics

Arcademics (Arcademic Skill Builders) offers countless free, educational multiplayer video games. These online games are great tools to learn the basics of math, vocabulary and many other skills.

In general, Arcademics offers games for grade 1-6 studentss but many times adults also join the games just for fun.

Every game improves a kid’s skills with repetitive drills, which require rapid responses, and immediate feedback.

The company’s mission is to make online games as useful as possible to educate children, and they do a good job, as their games attract more than 2 million players every day!

Moreover, through Arcademics’ affiliate program, Jet Ski Addition and many other games can be embedded on many other websites and platforms.


Jet Ski Addition is a free, multi-player educational game for kids.

Although this game is powered by Arcademics, it’s also known as Abcya Jet Ski Addition game, as it can be found on the ABCya! as well.

While players are racing against each other on jet skis, they can improve their math skills, as the jet skis are “fueled” with the right answers for math questions.

The game is simple; quicker answers means higher speed! Fortunately, it’s still much safer than real jet ski drag races!

The game isn’t only a great way to educate children, but it also offers a lot of fun. And it’s not just for kids!

Since you can start private races, children can race against their friends or relatives. What are you waiting for? Give Jet Ski Addition a try!

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