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Jet Ski Movie Scenes: The 15 Best Scenes of All Time [Video]

Jet Ski Movie Scenes: The 15 Best Scenes of All Time [Video]

When the summer season is over, and winter has begun, jet ski owners long for the warmer months to get back to doing what they love.

However, a way to pass this “dark time,” these folks can pass the time is to play some of the best jet ski games. And, if you’re not into video games or don’t have time to play them, you can always check out jet skis in movies.

There are quite a few movies that make use of boats, jet skis and others, and if you’re feeling low because you can’t ride your own jet ski, check out the best jet ski movie scenes to help you get by.

And, as you do, you can also check out what the latest jet ski models are!

The 15 Best Jet Ski Movie Scenes of All Time

Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld, which was released in 1995, is an amalgamation of both Indiana Jones and Mad Max on the water. Since it does take place on the water, actors are using boats and jet skis to get from one place to another.

This sci-fi action film takes place 200 years in the future where the polar ice caps melted and flooded the continents where the world is just one giant ocean.  There are very few people, but they live like sailors on scrap metal atolls; in a time where dry land is a thing of the past and the only real currency is water and dirt.

Waterworld starts with Kevin Costner’s character on his original trimaran pees into a small jar then puts it through a filtration purification device so he can drive it. This self-sufficient Mariner avoids humanity, for the most part, occasionally stopping off for some supplies.

He’s not like other humans, as he’s developed working gills and webbed feet. Due to the mutation, he’s considered a leper. He visits a rusty atoll and attempts to make an exchange for some supplies. The people of this fortress place him in a cage and are going to recycle him. Before this recycling happens in a bubbling vat of green effluvium, a flotilla of smokers attack the fortress.

Deacon, who is bald, crazy and one-eyed, leads the attack, looking for a little girl who is said to have a strange back tattoo that’s supposed to be a map taking people to dry land. The Mariner reluctantly takes her and her mother aboard. The Smokers later capture the girl, and Costner’s character must save her.

Blue Crush (2002)

Blue Crush is a surfing movie which was based on the article “Surf Girls of Maui,” written by Susan Orlean. Although the plot is pretty basic, co-screenwriter, Lizzy Weiss, and director, John Stockwell, made sure to include every smart detail they could.

The lead character, Anne Marie, must overcome her fear of bashing her head on the blue coral to win the big surfing event. At the same time, she meets a football hero who makes her question her goal. She, along with her surfer friends, Eden and Lena, work as hotel maids to show what it’s like to work in a woman’s job of housekeeping.

While Kate Bosworth (Anne Marie) is a star in the making, she can’t surpass the real star of the movie –huge waves, jet skis and more. Even the camera operators used boogie boards to get the crushing footage!

Into The Blue (2005)

When it comes to jet skis in movies, Into the Blue (2005) offers a plethora of them – sure to please any “can’t wait for summer” fan. On top of that, the movie sports action stars Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. The pair are two young divers on the hunt for a hidden treasure. The couple takes friends with them on the adventure only to come upon a legendary pirate ship in shark-infested waters. The pirate ship is said to have gold worth millions of dollars.

However, the good fortune doesn’t last too long. Thanks to a ruthless gang of shady people who heard about what the divers have found. Their treasure discovery becomes a fight for survival.

Fool’s Gold (2008)

Fool’s Gold is similar to Into the Blue, with most of the action taking place on the water. It stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, who are a treasure-hunting couple who have been on a quest for eight years for the big prize that has completely depleted them financially.

McConaughey’s character is a treasure hunter that is on the hunt for the Queen’s Dowry, which is a collection of 40 chests said to be loaded with priceless treasure but was lost at sea in 1715. However, in his quest, his marriage (Hudson) has suffered, and she begins a new life with a billionaire (Donald Southerland) on his colossal yacht going around the world.

As she enjoys her new lifestyle and its freedom, her husband returns to entice her back. He, along with their daughter, with the premise that the Spanish treasure could be theirs. She forces herself back on the hunt for the most mythical treasure to date but is now dealing with competition – a gangster and her husband’s mentor.

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

When it comes to stand up jet skis in movie scenes, who can forget the second Tomb Raider movie?

After all, critics attacked the first Tomb Raider movie, which is based on the Lara Croft video game series of the same name. However, The Cradle of Life was undoubtedly better than the first with Angelina Jolie’s character saying the character is smarter and more attractive; if not, a little darker.

The plot begins with an earthquake that gives people access to a submerged temple off Greece’s coast. Thus, this gives competing fortune-hunters looking for a golden orb that will direct them to the location of Pandora’s Box a chance to find it.

The highest bidder, Jonathan Reiss, is a biological weapons dealer and wants to use the box’s power to unleash a virus on humanity that has no cure. This is why Lara is intent on reaching the box first. With the help of her old flame, Terry Sheridan, the pair go on a journey in the African jungles. The only problem is that as a mercenary, no one is sure to whom he will be loyal to.

Transporter 2 (2002)

Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, is a muscle-for-hire who is a former Special Forces officer that will transport anything wherever someone wants for money. The latest assignment has him working as a chauffeur for Jack Billings, who is the young son of a politician who has amassed a minute amount of controversy for its tactics on illegal drugs.

When Frank is taking Jack to the doctor, his mother is setting up a birthday party for him. Jack’s doctor, however, is not who he claims to be. Rather, he’s a Russian agent with intense knowledge of viruses and is working with Gianni, a criminal kingpin. After battling Frank, they manage to kidnap Jack to hold him for ransom.

The parents pay the ransom, and the boy, who they don’t know had been injected with a contagious virus, is returned to them. Their home is to spread the disease to the father and politicians that will be at a public event. After Frank finds out what has happened to Jack, he begins searching for the kidnappers. He also wants the virus’ antidote to save those exposed to it.

The problem is that the kidnappers make it look like Frank is the one responsible for it all.

The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Frank Martin (now played by Ed Skrein) is a former special-ops mercenary who is living a less dangerous life (allegedly) and taking classified packages to questionable individuals. When his father comes to see him in southern France, the weekend of bonding goes bad when Frank runs into a femme-fatale and her sidekicks who plan to pull off a huge bank heist.

Frank, using his vast experience and knowledge of fast cars, driving and women, must best the Russian kingpin and play a dangerous game of chess with women who want revenge.

Jet skis in Police Academy (1984)

Police Academy is one of the 80s most successful films with six sequels and an animated series to add to the franchise.

The movie is centered on a mayor intent on stopping the problem by allowing anyone who wants to become a cop to join the police academy. It’s not long before this once tough school becomes a place filled with hooligans of another manner.

I’m Number Four (2011)

This action-packed film centers on the young man with extraordinary talent on the run from enemies trying to catch him. The man, John Smith, played by D.J. Caruso, is constantly changing his identity – going from one town to the next along with his guardian. John is always the new kid with no links back to his past.

That may soon change when it comes to a small Ohio town, and he meets his first love, gains new abilities and has a connection to others with a similar destiny as him. He tries to pass off as just another student and hide from those looking for him. There have already been three caught because of their talents; he’d make number four.

Jet ski scene in Hitch (2005)

The Date Doctor, as he is affectionately called, Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, helps men to get out of their own way and meet the women of their dreams. When he meets a lonely accountant named Albert, he finds out he’s in love with celebrity (Allegra Cole) his firm represents.

In the process of helping Albert, Hitch finds love of his own in a smart gossip columnist named Sara. And, everything he does to impress goes wrong, including one jet ski movie scene where he accidentally and literally kicks Sara off her jet ski while climbing onto hers.

Of course, everything he knows about dating goes out the window when he learns he really doesn’t know anything.

Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

This movie is the second installment of the Fifty Shades of Gray erotic novel authored by E.L. James. It explores the deep relationship of businessman Christian Grey and a young college graduate named Anastasia Steele. In 2011 and 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Freed Vintage Books published the books, which attain number one status on USA Today’s Best Seller List. This short scene is definitely one of the most famous jet ski movie scenes of recent years.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (2008)

The main character was an Israeli Special Forces soldier who decides the only way out is to fake his death. He comes to the U.S. as a New York City hairstylist.

Hard Rain (1998)

The plot of this jet skis in movies is centered around in keeping a gang from stealing $3 million from an armored truck driver during a severe storm causing catastrophic flooding.

Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Double 007 agent (played by Roger Moore in this version) works with a gorgeous Soviet agent to protect the world against Stromberg and Jaws, who is a 315-pound villain. What makes this movie so great is that you can find the original WetBike in it!

Baywatch (2017)

The beach is in danger, and Dwayne Johnson’s character, Lt. Mitch Buchannon, and his team of lifeguards must take down to protect the beach and beachgoers. It’s a show that even jet skiing lifeguards with no badge can save the area!

Jet ski scenes in the original Baywatch Series

If you want to watch jet skis in movies regularly, consider the original Baywatch series. Jet skis appear in this show often that it’ll make you feel as if summer is just around the corner.

And, these are just some of the best jet ski movie scenes you can check out to pass the time away as you wait for summer to come around! Jet skis appear in several other movies as well, so it’s worth doing your research if you want more!

If you are still bored, consider building a jet ski bike hybrid!