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5 Best Jet Ski Cargo Trailer Ideas for Extra Storage Space [Video]

5 Best Jet Ski Cargo Trailer Ideas for Extra Storage Space [Video]

Let’s face it, the biggest limitation of jet skis is their tight storage capacities. If you want to carry more gear beyond your basic safety equipment, you need to look for additional storage solutions. This is where jet ski cargo trailers come into play, as these innovative units are designed to carry a lot of gear, including fuel cans!

If you want to compare the jet ski cargo trailers now available in the marketplace, you’ve come to the right place.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have compiled information on the best models all under one roof!

What is a Jet Ski Cargo Trailer?

A jet ski cargo trailer, as the name suggests, is a towable trailer designed to extend the storage capacity of jet skis. These PWC cargo trailers do a good job on fishing trips, but they can also be used for other purposes as well, including:

  • Hauling jet ski camping gear (coolers, beach chairs, tents, food, drinks, etc.)
  • Carrying extra fuel on long tours
  • Hauling jet ski fishing accessories, dive gear, or Kiteboard gear
  • They can be turned into a livewell
  • Certain models offer a variety of uses (SAR mission, surf assist)
These amazing cargo trailers come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular models are enclosed jet ski trailers, and for good reason.

Since the jet pump continuously sprays water on the trailer, the gear on open trailers soon gets soaked. In contrast, enclosed units feature a solid top deck with a watertight hatch to keep water away.

What’s more, they also provide a much more safety as they keep your cargo in a secure space.

Let’s drill into the details and take a closer look at the best PWC cargo trailers available!

5 Best Jet Ski Cargo Trailer Ideas

1. Cargo Wave PWC Trailers

There’s no question that one of the best jet ski cargo trailer manufacturers is Cargo Wave.

The key features of Cargo Wave jet ski trailers are as follows:

  • Reinforced fiberglass shell
  • Overall weight: 110 pounds
  • 28 cubic feet of storage
  • Load capacity: 200 pounds
  • Railings to secure your gear
  • Non-slip mats
  • One-way vent
  • Large handles for easy handling
  • Igloo cooler is standard
  • A pair of trailing arms
The key advantage of Cargo Wave PWC cargo trailers is their innovative trailing arms. These arms are actually two heavy-duty tubes with braided stainless steel reinforcements.

You can attach these arms to the trailer with a T-handle pin and the other ends can be attached to the D-rings on the stern.

This means that attaching this trailer doesn’t require you to drill holes into the hull or install any mounting hardware. Just attach the arms to the D-clips, and you are ready to go. It’s as simple as that!

The arms provide sufficient flexibility to allow the cargo trailer to swing naturally behind the craft. They can also effectively slow down and keep the trailer away from the stern while braking.

What’s more, to protect the hull from scratches, the arms are covered by a rubber coating.

The top deck of Cargo Wave trailers features a flip-up hatch with durable steel-reinforced tethers. This large hatch makes loading/unloading easy and provides a watertight cover. The trailer is equipped with a one-way vent to keep mold away, which allows the air to circulate inside the shell but keeps water out.

In 2018, the manufacturer released a new model, namely the Cargo Wave Pro Mod II. This all-new trailer saw many upgrades, the most important of are as follows:

  • Made of ABS vacuum-formed material with UV coating
  • Thicker (.027”) hull
  • Lf 4″ of hull strength
  • Two hatch cover openings
  • Overall length: 9 feet
  • Redesigned towing arms
If you want to find out more about these innovative products, don’t hesitate to visit the manufacturer’s Facebook page.

2. Quadel Hydro Trailer

Other popular jet ski cargo trailers were the Quadel Hydro Trailers. Since Polaris also marketed them, these units are also known as “Polaris Hydro Trailers.”

Although their production was stopped in 2012, you can still find many of these trailers on the second-hand market.

The key features of Quadel Hydro jet ski trailers are as follows:

  • Overall storage capacity: 11 cubic feet
  • Watertight compartment with EZ lift lid
  • Lightweight design – Gross weight: 75 pounds (empty)
  • Load limit: 200 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5’ x 3’
  • Accommodates two 5-gallon gas cans
  • 42” safety flag
  • Patented hull design with double grooves
  • Three heavy-duty adjustable straps to secure large gear atop the trailer (water skis, beach chairs, etc.)
  • Neoprene front cover to keep water spray out
  • Rigid tow bar
  • Stainless steel hitch system
If you are considering buying a used Quadel jet ski trailer, make sure that it comes with the hitch kit. Since production of this model stopped in 2012, finding trail kits for it is hard to impossible!

Another drawback of this setup is that attaching the hitch to the stern requires drilling holes into the swim platform.

Although the Quadel jet ski trailer was an amazing idea, many riders say it was vastly overpriced. Eventually, the model vanished from the market after a short period.

In 2015, an enthusiastic entrepreneur wanted to revive Hydro jet ski trailers via crowdfunding, but his attempt was not successful.

3. Extractor PWC Utility Sled

Unlike the enclosed competitor models, the Extractor PWC Utility Sled is completely open. This PWC sled is an oversized rescue board designed to carry cargo of up to 600 pounds. Thanks to its design, it can be used for various purposes like assisting surfers and even for search and rescue missions.


Due to its open design, the Extractor PWC Utility Sled can’t keep your cargo dry. Therefore, using dry bags and boxes on this sled is a must!

4. Other Unknown Jet Ski Cargo Trailer Manufacturers

Besides these major brands, some smaller manufacturers have also emerged over the years. If you do your research, you may find one of these short-lived models on the second-hand market.

Surprisingly, in many cases, neither their manufacturer nor their brand can be identified, just like with this model:

5. DIY Jet Ski Cargo Trailer

If none of these fits the bill perfectly, or you just need something unique, your only option is to build a DIY jet ski cargo trailer from scratch. This could be a great side project for the winter months!

Custom jet ski cargo trailers can be built from various tiny shells, including:

Whichever you choose, we recommend building a top deck on it with a watertight hatch to keep water out.

You also have to find out how to attach the trailer to your jet ski. A simple tow rope doesn’t do a good job here, as it can’t stop the trailer from bouncing into the ski.

Best practice is to build a rigid tow mount similar to Cargo Wave’s tow bars. Attaching a pair of rigid or semi-rigid tow bars to the D-clips on the stern can keep the trailer a safe distance from your ski.

If you build a smaller trailer, you could even transport it inside your car, while larger trailers can be hauled on a tandem PWC trailer.


Jet ski cargo trailers are designed to carry extra fuel cans along with a lot of gear. They are typically used for jet ski camping, fishing trips, or hauling extra fuel on long rides.

The majority of these trailers are enclosed shells, but you can also find open, sled-like trailers in the marketplace.

The alternatives of these products could be jet ski-boat converters or even smaller boats. Unfortunately, they come with more hefty price tags!