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6 Best Places to Store Your Phone on a Jet Ski [Video]

6 Best Places to Store Your Phone on a Jet Ski [Video]

Without further ado, the six best places to store your phone on a jet ski are as follows:

  1. Glovebox
  2. Bow storage
  3. Under-seat storage
  4. Life jacket pocket
  5. Waterproof backpack
  6. OEM jet ski phone bag
  7. Jet ski phone holder
If you want to find out more about the pros and cons of these spots, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

Can You Take Your Phone While Jet Skiing?

It’s common knowledge that water can damage a smartphone in many ways. Despite this, you can take your phone with you on a jet ski tour, just make sure that you store it properly and securely!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about where you can store your phone on a jet ski.

5 Best Places to Store Your Phone on a Jet Ski [Video]

1. Glovebox

It’s safe to say that the best place to store your phone on a jet ski is in the glovebox, especially if it features a dedicated “phone box.”

Certain high-end models like the Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300 and the innovative Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX come with an enclosed phone storage box nestled in their glovebox.

This watertight phone compartment is lined with foam to offer the best protection for your smartphone.

What’s more, USB ports in the gloveboxes of jet skis are also becoming more prevalent, and can keep your phone charged during rides.

On flagship Sea-Doos, this cable is also used to connect your phone to the ski’s computer. This allows you to check and control your phone via the dashboard on the jet ski.

Keep in mind that the glovebox of many regular jet skis is not completely waterproof. Therefore, if a jet ski lacks the aforementioned protective phone box, it’s not recommended that you simply throw your phone in the glovebox.

If you do this, you run the risk of your phone getting wet or damaged while bouncing around.

To avoid these issues, best practice is to enclose your phone in a rigid watertight box. If you can’t find a box that fits in your glove box, a high-quality waterproof dry bag can also do the job.

Just make sure that you line the glovebox with a sponge or some other soft material to avoid the phone  bouncing around.

The biggest advantage of keeping your phone in the glovebox of the jet ski is that you can conveniently reach it anytime. No other storage compartment provides such easy access as the glovebox!

2. Bow Storage

Each sit-down jet ski is equipped with a roomy front storage compartment, which can also accommodate your phone. However, there are two major drawbacks to this solution.

First, like regular gloveboxes, the bow storage of jet skis is not completely waterproof. Therefore, if you want to store your phone here it’s highly recommended that you place it in a waterproof box.

This will protect your phone from water and other potential damage.

Your other option is to hide your phone in a waterproof bag (belt bag, backpack, etc.) before putting it in the front storage. The front storage of most jet skis is pretty large, so it can even accommodate small backpacks.

Just make sure you don’t store any hard objects like an anchor in the compartment, since it could break your phone into pieces if your phone is only in a soft bag.

The other disadvantage of keeping your phone in the jet ski’s front storage is the limited availability.

Let’s face it, reaching the front storage on a regular jet ski while out on open waters is nearly impossible.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you only store your phone here if you don’t want to use it while riding  on open waters.

The only jet skis that come with easy-access front storage are the Sea-Doos with ST3 hulls like the RXT-X, Fish Pro Trophy, and the GTX series.

3. Under-Seat Storage

Some jet skis feature a smaller storage space under the seat.

Your phone may fit in these small bins, but note their size and design vary greatly depending on the make and model.

For example, the Kawasaki STX-15F and the Yamaha EX feature fairly open under-seat storages, which aren’t completely waterproof.

In contrast, the under-seat storage of the Yamaha VX is completely sealed, offering a dry environment. But regardless of the design, some extra protection for your phone never hurts!

If you want to store your phone in this stern storage, don’t forget that removing the seat when you’re out on open waters can be tricky, especially in rough weather conditions.

4. Life Jacket Pocket

Wearing a USCG-approved life jacket is mandatory on a jet ski, and certain models come with pockets as standard. They are a great place to store smaller items like an emergency whistle, GPS, or even your phone.

Just make sure to wrap it in a watertight bag that keeps water out!

5. Waterproof Backpack

Your other option can be carrying your phone in a waterproof backpack.

Jet skiing with a backpack seems like a strange idea, but you can find very sporty styles out there that can do a good job on a jet ski tour.

They can accommodate not only your phone but some snacks and even a camel bag, which can keep you hydrated on long tours.

Small backpacks and purpose-built camel bags are convenient to wear and easy to reach, even on the water!

If you want to extend the storage capacity of your jet ski, or just want to keep your phone in an accessible spot, a waterproof backpack is for you!

6. OEM Jet Ski Phone Bags

Powersport vehicle manufacturers are prone to releasing numerous accessories, and jet ski companies are no exception.

This means that you can choose from many great OEM storage systems like the Sea-Doo LinQ and the Yamaha RecDeck. These systems come with a wide range of standard and optional storage configurations from hard boxes to soft bags.

When it comes to phone storage on jet skis, one of the best solutions is Yamaha’s Hatch Storage Bag designed for the EX WaveRunner family.

The key advantage of this bag is that it allows you to use your phone as a GPS or speedometer, without any risk of damage.

7. Jet Ski Phone Holders

If you want to use your phone as a GPS as you go, you will need a jet ski phone holder.

These brackets come in many shapes and sizes, some of them can be attached to the top deck (like RAM mounts) while others strap your phone to the handlebar.

Just make sure that it holds your phone securely, as there’s always a risk that your phone will fall into the water, especially in rough water conditions.

Conclusion – Where Do You Put Your Phone When Jet Skiing?

You can keep your phone in many secure spaces on a jet ski including:

  1. Glovebox
  2. Bow storage
  3. Under-seat storage
  4. Life jacket pocket
  5. Waterproof backpack
  6. OEM jet ski phone bag
  7. Jet ski phone holder
Just make sure that you wrap it in a dry bag or a watertight box to avoid damage.

It’s also wise to use a neck strap while using your phone on the ski to prevent it from falling into the water!