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What is Launch Control on a Jet Ski? [Explained]

What is Launch Control on a Jet Ski? [Explained]

Launch control on a jet ski is a special system for automatically adjusting the trim while accelerating. This useful feature helps you get the most out of your ski during aggressive, race-style starts.

If you want to find out more about this innovative feature, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this post!

What is Launch Control on a Jet Ski?

The pump of a jet ski faces very different conditions during acceleration.

In the beginning, the machine sits deep in the water, so it first has to get on plane. Then the ski virtually jumps out of the water and starts cavitating to porpoising if it has a wrong trim setting.

Finally, the machine is going at higher speeds, which can be tricky on choppy waters.

If you want to avoid porpoising and achieve the best acceleration available, you should continually adjust the trim to ensure the perfect trim angle every time.

Let’s face it, during a race-style start this is nearly impossible.

But even if you could adjust the trim, how would you know what would be the ideal setting?

This is where launch control comes into play since it is intended to automatically adjust the vertical position of the jet nozzle (trim) based on external conditions. It also controls engine power to keep an optimal impeller speed. All of this helps achieve the optimum bow rise and maximum thrust for a perfectly controlled acceleration.

Therefore, it ensures the quickest and smoothest take-offs, which translates to the best 0-60 times in all conditions.

It comes in handy for racers and even weekend warriors who want to be the fastest on the lake.

Today you can find launch control on many high-performance jet skis across all major manufacturers.

How Does Launch Control Work on a Jet Ski?

You can activate the launch control on a jet ski by pressing a specific handlebar-button combination. The exact process is clearly stated in each jet ski’s manual, but on most models it’s typically an easy-to-reach, handlebar-activated feature.

Once you’ve activated the system, all you have to do is hit the throttle and enjoy the amazing drag-race-like acceleration.

As examples, here are some tutorials on how to use launch control on different jet ski models.

How to Use Launch Control on a Sea-Doo

“To activate the Launch Control, press simultaneously both VTS UP and VTS DOWN buttons.

The message ONE LAUNCH will be displayed.

When the speed is below 20 km/h (12 MPH), the VTS lowers to its lowest position and the VTS indicator flashes to indicate the system is ready for an acceleration.

When the speed exceeds 30 km/h (19 MPH), the VTS returns to the user selected position.

When the launch control function is activated, the iVTS icon is visible

How do you deactivate Sea-Doo’s launch control?

The launch control will deactivate itself after one use.

To deactivate the launch control, press simultaneously both VTS UP and VTS DOWN buttons again.

The message LAUNCH OFF will be displayed and the last selected driving mode will be activated.

NOTE: The launch control function is deactivated when the engine system is turn off”

How to Use Launch Control (Drive Control) on a WaveRunner

To operate the watercraft using the drive control mode:

  1. Release the throttle lever and let the engine speed return to idle.
  2. Activate each drive control mode.
  3. Squeeze the throttle lever.
Selecting the drive control mode settings: The drive control mode settings for the maximum watercraft speed and acceleration are saved. In addition, the activation and settings of the drive control mode can be locked to prevent others from changing them.

When the drive control mode is locked, a PIN must be entered to operate the drive control mode screen.

To select the maximum watercraft speed and acceleration settings:

  1. Select “Speed/Acceleration”.
  2. Select the maximum watercraft speed setting under “Speed” and the acceleration setting under “Accel”.
  3. Select the “Save” button to complete the settings and return to the previous display.
Activating the auto trim: The auto trim is activated, the trim angle is automatically adjusted.

When the auto trim is activated, the drive control mode indicator and “Auto Trim” are shown in light yellow.”

How to Use Launch Control on a Kawasaki Jet Ski

Takeaways – What is Launch Control on a Jet Ski?

Jet ski’s launch control (a.k.a. Launch Mode) is an auto-adjust trim setting designed to ensure the quickest and smoothest acceleration.

During acceleration, the system sets the jet nozzle at the optium angle. This helps achieve the best bow position and get the machine on plane quicker. It also prevents common issues like cavitation and porpoising.

These together help the ski to get out of the water faster and reach maximum speed.