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Narke Electrojet GT95 Specs and Review [Video]

Narke Electrojet GT95 Specs and Review [Video]

The Narke Electrojet GT95 is one of the few commercially available electric jet skis. This ski is powered by a 95 HP fully-electric engine fed by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery. Thanks to this power source, the Narke GT95 can reach a top speed of 47 mph and offer two hours of playtime.

If you want to learn all about this innovative PWC, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this Narke GT95 review!

Narke Electrojet GT95 Review

Narke GT95 Review

Narke is the European boutique manufacturer that makes innovative electric jet skis and jet boats. The Hungary-based company started working on its first prototypes in 2014.

As a result of this effort, Narke officially entered the PWC market by launching the full-electric Narke GT45 Electrojet. This ski was revealed at the Cannes Yachting Festival in France in 2018.

According to the manufacturer, the model quickly sold out, so they immediately started working on a more powerful successor.

By 2021, the more advanced Narke GT95 Electrojet made its debut.

As the name suggests, this machine already features a more powerful, 95 HP / 65.5 Nm (48 lb-ft) engine option that offers 50% more power than its predecessor. This advanced power source makes the Narke much cleaner and quieter than its gas-powered competitors!

The battery of the Narke Electrojet is a 25 kWh lithium-ion cell, which is cooled by external water. To be more precise, there are three water-cooling loops in the machine; one for the battery, one for the inverter, and the third for the engine.

Thanks to this reasonably-sized battery, the Narke GT95 offers about 2 hours of playtime or a range of 31 miles. The ski has three different riding modes, which include Eco, Cruise, and Sport, while its top speed is claimed to be 47 mph.

When it comes to recharging, you have to be prepared for a long, six-hour charging time using a household connection (230V). If you are in a hurry, you can also recharge with the optional fast charger in about 1.5 hours – as long as an electric boat charger is available at the dock.

If not, you have to be content with the 2-hour riding time since the battery of Narke Electrojets is not replaceable.

Just like its power source, the design of this ski is also very innovative. The top deck and hull feature angular shapes with sharp edges, giving the machine a futuristic look.

For the best power-to-weight ratio, the body of the ski is made of a special carbon fiber-reinforced composite material. Despite this, the dry weight of the Narke Electroje is no less than 926 pounds.

In contrast, the flagship gas-powered skis weigh about 800-900 pounds depending on the make and model.

Regarding dimensions, the Narke GT95 measures 13.18 feet in length, 3.9 feet in width, and 3.6 feet in height. This large platform features a long seat, providing comfortable rides for three adults.

The aft also incorporates a roomy swim platform featuring anchor points and a tow hook.

Are you wondering why this craft is so huge compared to rival gas-powered PWCs?

The answer is surprisingly the Hungarian vessel registration requirements. What does this mean exactly?

In Hungary, PWCs can be legally ridden only at specified locations and on private lakes. In contrast, boats can be used in the vast majority of waterways. However, under Hungarian law, a vessel must be at least 13.12 feet long to be registered as a boat.

Keeping local laws in mind, Narke designed their skis to exceed this limit, so that it could be registered as a boat in Hungary.

(It’s a fun fact that many Hungarian PWC enthusiasts try to strap weird extensions on their gas-powered jet skis for the same reason. Thanks to these 2-2.5 feet long attachments, their skis exceed the required limit of 13.12 feet, so they can be registered as boats.)The hidden advantage of the large hull of Narke GT95 is its increased stability and predictability, which makes the ski attractive to beginner riders. Its unique hull shape reduces friction, resulting in higher energy efficiency and a faster top speed.

We also have to mention the remarkable 7-inch smart display. This sunlight-readable digital dashboard monitors over 100 parameters, including speed, charge level, distance from the port and the closest marinas, water temperature, and many more.

To avoid completely draining the battery, the ski also applies a “SAFE” riding mode that turns on automatically to maintain driveability. With the optional smartphone connectivity package, you can also connect this dashboard to your phone.

As reported by Motorboat & Yachting, the ski was tested by Péter Bíró, a decorated European and Jet Ski champion who was impressed by the machine: “This was an incredible experience (…). That an electric motor can create such energy and torque is unbelievable. It’s surprisingly manoeuvrable, has a very good top speed, and it runs in almost silence.”Drawbacks?

Mainly the hefty price tag, as the GT95 is marketed for an eye-popping €44,000 (about US$55,000)!

Despite the unusually high price and limited availability, the second-generation GT95 sold out almost immediately.

Narke GT95 Features

In a nutshell, the key features of the Narke GT95 Electrojet are as follows:Standard features:

Optional features:

  • Custom colors
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Wireless Man OverBoard (MOB) system
  • Trailer
  • Cover
  • Built-in fast charger

Narke Electrojet GT95 Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Narke Electrojet GT95 specifications into this chart!

Narke GT95 Dimensions and Capacities

Narke GT95Dimensions and Capacities
Length13.18 ft (402 cm)
Width3.9 ft (120 cm)
Height3.6 ft (110 cm)
Draft0.9 ft (27.5 cm)
Dry weight926 lbs (420 kg)
Maximum capacity3 riders or 496 lbs (225 kg)

Narke GT95 Engine Specs

Narke GT95Engine Specs
PowertrainNarke eDrive with 3 phase asynchronous motor
Performance95 HP (71 kW)
Max torque65.5 Nm (48 lb-ft)
Top speed47 mph (75 km/h)
Cooling systemWater cooled

Narke GT95 Battery Specs

Narke GT95Battery Specs
Battery typeLithium-ion 24 kWh
Battery capacity24 kWh
Range31 miles (50 km) or 2 hours
Charging time (household con.)6 hours
Charging time (fast charger)1.5 hours
Dashboard7-inch smart digital display
These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the Narke Electrojet GT95!

What is a Narke Electrojet?

The Narke Electrojet is a fully-electric PWC designed and built by Narke, a European boutique PWC manufacturer.

How can You Find a Narke Electrojet GT95 for Sale?

If you are looking for a Narke Electrojet for sale, best practice is to contact the manufacturer directly!

How Much is a Narke Electrojet?

The standard Narke GT95 Electrojet is priced at €44,000 (about US$55k), but options like smartphone connectivity, wireless Man OverBoard (MOB) system, or a trailer can significantly increase this price.

When Did Nakre Elecrojets Start Being Manufactured?

The first Narke Electrojet was introduced in 2018, while the upgraded Narke GT95 debuted in 2021.

How Many People Can Ride a Narke Electrojet GT95?

The Narke Electrojet GT95 can carry three adult riders.

What Size is the Narke Electrojet GT95?

The Narke Electrojet GT95 is 13.18 feet long, 3.9 inches wide, and 3.6 inches high.

How Much Does a Narke Electrojet GT95 Weigh?

The dry weight of the Narke Electrojet GT95 is 926 pounds.

What Kind of Engine Does the Narke Electrojet GT95 Have?

The power source of the Narke Electrojet GT95 is a 95 HP (71 kW) electric engine.

What Kind of Battery Does the Narke Electrojet GT95 Have?

The Narke GT95 electrojet utilizes a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Is the Battery of the Narke Electrojet GT95 Replaceable?

No, unfortunately, the Narke GT95 Electrojet comes with a non-replaceable battery.

How Much Horsepower Did a Narke Electrojet GT95 Have?

As the name suggests, the Narke Electrojet GT95 provides 95 HP (71 kW).

Does the Narke Electrojet GT95 Have Reverse and Brake?

Yes, each Narke Electrojet is equipped with electric reverse and brake system.

What is the Range of the Narke GT95 Electrojet?

The Narke Electrojet GT95 offers a range of 31 miles (50 km) or about two hours of playtime.

Can the Narke Electrojet GT95 Tow a Skier or a Wakeboarder?

Yes, the Narke Electrojet GT95 can tow a wakeboarder or skier safely and legally.

How Fast Does a Narke Electrojet GT95 Go?

The top speed of a single-carb Narke Electrojet GT95 is 47 mph under ideal conditions.