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Taiga Orca Specs and Review [Video]

Taiga Orca Specs and Review [Video]

The Taiga Orca is one of the few commercially available electric jet skis in the marketplace, besides the lesser-known Narke Electrojet. This fully-electric PWC is marketed in three different configurations, including:

  • Taiga Orca Sport ($15,000)
  • Taiga Orca Performance ($17,500)
  • Taiga Orca Carbon ($24,000)
If you want to learn all about these innovative PWCs, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this Taiga Orca review!

Taiga Orca Review

Taiga Motors is a boutique powersport vehicle manufacturer founded in Montreal. The Canadian company gained its reputation with its amazing electric snowmobiles, but it later started working on a fully-electric PWC.

As a result of this effort, the first Taiga PWC called “Orca” debuted in 2019 in Toronto. The ski got a lot of media attention, and for good reason.

This machine was a 180 HP electric engine fed by a 23 kWh battery pack that ensured a top speed of 65 mph. Like its features, the price tag of the all-new Taiga Orca was also pretty high, as they started at $24,000.

Considering customer feedback, the manufacturer decided to develop a more affordable model.

“Montreal, Quebec, July 14th, 2020 – Propelled by the strong response to its electric snowmobiles and premium Founders Edition electric watercraft, Taiga Motors is launching two new electric personal watercraft (PWC) Orca models starting at $15,000 USD. The Orca ‘Sport’ and ‘Performance’ models are an important next step in Taiga’s roadmap towards accelerating sustainable exploration of the great outdoors for all. Designed from the water up, these models redefine the recreational watercraft experience with silent operation, leading power to weight, hassle-free ownership, intelligent connectivity, and competitive pricing.”Source: Taiga Motors Blog

In response to market needs, Taiga Motors decided to speed up production of their electric PWCs.

The final version of this craft is now available in three different configurations, the entry-level Sport, the more advanced Performance, and the high-end Carbon.

Each package offers a different performance and features for potential buyers, but every Taiga PWC shares the same platform.

Regarding dimensions, the Taiga Orca PWC measures 114.2 inches in length, 47.2 inches in width, and 39.8 inches in height.

This means that these skis are only 4 inches longer than the smallest gas-powered ski, the Spark 2-UP, and 9.2 inches shorter than the popular Yamaha EX family.They also have a 15-gallon front storage unit and a separate waterproof glove box.

There’s no question that the most exciting part of these skis is their power source.

According to the manufacturer, Taiga Orca PWCs utilize the same innovative Taiga RADIX electric powertrain as the company’s TS3 snowmobiles. Sharing this proven powertrain not only shortens development time but also helps to keep costs low in both segments.


The Taiga Orca Sport is available with a 120 HP (90 kW) engine option, while the Performance and Carbon models have a more powerful 180 HP (130 kW) unit. Engine power is delivered to the jet pump housing a direct-driven steel impeller.

These engines are fed by a vibration-proof, professionally-sealed lithium-ion battery. This cell weighs only 275.5 pounds and produces 20-25 kWh depending on the model.

(In contrast, the 2015 Nissan Leaf battery was also rated at 25 kWh, but it weighed 648 pounds!)

You can recharge the battery with a fast charger to 80% in about 20 minutes or from a regular outlet with overnight charging.

Thanks to Taiga’s unique design, their engine and battery are cooled by a closed-loop cooling system. This innovative cooling system doesn’t require flushing or maintenance!

Standard features on each Taiga Orca include:

  • Digital brake and reverse system
  • 15-gallon front storage
  • Waterproof phone storage compartment
  • Rear grab bars
  • Safety lanyard
  • “Palm” handlebar grips
  • Front and rear eyes
  • 7-inch digital color dashboard
  • Three years no maintenance electric powertrain warranty
Unlike their gas-powered rivals, on Taiga Orcas the dashboard is mounted in the center of the handlebars, providing easier access. This unique 7-inch HD dashboard is backed by a powerful onboard computer featuring various functions, including:
  • Configurable 7-inch center console with handlebar controls
  • Adjustable power modes (Power, Acceleration, Speed) with lockout capabilities
  • GPS speedometer
  • Built-in GPS mapping
  • LTE, Wi-Fi for over-the-air upgrades
  • and Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone for app settings, monitoring, and music
  • Extension capabilities for water temperature, sonar fish finder, and other sensory integration
Let’s now drill into the details and talk about each model in detail!

Taiga Orca Sport Review

The Orca Sport is considered to be the entry-level model in the Taiga PWC lineup. This affordable ski is available for $15,000.

Besides its reasonable price tag, the other key advantage of this model is its low weight (533 pounds).

Additionally, the Taiga Sport comes with a moderate 120 HP-engine option and the standard 20 kWh battery pack. Under ideal conditions, this setup ensures a 31-mile range at 28 mph.

The top speed of the Taiga Orca Sport is about 56 mph, which is about 5-6 mph faster than the competitor Sea-Doo Spark 90 and Yamaha EX models.

Sadly, this model is available only in a 2-seater configuration.

The standard features of the Taiga Orca Sport are as follows:

  • Hull and deck material: advanced plastic composite
  • Rider capacity: 2
  • Performance: 120 HP
  • Battery capacity: 20 kWh (“Standard”)
  • Range: 31 miles at 28 mph
  • Brake & Reverse System
  • Adjustable Power Modes
  • Top speed: 56 mph
  • Weight: 533 pounds
  • Starting at: $15,000
Optional features:

  • Reboarding step
  • Fish finder

Taiga Orca Performance Review

The Orca Performance is the middle-level model in Taiga’s fleet.

This ski is powered by the advanced 180 HP engine option providing a top speed of 65 mph. In contrast, the top speed of flagship gas-powered skis is limited to 67 mph due to a gentlemen’s agreement between the U.S. Coast Guard and PWC manufacturers.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Taiga Orca Performance can almost beat its high-end gas-powered rivals.

This model is available in two and three-seater configurations; the latter comes with a special tow sport package offering “instant low-end torque.”With the advantage of the Extended (25 kWh) battery, the Orca Performance offers a range of 37 miles when averaging 28 mph. This advanced powertrain makes this model slightly heavier than the Sport (588 pounds).

For the best riding experience, this craft is equipped with an adjustable trim system.The standard features of the Taiga Orca Performance are as follows:

  • Hull and deck material: advanced plastic composite
  • Rider capacity: 2 or 3 (optional)
  • Performance: 180 HP
  • Battery capacity: 25 kWh (“Extended”)
  • Range: 37 miles at 28 mph
  • Brake & Reverse System
  • Adjustable Power Modes
  • Electric trim system
  • Top speed: 65 mph
  • Weight: 588 pounds
  • Starting at: $17,500
Optional features:

  • Tow sport package with 3-seater saddle
  • Reboarding step
  • Fish finder

Taiga Orca Carbon Review

If you are looking at the premium segment, the Taiga Orca Carbon is for you.

This flagship ski is basically a fully-featured Performance model with a carbon-fiber hull and top deck. Using this lightweight but strong material shaves a couple of pounds off the machine while ensuring additional sturdiness resulting in a better power-to-weight ratio and efficiency.

Standard features on the Orca Carbon include the adjustable trim and the 3-person tow package. Customizable paint colors and seat upholstery are also available in the package as standard.

Unfortunately, these custom features don’t come cheap as the price of this model starts at $24,000. Since the Orca Carbon is just 18 pounds lighter than the Performance model, the $ 6,500 price difference means a weight-saving of roughly $360 per pound.

But there’s no question that the carbon hull and top deck with metallic and gloss finishes look really cool!

The standard features of the Taiga Orca Carbon are as follows:

  • Hull and deck material: carbon fiber
  • Custom paint, seat upholstery, and deck mats
  • Rider capacity: 3
  • Performance: 180 HP
  • Battery capacity: 25 kWh (“Extended”)
  • Range: 37 miles at 28 mph
  • Brake & Reverse System
  • Adjustable Power Modes
  • Electric trim system
  • Top speed: 65 mph
  • Weight: 570 pounds
  • Starting at: $17,500
Optional features:

  • Reboarding step
  • Fish finder

Taiga Orca Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Taiga Orca specifications into these charts!

SpecsTaiga Orca SportTaiga Orca PerformanceTaiga Orca Carbon
Starting at$15,000$17,500$24,000
Length (ft.)
Width (ft.)
Height (ft.)
Weight (lbs.)533588570
Top speed (mph)566565
Range @ 28 mph (miles)313737
Storage capacity (gal)151515
Rider Capacity22 (opt: 3)3
Brake & Reverse systemYesYesYes
Battery Capacity20 kWh25 kWh25 kWh
Hull and Top Deck MaterialPlastic compositePlastic compositeCarbon fiber
This chart is for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the Taiga Orca!

What is a Taiga Orca?

The Taiga Orca is an innovative fully-electric PWC manufactured by Canadian Taiga Motors. This machine is offered in three different configurations, namely the Sport, Performance, and Carbon.

When was the Taiga Orca Introduced?

The Taiga Orca debuted in late 2019, while the first models hit dealerships in 2022.

How Many People Can Ride a Taiga Orca?

The entry-lever Taiga Orca Sport can carry two riders, while the Performance and the Carbon models are rated for three.

What Size is the Taiga Orca?

Each Taiga Orca model shares the same platform, measuring 9.8 feet in length, 3.9 feet in width, and 3.3 feet in height.

How Much Does a Taiga Orca Weigh?

The weight of the various Taiga Orca models are as follows:

  • Taiga Orca Sport: 533 pounds
  • Taiga Orca Carbon: 570 pounds
  • Taiga Orca Performance: 588 pounds

What Kind of Engine Does the Taiga Orca Have?

The power source of Taiga Orcas is a fully-electric Taiga RADIX powertrain borrowed from the company’s TS3 snowmobiles.

How Much Horsepower Does a Taiga Orca Have?

The Taiga Orca Sport provides 120 HP, while the Performance and Carbon models deliver 180 HP.

What Kind of Battery Does the Taiga Orca Have?

The battery of the Taiga Orca PWCs is a vibration-proof, professionally-sealed, lithium-ion battery weighing only 275.5 pounds. This battery produces 20 kWh in the Sport and 25 kWh in the more advanced models.

Where Can You Charge a Taiga Orca?

Taiga Orcas have the same charging needs as a regular electric vehicle. This means that you can charge it at home or any Level 1, 2, or 3 charging station.

Base Taiga Orcas are compatible with Level 1 and 2 charging, while the company offers the Level 3 charging capability as an upgrade.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Taiga Orca?

Depending on the type of charging, you can expect the following charging times:

  • Level 1 charging: ~14 hours
  • Level 2 charging: ~3 hours
  • Level 3 charging: ~30 minutes

What is the Range of the Taiga Orca?

The reported range of Taiga Orca PWCs is about 2 hours for typical usage, but it may vary depending on your riding habits and external conditions. Cruising at a constant speed of 28 mph, The Orca Sport has a range of 31 miles, while the Performance and Carbon models can reach about 37 miles.

Is the Battery Replaceable on Taiga Orca PWCs?

For maximum safety and efficiency, the battery is integrated into Taiga PWCs, so you can’t swap batteries in these vessels.

Do Taiga Orca PWCs Need Maintenance?

As reported by Taiga Motors, their electric PWCs come with a three-year no maintenance warranty:No more trips to the gas station, no more hauling fuel down to the dock or spills into the lake, and no more engine maintenance; Orca redefines the experience of owning a personal watercraft. Spend an afternoon on the water, charge overnight, unplug and repeat. Orca will keep delivering year after year so users can focus on what matters, escaping into the great outdoors and sharing unforgettable experiences with friends and family.”After this initial period, the ski will need significantly less maintenance than its gas-powered competitors.

Does the Taiga Orca Have Reverse?

Yes, each Taiga Orca is equipped with an electric brake and reverse system.

What Size Storage Compartment Does a Taiga Orca Have?

The Taiga Orca features 15-gallon front storage and waterproof phone storage.

How Many People Can Ride a Taiga Orca?

The rider capacity of each Taiga Orca PWC is as follows:

  • Taiga Orca Sport: 2 riders
  • Taiga Orca Performance: 2 or 3 riders (3-seater saddle is optional)
  • Taiga Orca Carbon: 3 riders (3-seater saddle is standard)

How Much Weight Can a Taiga Orca Hold?

The total weight capacity of the Taiga Orca PWC is 400 pounds.

Can the Taiga Orca Tow a Skier or a Wakeboarder?

Yes, each Taiga Orca can tow a wakeboarder or a tuber, but you need the three-seater version to tow legally in most states. This is because in many regions towing with a 2-seater PWC is prohibited. Don’t forget to check local laws to stay legal!

How Fast Does a Taiga Orca Go?

The top speed of the Taiga Orca Sport is 56 mph, while the Performance and Carbon models can hit a whopping 65 mph.

How Much Does the Taiga Orca Cost?

The starting prices of the Taiga Orca electric PWCs are as follows:

  • Taiga Orca Sport: $15,000
  • Taiga Orca Performance: $17,500
  • Taiga Orca Carbon: $24,000

How Can You Test a Taiga Orca?

The manufacturer offers exclusive test ride opportunities for those who pre-order the amazing Taiga Orca.

If you are considering buying an electric PWC, don’t hesitate to visit the manufacturer’s website!