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Sea-Doo Learning Keys Explained [Video]

Sea-Doo Learning Keys Explained [Video]

The Sea-Doo learning key can be used to limit the performance of the watercraft. Since 2020, the green learning key has not been a standard feature on Sea-Doos so it has to be purchased separately. Once it’s programmed to the ECU, the ski’s speed limit can be changed between 32 and 50 mph on the dashboard by using the regular yellow key.

If you want to find out how to program and configure the Sea-Doo learner key, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What is a Sea-Doo Learning Key?

The learning key is a Sea-Doo D.E.S.S. key intended to limit the top speed and acceleration of the ski. Also, it disables a lot of functions on the dashboard and prevents the rider from using the mode buttons or the VTS.

As the name suggests, this key is designed with beginner riders in mind, but parents also commonly use it to keep their children safe.

Today’s Sea-Doos offer an extreme performance, which can be dangerous in a lot of different ways in an inexperienced hand. How could a novice rider ever handle the power of these incredibly fast vessels, most of which reach speeds of 67 mph?

The answer is the learning key, which can restrict the top speed of the ski to a preset limit.

Besides families, rental companies often use learning keys for greater safety. Along with lowering the risk of damages and injuries, a restricted performance ensures lower fuel consumption and increased durability.

The learning key can also be used as a backup key, which comes in handy if you lose the regular key.

Eco Mode vs. Learning Key

What’s the point of learning keys if Sea-Doos offers an “ECO” mode, which is designed for a similar purpose? In short, the restrictions of the learning key cannot be turned off.

For example, if you allow your kids or one of your inexperienced friends to ride your Sea-Doo, you can easily limit its performance by setting it in ECO mode.

This may work well as long as they switch it back to normal or even sport mode. (Note that the mode buttons are located on the handlebars, so they can even be accidentally pressed.)

This is why using a learning key is a much safer solution, since its restrictions can’t be adjusted or deleted by the rider.

Let’s drill into the details and talk about this key in detail!

How Does a Sea-Doo Learning Key Work?

The learning key works in the same way as any other Sea-Doo key. It features a claw-style key on its end that has to be attached to a key post. The latter is typically located on the center of the handlebars, or less commonly on top of the deck.

The key is mounted on an elastic spiral lanyard, which has to be attached to your life jacket with a clip.

This means that this unit has two primary functions, besides functioning as a key it’s also intended to be the safety lanyard.

As a rule of thumb, the yellow Sea-Doo keys are the standard keys, while the learning keys come in a green color.

How to Program a Sea-Doo Learning Key

Sea-Doo keys have to be programmed for specific machines, and the learning key is no exception.

In other words, Sea-Doos use electronic keys that have to be “matched” to the computer (ECU) with a special device.

If you want to program a new learning key for a Sea-Doo you have two options. The simplest way is to take the ski to an authorized dealer but you can also do it by yourself with a scanner tool like a CanDooPro.

Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come cheap, so if you can’t borrow one, your cheapest solution is still visiting a Sea-Doo dealership.

Note that a key can be programmed for more Sea-Doos, so if you have more than one ski, you can program one learning key for all.

How do You Set the Speed of a Learning Key?

Once a learning key is programmed into your Sea-Doo, you can set its speed limit on the dashboard. You can change this limit between 32 and 50 mph on five levels based on your needs.

To be more precise, the exact steps of this process are as follows:

1.       Attach the normal (yellow) key

2.       Wake up the dashboard but don’t start the engine

3.       Press the MODE button to select the “KEY MODE”

4.       Use the up and down buttons to select the desired speed (You will see the text “L-KEY” on the dash).  You can choose from five different learning key speeds, 32, 36, 42, 46, and 50 mph, which are labeled as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

5.       Press the set button to save your new settings

Again, setting the learning key speed can be confusing since it can be programmed from 1 to 5, where numbers refer to the following speeds:

·         1 – 32 mph

·         2 – 36 mph

·         3 – 42 mph

·         4 – 46 mph

·         5 – 50 mph

It’s also good to know that the ski comes from the factory with the lowest speed setting (32 mph).

For further information please refer to your operator’s manual or check this tutorial video:

Do Sea-Doos Come with a Learning Key?

Not so long ago, each Sea-Doo came standard with a normal and a learning key. But since 2020, Sea-Doos have only been delivered with a regular key while a learning key comes as an extra.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a new Sea-Doo you have to order a learning key for it separately.

If you have a used Sea-Doo and are looking for a learning key, you can also get one from an authorized Sea-Doo dealership.

Conclusion – What Does the Sea-Doo Learner Key Do?

Thanks to their advanced computer (ECU), Sea-Doos can be operated with different electronic D.E.S.S. keys.

The most common are arguably standard yellow Sea-Doo keys that allow you to use the full power of the engine.

Keeping safety in mind, learning keys are also available for Sea-Doos. Often referred to as Sea-Doo learner key or Sea-Doo slow key, this “green” Sea-Doo key is intended to restrict the acceleration and the top speed but is also disables a lot of buttons and functions.

The main idea behind these keys is to make riding safer for kids and beginner riders. Hence, they are commonly used by families and rental shops.

Just like any other D.E.S.S. key, the learning key also has to be programmed for a Sea-Doo by a dealer. However, if you own a CanDooPro scanner, you can match a new key to your Sea-Doo in your garage.

Once it’s programmed, the speed limit of the ski can be limited to five levels between 32 and 50 mph.

To do this, you have to attach the yellow key to the ski, wake up the dash (without starting the engine), and select the KEY MODE by pressing the MODE button.

Then, you can adjust the speed limit of the learning key using the up and down buttons. You can choose from numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 which refer to speed limits of 32, 36, 42, 46, and 50 mph, respectively.

Once it’s set, the ski won’t exceed this speed when running with the green learning key.

If you want to dig deeper, please refer to your ski operator’s manual or contact your dealer for further advice.