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The Most Reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo and WaveRunner [Video]

The Most Reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo and WaveRunner [Video]

When it comes to personal watercrafts, all one can think of is the endless fun and that rush of adrenaline. But nothing in life comes for free.

PWCs require a lot of care owing to their high performance, thus the owning costs are many.

You have to pay attention to the proper yearly services, winterizing, and regular cleaning. You have to care for the trailer and accessories as well.

Similar to other vehicles and vessels, you can find the most reliable PWC models on the market. Then there a few that require more care and maintenance.We at JetDrift, have compiled the full guide about PWC reliability, as well as the most reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo and WaveRunner models available.

Jet Ski Reliability in General

In the case of any motorsport, reliability is always a key factor, this is especially true on the water.

If a vehicle breaks down on the road, it can cause a lot of annoyance, but as far as PWC is concerned, the scenario is completely different. If you are riding on open waters and your craft breaks down or malfunctions you can’t get back easily to shore!

Beyond the risks, it never feels good to see that your PWC is towed back to the marina with a boat or another craft.

The reliability and fuel economy are of significance particularly, if you are into PWC fishing. These points have to be taken into account because of the long distances you cover.

On the other hand, PWCs are fast, and you are much vulnerable to injuries in an accident.  You should also know that PWCs are prone to explosions due to their designs.

Although the chances of such occurrences are quite rare, such incidents do occur. This happens due to a lack of active ventilation.

Gas vapors can accumulate in the hull, which could lead to an explosion that is triggered by a spark of you starting your craft. And as you are sitting right above the engine, it could lead to some serious injuries!

That’s why it’s really important to choose the most reliable PWC model available, and pay attention to its proper maintenance.

If you are looking for something you can count on, you could consider a boat. Boats are usually more reliable and provide the passenger with increased safety, passenger space, and storage capacity. You would be surprised at how many buyers are confused when they have to answer between a PWC or boat?

But if you can’t decide, the good news is that several PWC to boat converters are available on the market like the Sealver PWC boat attachments.If you want to stick to PWCs, and would like to purchase a used or a new model, don’t hesitate to read more.

We will look through the different PWC’s performance and features, as they affect the reliability and durability as well. When it comes to looking for the most reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or WaveRunner, the rule of thumb is:more horsepower and more features always mean the higher purchase price, more owning costs, more maintenance, and less reliability.

Let’s check these factors one by one!

PWC reliability factors #1: Performance

Just like any other vessel or vehicle’s engine, more performance means a higher chance of malfunctions.

Based on the engines, we can distinguish two main PWC categories, the supercharged and the naturally aspirated models.

Supercharged models are the most powerful PWCs on the market, with 180-310 HP performance.

No doubt that it is an amazing performance, but the PWC supercharger is a two-edged sword. It gives much better acceleration but needs extra attention and regular maintenance. Also, it has an impeller rotating at even 50.000 RPM which implies that even with proper maintenance it’s prone to failure.

If you are looking for the most reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, or WaveRunner, then it’s wise to look at the lower-performance models and avoid supercharged ones.

You can find the latest supercharged and non-supercharged models here, don’t hesitate to compare them side by side!

If you choose one of them, you do not just get a more reliable PWC, but less owning costs, less maintenance, and lower fuel consumption as well.

PWC reliability factors #2: Extra features and accessories

According to Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong“.

If a PWC has unique features and additions, it is more fun, safety and better riding experience on the water. On the other side, all of these features can go wrong drastically if you are in for a stroke for bad luck.

If you take a look at the gauges, or inside a PWC hull, you can see the same trends just in case of cars. Engines are covered by a large plastic, although it gives a clean appearance it might discourage many owners from regular maintenance and repairs.

On the other side, you can find more and more electronic features in PWCs today. Instead of regular old-school odometers and gauges, you can check your speed (and a lot of other information) displayed on a large touch screen in front of you:

However, these touchscreens and various electronic bells and whistles are pretty cool, they also indicate a higher chance of malfunctions as well.

Nowadays, more and more models are equipped with braking systems like the Ride (from Yamaha) and iBR (from Sea-Doo).

Although these systems are useful and provide safer and better riding experiences, they are quite complex systems, so they are prone to a malfunctioning which could be quite costly.

It’s not hard to realize, if there is nothing, it cannot go wrong!

PWC reliability factors #3: New vs. Used PWC

Of course, apart from the new models, you can consider a used PWC. If you are thinking of getting a second-hand model, let us help you with some tips and tricks on what to look for.

When you look at the ads you can see several vintage models like Polaris, Tigershark, Wet Bike or even Honda PWCs for sale around even $1k.

For the first look, they seem a good buy because of the purchase price. But be careful as these PWCs are usually outdated old now. Unless you have mechanic skills and looking for a side project (or fell in love with one of these vintage crafts), it’s wise to look for a newer model.

It’s a typical first-time buyer’s question to buy a two-stroke PWC or a four-stroke PWC.

When it comes to most reliable sit down PWCs, the best practice for buying a used PWC that is powered with a non-supercharged 4-stroke engine, not older than 6-8 years old, and has max 200 engine hours in it.

If you are looking for a Stand-up PWC, that’s another story as they are still powered mainly with two-stroke engines.

If you would like to learn how to pick the best-used craft, don’t miss our used PWC buyers guide.

The most reliable Jet Ski models

If you prefer Kawasaki, you can find the most reliable Jet Ski models below:Kawasaki STX-15F is the cheapest Jet Ski, and one of the most reliable as well! It’s powered with a four-stroke, 1498 cc, non-supercharged engine, which offers around 160 HP. You can expect 60-62 mph top speed on this ski while reaching 0-30 mph in just 2 seconds!

If you prefer thestand-up watercraft, the SX-R 1500 Stand-up Jet Ski is powered with the same engine and pump as the STX series. If you would like to compare the current stand-up PWCs available, don’t miss our latest review on the topic.And don’t forget the Kawasaki Ultra LX, which comes with the same performance again, but it has a more stable hull with more storage capacity. These features make this model a good fishing Jet Ski.If you are interested in all current Jet Ski models from Kawasaki, you can find and compare them here.Kawasaki Ultra LX - One of the most reliable Jet Ski

The Most Reliable Sea-Doo PWCs

If you are looking for the most reliable Sea-Doo PWCs, you should look at the non-supercharged models again.

The most reliable Sea-Doos are the Sea-Doo Spark and Spark TRIXX models, as these models are powered with lower performance, non-supercharged engines. The Sparks are available with two engine options (60 HP and 90 HP Rotax, closed-loop cooled engines), while the TRIXX arrives exclusively with 90 HP.

These models are nimble, so if you are a beginner you should consider something more stable, like the Sea-Doo GTI series. The GTI line is available with different engine options from 90 HP to 155 HP depending on your needs.

And we have to mention their special PWCs, like the Sea-Doo Wake 155 what is designed for tow sports like wakeboarding or tubing.

If you prefer fishing against tow sports, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro is for you, which is a dedicated fishing Sea-Doo equipped with all accessories you will need on your fishing trips.

If you would like to discover and compare all new Sea-Doo PWCs, you can do it here!Sea-Doo Spark is one of the most reliable Sea-Doo

The most reliable WaveRunner models

Last but not least, let’s find out about the most reliable WaveRunners on the market.When it comes to Yamaha, their non-supercharged models are famous for their durability and reliability. That’s why you can find these WaveRunners in a majorityof PWC rentals.

If you looking at Yamaha’s non-supercharged models, you can find their entry-level models in the Rec-Lite category.

The EX series, as well as the EXR, are the cheapest Waverunners in the Yamaha’s fleet, and they are the most lightweight as well! They all offer around 100-110 HP, and seat capacity for 3 riders.

If you would like to buy a larger model with higher performance and a more stable hull, the legendary Yamaha VX series is for you. These crafts produce 125-180 HP and more storage capacity.

Surprisingly, you can find non-supercharged WaveRunners in the Performance and Luxury category as well.

If you would like to own one of the best WaveRunners but would like to stay away from supercharged engines at the same time, you should take a look at the Yamaha VXR or FH HO/FX CRUISER HO.

Beyond non-supercharged models, you can find all new WaveRunner models here to compare.

Yamaha VX line - the most reliable WaveRunners on the market

Which is the most reliable PWC brand?

It’s not easy to choose the most reliable Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or WaveRunner model on the market. Just like in the case of cars, every brand and every model has its strengths and weaknesses. But it is a well-known fact that the majority of PWC rentals offer Yamaha non-supercharged models for rent because of their durability, typically from the VX series.

In general, the rule of thumb is that more performance and more bells and whistles mean greater chances of malfunctions. Because of this, it’s clear that the most reliable PWCs are the non-supercharged models which arrive with fewer features and accessories.

But if you are a beginner it’s wise to choose a more equipped model, that comes with brake systems like Ride or iBR.

These features mean more safety and smoother rides for you. You can find the most reliable PWCs with brake systems here, and also don’t miss our guide on how to choose the perfect beginner PWC. There are several reasons why you should choose the most reliable PWC available. Safety is always the number one preference, but less maintenance, owning costs, and the purchase price are important factors. Before you make your final decision, it’s wise to do your research upfront.

One of the most trustworthy sources is the owner’s experience. Try to google for customer/owner reviews. Sometimes, owners also make review videos for your knowledge. You can make a good start in our PWC model database, as well as online forums like PWCToday, X-H2O, or GreenHulk.

You can also find tons of information on Facebook. What’s more, several models have their own Facebook groups, so it’s worth looking into these groups as well.

If you are a first-time rider, you can get some experience in a PWC rental, as they are available nationwide.Before your first ride, make sure that you read our step by step guide on how to ride a PWC. And don’t forget, you will need a PWC license as well depending on your age and state!