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Waverunner Rentals Near Me: Find the Closest Rentals [Locator]

Waverunner Rentals Near Me: Find the Closest Rentals [Locator]

There is so much a person can enjoy while at the beach or lake; much of it on the water. While swimming and scuba diving may be some fun activities, other activities such as surfing and surfboarding can be fun too. However, if you really want to have quite of bit of fun, you need to consider getting a WaveRunner!

You do have the option to purchase a WaveRunner, but why not use a rental company instead and save yourself some cash. This is especially true if you’re not at the lake or beach every week.  Of course, now you may be thinking where any WaveRunner rentals in your area.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift created this

free WaveRunner Rental Locator Tool

Don’t hesitate to start your research here!

If you are interested in other services as well, this is where the Google search tool (or any search engine really) will come in handy. Just do a quick search for WaveRunner rentals near me. The results should bring up several in your area, especially if you’re in a touristy location.

You should get a clear indication of where these places are close to you.  However, you need to be mindful of who you do business with. Some of these places may not be on the up-and-up (meaning they may not have your best interest at heart and only want your money and their equipment back.)

Still, it’s extremely cost-efficient to rent a WaveRunner – there is no worry about the continued expenses (along with the upfront costs) that comes with owning one. For instance, you’ll have to count with the costs of:

Check out these popular WaveRunner rental companies in different parts of the country. If you are visiting their location, you may want to see what kind of offer they have for you!

WaveRunner Rentals near me – Florida

Sunset Watersports (Key West, Florida)

One of the newest WaveRunner rental companies in the Key West area is Sunset Watersports.

What makes them different than other WaveRunner companies in the area is their tours, which will last 90 minutes long and take you around the entire Key West area. Check out Sub Marine pits or Boca Chica sand bar to get in a little freestyle riding. This 28-mile tour begins at the Parrot Key Resort along North Roosevelt Boulevard.

And, if tours are not what you want to partake in, there’s always the opportunity of just renting WaveRunners by the hour instead.

Bay Point Watersports

Many spring breakers end up in Panama City, Florida to take in the sights of the beach and partake in many of the activities happening in the area. If you and your friends want to partake in some water sports, you can do a quick Google search for Waverunner rentals near me, and you’re going to find the Bay Point Watersports store.

And it’s worth checking out!

The staff at Bay Point Water Sports really knows the area, which means you can learn about the hidden coves and other places that only locals will know. They’ll tell you about the St. Andrews Bay and Shell Island where you can find dolphins swimming peacefully along in pristine waters – similar to what you’d experience in the Caribbean.

Bay Point Water Sports provides only the best, high-performing PWCs including the Yamaha VX Models, considered to be the industry’s safest models. While three people can sit on the model, it’s a far better experience for just two people (and more comfortable too).  Best of all, the Yamaha VX offers a semi-dry compartment where you can put your valuables (camera, phone, towels, beach bag and more).

Your safety is the staff’s utmost concern, so they’ll spend some time showing you how the Jet Ski works and answer any questions you may have. Their primary concern is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe, so you have a great time while out on the water.

Destin Vacation Boat Rentals

The Destin Vacation Boat Rentals company will satisfy the needs of any water lover out there. With their amazing WaveRunner fleet you’ll get a taste of speed while on the water. Take in the sights of what many call the area the “Emerald Coast.”This rental company provides only the best PWC rentals in the area and includes the 2017 Yamaha VX110 WaveRunner.

Destin Vacation Boat Rentals has two locations that offer this model and many others – one along Destin Harbor and the other along Calhoun Avenue. Both of them provide the fastest access to Destin’s no-wake zone.

If you have any questions you need answers, the helpful and highly-professional employees with Destin Vacation Boat Rentals will be happy to assist you.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, they will make sure that you’re ready to take any one of their WaveRunners out on the water.

Experience the water in a whole other way, watching sea life enjoy themselves while you ride in style.  Be sure to ask about any packages or discounts, as the company will help you find something that fits into your budget.

Clearwater Beach WaveRunner Rentals

When visiting Clearwater Beach, Florida and doing a search of WaverRunner rentals near me, you’re going to come across the store Clearwater Beach WaveRunner Rentals, which is considered the best of the best!

The store ensures that all its guests will get a personalized water adventure experience with only the latest equipment and best service in the PWC rental industry. The company is fully licensed and insured with employees who are both First-Aid and CPR-certified. The prices you see are the prices you pay.  Clearwater Beach WaveRunner Rentals don’t include any hidden costs to their equipment.

The staff understand the need to have fun on the water without the worry of something going wrong. You want to have fun with your family and friends – to make memories that last a lifetime. This is what they aim to do for you!

All you need to do is check out the store to find out how we can make this happen for you! Relax and have fun, and they’ll do everything else for you!

Holiday Watersports (Fort Myers, Florida)

When searching for WaveRunner rentals in Fort Myers, Florida, you’re going to find that there are multiple Holiday Watersports locations to take advantage of. And, any one of those locations offers the latest Yamaha models to enjoy out on the water.

The staff knows how important it is to relieve stress, and know that water can help someone do this. Therefore, they offer WaveRunners to anyone who wants to experience the Gulf of Mexico’s waters, which many claim to be emerald green in color.

Before you head out though, the staff makes sure to go over all its features to ensure safe operation while in use. You can also practice a little to familiarize yourself with the WaveRunner. The staff will be happy to answer any question you may have about the PWC. Since safety is a concern, the company does offer life jackets as well.

Most people often wonder what the top speed of WaveRunners is, which is about 50 miles per hour. As for how they handle, the WaveRunners move with the direction of the driver and any turns made are smooth.

If you’re not into the “need for speed” but for relaxation, PWCs are ideal for watching the manatees and dolphins playing in the water. It’s also not unheard of these marine animals to swim right next to the machines.

Fly n’ High Waverunners and Parasail (John’s Pass, Madeira Beach)

Fly n’ High Waverunners and Parasail offers only the latest Waverunner rentals. If you’re going to explore the John’s Pass area, a PWC ride is the only way to do so. And, if you want to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico, you can do it in style.

There are 155 horsepower Waverunner models at your disposal. So, if you’re going with some friends out on the water, chances are you can all enjoy one or ride doubles or triples if necessary.

When out on the water, you may see a sea turtle or bottle-nose dolphin. Be sure to bring your camera along because you don’t want to miss the chance to take pictures while you make memories. It’s worth noting that your camera should be waterproof.

There is so much to explore from Madeira Beach to the Redington Fishing Pier to Treasure Island to St. Pete Beach – 15 miles of nothing but real water adventures.

WaveRunner Rentals near me – Missouri

Aqua Toys Rentals (Osage Beach, Missouri)

The Aqua Toys Rentals company is a family-owned business that specializes in Pontoon Boat and Waverunner rentals that offers the lowest prices in the Lake of the Ozarks area.

They have been in the area for more than 25 years, offering its customers only the latest and safest vessels to rent.

Aqua Toys Rentals list of vessels include late and new model Yamaha VX110, three-seater WaveRunners and late and new models of 24ft, 28ft and 32ft, three-log Pontoon boats.  Best of all, there are no hidden costs, and the price of the WaveRunner rental includes oil and gas.

Other services offered to guests include Tube Rentals which ensures customers will get to enjoy the lake in style – however, they want. The company is located along the stunning Lake of the Ozarks of Osage Beach, Missouri, which you can get to by getting off U.S. Highway 54.

WaveRunner Rentals near me – Wisconsin

Marina Bay Boat Rentals

The staff at Marina Bay Boat Rentals in Lake, Geneva, Wisconsin want to make sure its guests get the most fun they can on the water.

They personally go over each boat and waverunners with customers one-on-one to familiarize them with the operation. What you’ll notice about all their equipment is that they are maintained and cleaned thoroughly and professionally, making them one of the most reliable companies to do business with.

Best of all, pet parents can bring their pets along for the ride so they took can enjoy the experience of the open waters.

WaveRunner Rentals near me – Utah

Blue Wave JetSki Rentals (Bear Lake, Utah)

The employees with Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals want to make sure that you and your family/friends have a great time while on the water at Bear Lake with their new Yamaha VX WaveRunners.They will answer any questions or address concerns you may have about their rental equipment.

The company maintains its equipment in tip-top shape, cleaning the vehicle immediately after being used. It’s not just how the vehicle looks that the Blue Wave Jet Ski Rentals employees are concerned with but the performance of it.

Your goal is to have a great time with a piece of equipment that won’t break down on you. The employees understand that dirt and other particles can damage the machine, which is why it’s cleaned off right away with a strict maintenance schedule adhered to.

One of the problems you run into when doing a search of WaveRunner rentals near me in the Bear Lake area is that companies are out of equipment to rent. This isn’t an issue with Blue Wave. They understand that you want to have a good time with family and friends, which is something they strive for in all kinds of ways!

WaveRunner Rentals in Arizona

Lake Powell Powersports (Page, Arizona)

When you’re visiting the state of Arizona, one may not think of it offering anything water-related. However, do a quick search of WaveRunner rentals near me, and you’re going to come across Lake Powell Powersports in Page.

This company, which has been in business for 10+ years, makes it easy to rent a WaveRunner and enjoy the Lake Powell area. The staff works alongside you to help you choose the items necessary for your experience and budget.  Lake Powell Powersports offers a wide selection of machines so you’re bound to get the unique Jet Ski experience you never thought you’d get in Arizona.

For people who want to experience Lake Powell on the lake, Lake Powell Powersports can make it happen. The company prides itself on being the first of its kind to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy Lake Powell from more than just the sidelines with its high-quality, well-maintained and cleanest equipment at a low price.

The staff wants to make sure its customers enjoy a memorable vacation that was full of fun – not fear. They will go through the different features of your chosen WaveRunner and other equipment, ensuring you are familiar with it, so you have a pleasant experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going solo or taking one out for the whole family; Lake Powell Powersports will meet your need and more.

WaveRunner Rentals in California

Sea-Forth Boat Rentals (San Diego, California)

California offers the Pacific Ocean to enjoy, which means there may be many places that show up in a search for WaveRunner Rentals near me on Google. One such place will be the Sea-Forth Boat Rentals in the San Diego area.  And, there’s a reason you need to go here for your WaveRunner needs!

Its employees know what it’s like to feel the wind and water spray on your face as you partake in motorized water activities. That’s why they offer only the fastest and well-maintained WaveRunners for customers to enjoy.  And, even if you’re all about relaxing and cruising, the company offers PWCs to enjoy as well.

No matter what it is you are after – a fast ride or leisure one – you’ll be mking memories in style. Enjoy the San Diego weekend out on the water and with equipment from Sea-Forth Boat Rentals (one of the city’s largest boat rental company thanks to its three locations to choose from).

What To Remember

Even if you think you know an area, new businesses pop up all the time. This is why, if you’re trying to rent a WaveRunner for some water fun, don’t miss our free PWC rental locator tool.From this list, you can tell there are all kinds of places across the continental U.S. where you can enjoy watersports and WaveRunners.

When you need some fun in the sun, WaveRunners are the surefire way to make it happen. Search forWaveRunner Rentals near me today and see what you come up with for your area!