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Jet ski collars are designed to increase a jet ski’s stability and buoyancy. They do a good job on purpose-built skis used for fishing, tow-in surfing, and even SAR missions.

Based on our research, the 6 best jet ski collar manufacturers are as follows:

  1. Dockitjet
  2. Wing Inflatable Solutions
  3. Waterman Unlimited
  4. Jet Ski Collars
  5. Racetech
  6. Yamaha JetFish

If you want to learn more about these companies and their products, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled the best jet ski collars under one roof, just as we did with jet ski boat attachments!

What Are Jet Ski Collars?

Jet ski collars are known by many names, such as jet ski stabilizers, jet ski bumpers, and inflatable jet ski sponsons. They come in many sizes and shapes, but they all do the same thing: increase the stability and buoyancy of jet skis, resulting in higher safety and carrying capacity. As a side effect they provide extra deck space and/or even storage space.

Jet ski collars are actually large tubes that can be attached to the footwells or the side rail of the jet ski. They are typically inflatable devices, but some of them are made of a special buoyancy material.

Therefore, these inflatable sponsons shouldn’t be confused with regular jet ski sponsons, which serve completely different purposes.

Jet ski collars do a really good job in offshore conditions, so anglers commonly use them for jet ski fishing trips. What’s more, certain models are specifically built for PWC fishing, featuring built-in rod holders, cutting boards, or storage.

Thanks to the increased buoyancy of these collars, you can even catch a marlin from a jet ski!

Besides fishing, PWC stability collars are commonly used for jet ski-assisted surfing and by jet ski rental companies. Many riders say that they are the learning wheels for PWCs!

They not only increase the jet ski’s buoyancy but also work as a safety “bumper” around the vessel. The collar comes in handy in crowded areas when there are other boats or swimmers nearby.

Another key advantage of these jet ski stability kits is that they make refueling much easier. Let’s face it, fueling a jet ski on open waters is always tricky. But thanks to these collars, you don’t have to worry about falling into the water or capsizing your ski!

Besides recreational purposes, inflatable jet ski stabilizers are also typically fitted on jet skis built for SAR rescue teams.

It’s also good to know that jet ski collars are designed to increase buoyancy and stability when the craft is stationary or running at lower speeds. Once it reaches planing speed, the collars don’t touch the water so they don’t affect the ski’s performance.

It’s a key advantage as you don’t have to sacrifice your ski’s turning abilities or speed for extra stability and buoyancy.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and take a look at the best jet ski stability collars in the marketplace!

The 6 Best Jet Ski Collars

1. Dockitjet

There’s no question that one of the oldest and most well-known jet ski collar manufacturers is the U.S.-based Dockitjet.

The company offers inflatable PWC collars in many sizes and shapes. The smallest models in their fleet are the “Mini Inflatable PWC sponsons,” which virtually fit all models of jet skis.

However, the most popular products of the company are probably the “Open Water PWC Sponsons.”

These large inflatable Dockitjet tubes are almost as long as the longest jet skis. They offer about 1/3 additional deck space and a remarkable buoyancy of 840 pounds.

According to the manufacturer, their collars literally make jet skis unsinkable, and you can also stand on the edge of the top deck without the risk of capsizing.

In addition to PWC collars, Dockitjet offers “RIB kits” that can turn your jet ski into a boat in a second!

2. Wing Inflatables “SkiCollars”

The deservedly popular SkiCollars are manufactured by the California-based Wing Inflatables. These SkiCollars, or as they call them “PWC Air Tube Sponsons,” are very similar to Docitjet collars.

But unlike the competitor’s product, SkiCollars consists of one part that wraps around the entire jet ski except for its stern. Therefore, it provides better shock absorption in case of an accidental frontal collision.

As reported by Wing Inflatables, the key features of the SkiCollar are as follows:

  • Improves lateral stability
  • Affords shock absorption
  • Provides additional flotation
  • Lightweight – doesn’t impede performance
  • Easy to install on many PWCs

3. Waterman Unlimited Custom PWC Collars

If you are looking for a custom PWC collar tailored specifically for your ski, you should contact Waterman Unlimited.

The company offers one-piece “wrap around” PWC collars, along with boat sleds, rescue boards, floating docks, and superyacht accessories.

4. Jet Ski Collars

The Australia-based Jet Ski Collars, as its name suggests, mainly produce stability collars for jet skis.

But in contrast to the competitors’ inflatable design, their products are made of a special closed cell buoyancy foam. To protect the jet ski’s hull and the collar itself, each of them is coated with a rubber Polyurea wrap.

The manufacturer offers three different size options (medium, large, and extra-large) that fit almost all of today’s jet ski models.

5. Racetech Jet Ski Side Cases

If you are looking for more storage capacity, Racetech jet ski side boxes are for you.

“Racetech Tubbies,” as the manufacturer calls them, are rigid boxes that can be bolted on each side of the jet ski. They work like the side cases on motorcycles so that they can effectively protect your gear from the elements.

The key advantage of these practical boxes is that they offer a ton of extra storage space and increase the jet ski’s buoyancy at the same time.

As reported by the manufacturer, the key features of these amazing jet ski side boxes include:

  • Solid flat lid with built-in cutting board and preparation area
  • Rubberized Tackle Tray with a cup holder
  • Vertical rod holder
  • Out Rigger rod holder
  • Racetech (QATS) an innovative dry storage compartment
  • New ghost hinges – For a more sleek and cleaner look
  • Quick drain for the Bottle and Cage platform – Hidden

Racetech is based in South Africa, but the good news is that they ship worldwide!

6. Yamaha JetFish PWC Side Boxes

Although this is just a concept, it is worth mentioning Yamaha’s JetFish side boxes.

To compete with the innovative Sea-Doo Fish Pro, Yamaha entered the PWC fishing market by revamping its FX family.

The new FX line comes with various fishing accessories like an extended rear platform, a fishing cooler with rod holders, and a lounge seat.

A couple of years ago, Yamaha also revealed a unique WaveRunner fishing rig concept that included a set of PWC side cases.

As you can see in this video below, you can even catch a tuna on a jet ski, thanks to the increased stability of these boxes!

Who knows, maybe these PWC storage boxes will be part of next year’s WaveRunner lineup?

Jet Ski Collars Installation

The installation of jet ski collars is not rocket science, but it requires some tools and skills. In most cases, the collars have to be attached to metal rails, which have to be previously installed under the side rails.

However, the exact process varies from one model to the next, but the collars usually come with a complete installation kit and manual.

If you want to find out more, here’s a great tutorial on how to install stability collars on a jet ski:

Installing jet ski side cases is more difficult due to their more complex design and larger dimensions.

Conclusion – How do You Add Buoyancy to a Jet Ski?

As you’ve already known, the best way to add buoyancy to a jet ski is to install stability collars on it. There are many advantages of these collars and the most important ones are as follows:

  • Increase buoyancy and stability
  • Provides extra deck space
  • Work as a bumper around the ski
  • The box-shaped, “side case-like” models offer extra storage space and features like rod holders, cutting boards, and racks for fuel cans

That’s why PWC collars are commonly used on purpose-built jet skis, which are typically used for:

  • Offshore PWC fishing
  • Touring
  • PWC-assisted surfing
  • SAR rescue
  • On rental skis

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