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Why Wave Jumping is Dangerous on a Jet Ski [Video]

Why Wave Jumping is Dangerous on a Jet Ski [Video]

Wave jumping is one of the easiest and most popular tricks that can be done on a sit-down jet ski.

That’s why you can see jet ski riders jumping over waves and even over bigger boats’ wakes.

But beyond the great fun, wave jumping can be dangerous, as it may end in an accident, or can damage your jet ski in several ways.

What’s more, it can endanger others on the water or can be illegal in some cases!

We, at JetDrift, have gathered information on the potential risks of wave jumping with a jet ski, which you should consider before your first jump!

The Risks of Wave Jumping on a Jet Ski

Getting injured

One of the main and most dangerous risks of wave jumping with a jet ski is injury.

You can hit your upper body, your head, or even your chin on the handlebar, which can cause loss of consciousness.

If the rider falls into the water, an accident like this may even end in death if there is nobody nearby who can save your life.

As you can see, huge jumps are huge risks, so if you’re still considering this trick, it’s highly recommended you wear suitable protection (beyond the life jacket of course) like shoes, gloves, or even a helmet to protect your head and chin!

Causing an accident

Also, keep in mind that wave jumping can be dangerous not only to yourself but for others as well.

Jet skiing is rarely a solo activity, since you may prefer riding with others as well.

While you enjoy jumping over waves, you have to pay close attention to other riders as you can bump into them easily when you land!

That’s why you have to pay close attention to others and keep a safe distance!

Wake jumping with a jet skiWhen the water is calm, obsessed wave jumpers are usually bored and looking for other opportunities. That’s why you can see many jet ski riders jumping over other boats’ wakes! If big waves are not available, they can still have some fun on these wakes.

Before you join them, don’t forget to consider these factors:– Riding close to boats and jumping over their wakes may disturb others as jet skis are really noisy, especially when they jump out of the water.

– It can be stressful for the boat operator if you ride too closely, as you risk bumping into the boat.

If you pass too closely behind the boat, it may block your view of oncoming traffic (creating a blind spot) and can also hide you from the approaching jet skis and boats.

– Wake jumping is one of the most common complaints against jet ski riders.

– Wake jumping is restricted and even prohibited in some states!

Due to the above, it’s highly recommended you avoid wake jumping with your jet ski!

Damaging your jet ski

Wave jumping with a jet ski is not just dangerous for you, but can damage your jet ski in many ways.

One of the most common forms of damage is cracks on the hulls. The type and the level of the cracks may vary widely depending on the hull’s material, age, and the dynamic forces that occur, but the repair is always costly!

Beyond the hulls, many other parts can be damaged from control panel to the other operation functions.

What’s more, the biggest damage can happen where you can’t even see it!

There could be many “invisible” problems that wave jumps may incur on your jet ski, among the most serious being the engine’s misalignment.

This usually comes from loose or broken mounts on the engine – which can easily be caused by wave jumping! This problem can escalate into the driveshaft and cause leaking bearings which can ultimately sink your jet ski.

So, when considering wave jumping on your jet ski, always be aware that there is a possibility of damage.


Today’s jet skis are really big and heavy, and at first glance, they seem like extremely massive vessels.

But it’s good to know that they’re not designed for wave jumping, which means the dynamic forces incurred by the jumps can damage the hull or even the engine’s mounts, which can lead to serious problems.

The bigger jumps aren’t just dangerous for your jet ski, but for you as well. When you’re landing after a huge jump, you can get hurt in many ways.

If you hit your head, this accident can end in death, so wave jumping is definitely not the safest jet ski trick!

Additionally, it also has many risks if you jump on other boat’s wake, as you can bump into them or even can’t see the oncoming vessels due to the “blind spot”.

Because of the potential risks, it’s not recommended you do huge wave jumps with your ski. If you stick to wave jumping, be aware of the risks, know your limits and use protection like shoes, gloves and a helmet!

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