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2024 Evo Jet Kart & Evo Jet Storm Review [Specs, Prices]

2024 Evo Jet Kart & Evo Jet Storm Review [Specs, Prices]

(This post is updated with the all-new, factory-built 2024 Evo Jet Strom!)

Evo Jets are amazing new inventions on the jet ski market. Simply put, these vessels are standard jet skis turned into mini jet boats. At first glance, they look like “water go-karts,” and they actually are!  

The first model in the Evo Jet lineup was the Spark-based Evo Jet Kart, which was a stock 899cc Sea-Doo Spark turned into an Evo Jet using a conversion kit. In contrast, the new factory-built 2024 Evo Jet Storm features a purpose-built hull and the more powerful, 1630cc Rotax ACE engine rated at 130-200hp!

If you would like to learn more about these unique vessels, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have done the research and collected all the info you could possibly need into this updated Evo Jet review!

2024 Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Review

What is a Spark Evo Jet?

Although the official name of these machines is Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet, they are known by many different names, such as Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart, Sea-Doo Spark Jet Kart, or simply Sea-Doo Spark Evojet.

All of these terms refer to the same unique PWC, invented and manufactured by Evojet Factory (formerly: American Jet Concept).

But what makes this product so outstanding in the market? If you take a look at this mini race boat, the answer is clear: you can sit inside of the hull instead of on top of it!

Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart This is possible because the top deck of these Sea-Doo Sparks was completely redesigned. It features a racing seat and a custom steering wheel instead of the regular handlebar.

This means you can drive this machine like a go-kart!

Thanks to the low center of gravity, the hull is much more stable than the regular design. This makes the Sea-Doo Jet Kart virtually unflappable on calm waters. (Or, at least, extremely hard to flip.) But even if it does accidentally flip, the driver can easily escape the hull like from a kayak.

Another great advantage of the design is that it can also be driven by people who are paralyzed.

Let’s drill into the details and take a closer look at this unique product!

The Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Conversion Kit

To turn a Sea-Doo Spark into this mini race boat, you need a kit, called a Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Conversion Kit.

If you already own a Sea-Doo Spark, the good news is that you can purchase this conversion kit separately. Since the kit is “ready to plug,” you can simply bolt it on in about three hours.

The biggest advantage of this conversion is that it’s completely reversible. This means if you want to use your Spark as a regular PWC, you can simply replace the original deck and seat!

This is also a great point if you want to sell the craft, since the kit and the PWC can be sold separately.

The Spark Evo Jet Kart conversion kit consists the following components:

  • Full top deck with nose and rear cover
  • Footrest
  • Steering wheel with steering cable
  • Trigger
  • Bucket seat and brackets
  • Roll cage
  • 11-gallon aluminum gas tank
  • Bracket intake airbox and battery
  • Wire harness for the cluster
  • Sponsons
  • All fasteners
  • Installation instruction manual

Factory-Built Spark Evo Jets

For those who do not yet own a Spark the manufacturer offers complete Sea-Doo Evo Jet Karts for sale. These machines come with a factory-installed conversion kit, but the original top deck and features are also shipped with the product.

If you are looking for a Sea-Doo Spark Jet Kart off the shelf, you can currently choose from these 5 different models:

  • Spark Evo GT 60 HP 2 up
  • Spark Evo GT 90 HP 2 up
  • Spark Evo GT 90 HP 3 up
  • Spark Evo GT 90 HP 2 up iBR
  • Spark Evo GT 90 HP 3 up iBR
Are you wondering how fast a Spark Evo Jet can go? Keep reading!

Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Top Speed

The top speed of the Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart is about 42-53 mph depending on the model. With the 60 HP engine you can expect about 42 mph, while the 90 HP models can hit 48 mph under ideal conditions. The manufacturer also offers a 120 HP performance kit for their crafts, which can increase the top speed of the Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet up to 53 mph.

What’s more, according to American Jet Concept, they are working on a Spark Evo Jet Turbo model.

The expected horsepower of this turbocharged Evo Jet is no less than 170 HP with a top speed of 65 mph.

Since the weight of this machine is only 420 pounds, it promises an outstanding power-to-weight ratio!

The components of the 120 HP performance kit are as follows:

  • Reflash ECU at 120 HP (specially developed for the Spark Evo Jet)
  • Ribbon delete
  • Free flow exhaust (WORX performances)
  • Aftermarket impeller (Solas Concord 12/14)
  • Installation
These tunes can make your Spark Evo much faster and more aggressive. On the other hand, don’t forget that the installation of this kit may void the warranty of the Spark!

Sea-Doo Spark Evo Dimensions

When it comes to the dimensions of the Spark Evo Jet, it’s good to know that the hull of these PWCs have remained unchanged. This means the dimensions of the Spark Evo Jet Karts are exactly the same as stock Sea-Doo Spark models, which are 46.4 inches wide and 110-120 inches long.

The “2 up” models come with a 110-inch-long hull, which makes these models extremely nimble and maneuverable. In contrast, the “3 up” Evo Jets are slightly longer since their hull has a 10-inch rear extension.

Thanks to the longer hull, this model is more stable, especially at higher speeds.

One of the cons of the Sea-Doo Jet Karts is that they can accommodate only one rider. So, if you want to ride with passengers, you have to convert the machine back to a regular PWC.

If you do that, the “2 up” models can carry 2 riders, while the “3 up” Sparks offer seats for 3 passengers.

How Much is a Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Cart?

The prices of 2024 Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Carts start from $16,000 and go up to $20,000. These prices include the stock Sea-Doo Spark and the conversion kit as well. The machines are delivered with the kit installed, but the Spark’s original top deck, seat, handlebar, and fuel tank are also included in the package.

If you are looking for just a Spark Evo Jet Conversion Kit, be prepared to pay $8,999 (base Spark Evo jet kit) or $9,290 (Spark TRIXX Evo jet kit), which doesn’t include the installation. The 120 HP performance kit is available as an option for an additional $1,090.

Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart

2024 Evo Jet Storm Review

Evo Jet Storm Engine

The 2024 Evo Jet Storm is an upgraded, factory-built version of the proven Spark Evo Jet Kart.

As the name suggests, it has a more powerful naturally-aspirated 1630 Rotax ACE (1630cc, SOHC, triple) engine that delivers 130, 170, or 200hp, depending on the model.

This engine, just like the jet pump, and the iBR reverse system is borrowed from the mid-sized Sea-Doo GTI line.

If you are looking for a supercharged Evo Jet Storm don’t worry, since according to the manufacturer these configurations are already under development!

What we know about them so far is that these machines will be powered by the supercharged version of the 1630 Rotax HO ACE engine rated at 230/300hp. They will more than likely be available for racing purposes.

Interestingly, the manufacturer is considering developing an electric Evo Jet in the (perhaps not so distant) future.

Evo Jet Storm Hull

Besides its more powerful engine options, another key advantage of the Evo Jet Storm is its larger, purpose-built platform.

It’s designed and manufactured by the Evojet Factory and marketed with a special racing title.

Unlike the standard Polytec Spark platform, the innovative Evo Jet Storm hull is larger and heavier, with a lower center of gravity.

The hull features a rear extension, which increases stability while accommodating the propulsion system. Yes, you read correctly, the jet pump of the Evo Jet Storm is mounted on the outside of the body.

Since it sits deeper in the water than its predecessor, the new Evo Jet Storm platform offers an incredible grip while cornering, completed with excellent stability.

This is necessary to handle the engine power of the larger Rotax 1630 power mill.

According to review videos, a skilled rider can do many tricks with this mini boat, including doughnuts and slips.

Evo Jet Storm Top Speed

Since this is an all-new model, test numbers for the Evo Jet Storm are still unavailable. However, if you want a rough estimate, just take a look at the top speeds of the Sea-Doo GTI family.

(As we’ve discussed, the Evo Jet Storm and the Sea-Doo GTI share the same engine and propulsion.)

The 130hp variant of this ski can hit 50-52 mph while the 170hp model can do 55-57 mph.

However, the Evo Jet Strom has more than likely greater water drag due to its lower-sitting hull. This will probably translate to slightly lower top-speed figures.

Consequently, our estimation of the Evo Jet Storm’s performance is as follows:

  • Evo Jet Storm 130hp: 48-50 mph
  • Evo Jet Storm 170hp: 51-53 mph
  • Evo Jet Storm 200hp: 54-56 mph
  • Evo Jet Storm 230/300hp: 65-67 mph
Even if Evo Jets are slightly slower than their PWC counterparts, don’t forget that in these machines you sit much closer to the water.

And just like in a go-kart, the low seating position in these boats gives you the feeling that you are going much faster!

2024 Evo Jet Storm Prices

According to the manufacturer, the factory-built 2024 Evo Jet Storm is now available for pre-order for the prices of $23,499-$25,990.

To be more precise, the starting prices of the 2024 Evo Jet Storm, depending on its engine option, are as follows (w/o trailer):

  • 2024 Evo Jet Storm (130hp): $23,499
  • 2024 Evo Jet Storm (170hp): $24,490
  • 2024 Evo Jet Storm (200hp): $25,990

Spark Evo Jet vs. Evo Jet Storm Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compared the key specs of the Evo Jet Storm and the Spark Evo Jet Kart head-to-head:
SpecsSpark Evo JetEvo Jet Storm
Prices$16,000 -$20,000 (kit + base Spark)$23,499 - $25,990
Sold asConversion Kit or Factory-Built UnitFactory-Built Unit
HullSea-Doo SparkPurpose-Built
EngineRotax 900 ACERotax 1630 ACE
Power Options60hp, 90hp, 120hp130hp, 170hp, 200hp
Pump LocationInside the hullOutside the hull
Cooling SystemClosed – Loop (CLCS)Closed – Loop (CLCS)
iBR Brake and ReverseOpt.St.
Disclaimer: These specifications are for informational purposes only! For more information and prices please contact the manufacturer or an authorized Evo Jet dealership.

Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart for Sale

If you fell in love with these mini race boats, you probably want to know where to find an Evi Jet Storm or a Spark Evo Jet Kart for sale. You can make a good start by visiting the manufacturer’s website or Facebook page.

The factory is located in Stuart, Florida, where the company regularly organizes demo rides.

Since the manufacturer is open to dealer agreements, we can expect more Spark Evo Jet Kart dealerships in the future!

FAQs About the Evo Jets

Who makes Evo Jets?

Evo Jets are designed and engineered by the American Jet Concept. This boutique manufacturer was founded and operated by the French engineer and inventor Stephane Diaz.

How much does an Evo Jet cost?

The Spark-based 60-90hp Evo Jet costs $16,000-$20,000, which includes the conversion kit and the base Spark as well. In contrast, factory-built Evo Jet Storms with custom hulls and 130-200hp engines cost $23,499-$25,990 depending on the model.

What is the weight limit for an Evo Jet?

The weight limit on Evo Jets is 300 pounds.

Can an Evo Jet carry a passenger?

Unfortunately, Evo Jets are designed to accommodate only the operator, so they can’t carry any passengers.

Which engines do Evo Jets use?

Evo Jets borrow their engines and propulsion systems from Sea-Doo PWCs.

The Spark-based Evo Jet Karts are powered by the 900 Rotax ACE (899cc, triple) while the Evo Jet Storm comes with the 1630 Rotax ACE (1630cc, triple) engine.

How much horsepower do Evo Jets have?

The Spark-based Evo Jet comes with 60,90, or 120hp engine options, while the Evo Jet Storm is available with 130, 170, or 200hp naturally-aspirated power sources.

How fast is the Evo Jet?

The top speed of the Spark-based Evo Jets is 42-48 mph, which can be boosted up to 52-53 mph with the 120hp performance kit. In contrast, you can expect the top speed of Evo Jet Storms to be in the ballpark of 48-56 mph.

Can you rent an Evo Jet?

Evo Jets are available for rent in many shops including Evo Jet OBX, Evo Jet Rental Stuart, and Evolution Jetsports.


Evo Jets are amazing new inventions on the PWC market, manufactured by Evojet Factory.

These machines are mini, one-seater jet boats. They feature a PWC-like hull and engine but enjoy a racecar-like bucket seat and steering wheel.

These awesome vessels offer an unbeatable riding experience on the water. Due to their go-kart feeling and Sea-Doo origins, they are often referred to as Sea-Doo Jet Karts, or “Sea-Doo Spark go-karts”.

The first Evo Jet was the Spark-based Evo Jet Kart, introduced in 2020. This model is actually a stock Sea-Doo Spark turned into an Evo Jet with a conversion kit. This kit is still marketed in 2024 for $8,999-$9,290, while the prices of 2024 Sea-Doo Sparks vary between $7,000-$10,000.

Therefore, you can expect the prices of a Spark Evo Jet Kart to be anywhere from $16,000 to $20,000.

In terms of power sources, these models are powered by the 899cc Rotax 900 ACE engine, which delivers 60 or 90hp out of the box, or 120hp with an aftermarket performance kit. The top speeds of these Evo Jets are about 40-53 mph depending on the model.

If you are looking for more power, the turn-key 2024 Evo Jet Storm is for you.

Unlike its smaller brother, this model is built on a purpose-built hull manufactured by Evojet Factory. The Storm is larger, significantly heavier, and sits deeper in the water than the Spark-based Evo Jet.

This is no surprise since it enjoys the much powerful, 1630cc Rotax 1630 ACE engine delivering 130, 170, or 200hp. The prices of these models are 23,499, $24,499, and $25,599, respectively.

To the delight of performance-minded buyers, the supercharged Evo Jet Strorm is under development.

This “supercharged go-kart jet ski” will be powered by the Rotax 1630 HO ACE engine rated at 230/300hp. However, there are rumors that this model will be available for competition purposes only.

If you want to purchase one or are just looking for a demo ride, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer today!