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7 Best Jet Skis for Tricks [Stand-Up & Sit-Down]

7 Best Jet Skis for Tricks [Stand-Up & Sit-Down]

If you are looking for a jet ski for doing tricks you first have to choose between sit-down and stand-up models. You can do significantly more tricks with a stand-up, but the smallest sit-down skis are also capable of surprising tricks.

If you want to find out more about these machines, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled them all under one roof!

Best Stand-Up Jet Skis for Tricks

There’s no question that the best jet skis for doing tricks are freestyle stand-up skis. These tiny, very powerful skis can do amazing tricks like backflips, barrel rolls, and more.

The majority of these are custom-built machines, but Krash Industries also offers some off-the-shelf.

If you are happy doing simple tricks, a factory stand-up jet ski is for you.

Compared to their freestyle relatives, these models are typically larger and have less engine power. However, you can boost their performance with some aftermarket mods.Unfortunately, the biggest manufacturers nowadays only market 4-stoke stand-ups, which are not really trick-capable due to their heavy engine and large hull.

This is why their older 2-stroke predecessors continue to be popular on the used market.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, and talk about these iconic skis in detail!

1. Yamaha SuperJet

If you are looking for one of the best jet skis for tricks, one that is also affordable, a 2-stroke Yamaha SuperJet is for you.

The SuperJet is currently being manufactured with a much heavier 4-stroke engine and larger body, which makes the ski less trick-capable. This is why you should focus on the pre-2020 models with 2-stroke twin engines.

The large SuperJet family includes many different models, including the 650 Square Nose, the 701 Square Nose, and two generations of the 701 Round Nose models. Their smaller relative, the FX-1 is also commonly used to build freestyle PWCs.

You can find out more about these skis through these links:

Note that these skis are powered by 2-stroke engines, which need more attention and care than their modern 4-stroke brothers.

2. Vintage Kawasaki Jet Skis

Besides SuperJets, vintage 2-stroke Kawasaki Jet Skis are also capable of great tricks.

You can sill find many of them on the used market, but make sure to avoid the underpowered models with 300-440cc engines.

It’s safe to say that the best stand-up Kawasaki Jet Ski is still the iconic 800 SX-R, but many of its predecessors also offer a thrilling riding experience.

Based on our research, the most popular Kawasaki stand-ups are as follows:

After five years of hiatus, the SX-R made a comeback with a significantly larger hull and a 1.5L 4-stroke engine. As one may expect, doing tricks with this huge jet ski is nearly impossible.

3. Krash Freestyle Skis

If you are looking for a factory freestyle jet ski, you may want to take a close look at the offerings of Krash Industries.

The Australia-based company designs and produces four different machines, which have been available in the US since 2019.

4. Custom-Built Freestyle Skis

Custom-built freestyle jet skis are popular among racers and hardcode enthusiasts, and with good reason.

A well-built freestyle ski is not only capable of the best tricks, but it can typically also get the best power-to-weight ratio.

Some of the best platforms are manufactured by Kommander, Rickter, and Nitro (DJR Ltd), but Blowsion also markets hulls and even complete builds.

Besides aftermarket freestyle jet ski hulls, these companies offer a plethora of performance parts.

The only drawback of these custom-built skis is their hefty price tag, since a complete machine can cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000!

Best Sit-Down Jet Skis for Tricks

Contrary to popular belief, stand-up models are not the only jet skis capable of tricks. Even though they obviously have their limitations, certain sit-down type jet skis can also do various tricks.

If you are looking for something off-the-shelf, you can’t go wrong with a Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX or a Yamaha JetBlaster.

But but if you don’t mind having to work on a 2-stroke engine, you may want to consider a vintage 2-stroke sit-down ski.

Let’s take a closer look at each!

5. Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX

As the name suggests, the Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX is one of the few factory sit-down jet ski built for tricks.

Classed in the Rec-Lite category, the TRIXX is not only smaller and lighter than any other runabout PWC in the marketplace, but it’s also literally designed with playful riders in mind.

It comes standard with the unique TRIXX package, which includes an adjustable handlebar neck, rear step wedges, and an extended VTS trim system.

The latter is a special trim system that allows you to change the vertical angle of the jet nozzle to an extreme degree, which allows the ski to rise its bow very high or bury it into the water.

This feature can be used to do the iconic “wheelie” trick, which made the TRIXX so famous.

The TRIXX is available in two configurations, the 1-seater comes with a shorter hull while its 3-seater counterpart feature a rear deck extension.

6. Yamaha JetBlaster

The JetBlaster is Yamaha’s answer to the Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX. But despite its name, this ski hasn’t inherited any DNA from the legendary WaveBlaster series.

Instead, the JetBlaster is basically a Yamaha EX upgraded with slightly more engine power and a special freestyle package.

The latter is heavly inspired by its Canadian competitor, since it contains the same units as Sea-Doo’s TRIXX package.

Even though the JetBlaster is larger and heavier than the Spark TRIXX, it can still do some basic sit-down tricks in an experienced hand.

7. 2-stroke Sit Down Skis

If you are looking for a really playful sit-down PWC, you should consider a small, powerful 2-stroke model.

These vintage skis typically have smaller hulls than the Spark TRXX and Yamaha JetBlaster, but they house more powerful 2-stroke twin engines.

Keep in mind that many of these skis were manufactured before the Millennium, so they are typically very aged machnes. Since they are no longer being produced, they are very sought after on the used market.

Our top recommendations broken down by brand are as follows:Sea-Doo:



This is our short review of the best trick jet skis, we hope you enjoyed it!