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17 Best Jet Ski Memes, Puns, and Jokes [Video]

17 Best Jet Ski Memes, Puns, and Jokes [Video]

Jet skiing is pure fun, so it’s not surprising that you can find a bunch of puns, jokes, and memes related to these machines.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have compiled the best of them into this post!

12 Best Jet Ski Jokes and Puns

  1. Money doesn’t buy happiness? Well it does buy a jet ski. Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski? You can’t be sad on a jet ski!
  2. What’s Dj Khaled’s Favourite jet ki Brand? Kawasakey!
  3. What’s another fun name for a jet ski? A boatercycle!
  4. How do you get a man talking on his phone to fall off a jet ski? Wave!
  5. If you want a jet ski, don’t ask for your wife’s permission, just come home with it. It’s not like you can take it back!
  6. Where did Bugs Bunny decide to park his jet ski? At the ‘What’s-up dock’!
  7. Where did the flying jet ski land? At the air-port.
  8. Why did the dolphin chase a jet ski? To find its porpoise!
  9. How do jet skiers greet each other on the cruise? They start waving.
  10. Why did the jet skier fall ill after looking at his boating test score? He got C-sick.
  11. What kind of vegetable isn’t allowed on jet skis? Leeks.
  12. Where do sick and poorly jet skis go? The dock.

5 Best Jet Jet Ski Memes

1. Jay-Z Jet Ski Meme

It’s safe to say that one of the most well-known jet ski memes comes from Jay Z. The popular rapper rode a Sea-Doo Spark with a bored expression in a weird open helmet. As expected, this photo immediately turned into a viral meme!

(It’s good to know that open helmets are not recommended for jet ski riders since it doesn’t provide any protection for the chin. You can read more about the best jet ski helmets here.) 

2. Dj Khaled Jet Ski Meme

Dj Khaled is known to be a huge jet ski enthusiast, so it’s not surprising that his riding videos generate various jet ski memes.

3. Mobius Jet Ski Meme

In the Loki: Episode 2, Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) confesses that he fell in love with jet skis, but he never had a chance to try one. This scene generated a ton of memes on which Mobius rides various jet ski models.

4. Kenny Power Jet Ski Meme

Staying with series, another well-known jet ski meme is coming from the show Eastbound and Down.In this series, Kenny Power (Danny McBride) owns a 2010 Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunner, which appears on various memes, with or without its owner.

5. Tiger King Jet Ski Meme

In Netflix’s Tiger King, James Garretson’s jet ski scene was released with the background music of “The Eye of the Tiger” and it quickly turned into a meme.

This is our short compilation of the best jet ski memes and jokes, we hope you liked it!