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What Is the Difference Between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx?

What Is the Difference Between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx?

What is the difference between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx?This is a typical question of many buyers who are shopping around for a Sea-Doo Spark.

If you also want to learn more about the legendary Spark series, this post is for you. You can compare these models by their dimensions, performances, price tags, and more.

You can also compare the Spark series with other competitor personal watercraft using our side-by-side PWC comparison tool!

Without further ado, let’s start our quick Sea-Doo Spark vs. Spark Trixx comparison!

What’s the Difference Between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx?

The main difference between the Sea-Doo Spark and the Spark Trixx series is that the Trixx line features an upgrade package designed for performing tricks. These additions are the Extended Range VTS (Variable Trim System), the adjustable handlebars, and the extra step wedges. Additionally, the Trixx models come with unique graphics and colors. Beyond these differences, it’s safe to say that the Sea-Doo Spark and Spark Trixx family are basically the same, as they come with the same hulls and engines.

The Main Differences Between the Spark and Spark Trixx

Let’s review the three extra features of the Trixx series, which offer more fun for you on the water!

Extended Range Variable Trim System

The most important feature that makes the Sea-Doo Trixx so unique on the market is the Extended Range VTS, known as the Extended Range Variable Trim System.What does VTS mean on a Sea-Doo? Simply put, the VTS means preset positions for the watercraft trim. With the VTS, you can quickly adjust the Sea-Doo’s trim with the push of a button, raising or lowering the Sea-Doo’s bow during your rides.

As you can expect, the Extended Range VTS can move the bow of the Trixx in a much greater range. Thanks to this feature, the Trixx can raise its bow much higher to do the trick known as a “wheelie”:Sea-Doo Spark Trixx features Extended range VTSBased on that, we can say that the main difference between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx is this Extended Range VTS. If you like doing tricks on the water with a sit-down Sea-Doo, then the Spark Trixx is for you!

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Step Wedges

If you raise the Trixx’s nose high, you will notice that you start sliding off the saddle. To prevent this, you have to get up from the saddle to a standing position and put your feet further back.

But where do you put your feet? As the bow is already facing the sky, the footwells are no longer horizontal!

This is when the step wedges come into play.

These unique footrests are mounted on the rear side of the footwells, so you can stand on these when your Trixx is in a vertical position.

In fact, you can hardly do “wheelies” without this feature, as step wedges provide much more stability and support for your feet.

Adjustable Handlebars

The third feature that makes a Trixx different from a Sea-Doo Spark is the Adjustable Handlebar.

As different tricks require different handlebar positions, Sea-Doo designed an adjustable handlebar for the Trixx series.

Thanks to the quick raiser, you can lift the premium quality aluminum handlebar around 6 inches higher than on a regular Spark model.

This extension not only makes the tricks easier but is also more convenient for taller riders.

Colors and Graphics

Beyond these extra features, Spark Trixx models come with different colors and graphics compared to regular Sparks.

You can compare and discover all 2020 Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx models here!

Sea-Doo Spark vs. Spark Trixx Comparison

Are you interested in the Spark and Spark Trixx lines’ performance, dimensions, and price tags?

Let’s take a closer look at these too!


Spark and Spark Trixx come with 2 different hull variations (2up and the 3up), and 2 different engine options (60HP vs. 90HP).

Additionally, the iBR is also available on the regular Spark models as an option.

The iBR is simply the brake system on the Spark, but it also offers easier handling in tight places. It’s good to know that all Trixx models come with iBR as standard!

Finally, you can choose from 7 different Spark and Spark Trixx models!


Don’t worry, as we’ve compiled the available 2020 Sea-Doo Spark as well as Spark Trixx models into one chart for your convenience:

ModelNet Weight (Lbs)Length (")Width (")
SPARK 2up 60HP41011046,4
SPARK 2up 90HP41011046,4
SPARK 3up 90HP42512046,4
SPARK 2up 90HP iBR41011046,4
SPARK 3up 90HP iBR42512046,4
SPARK TRIXX 2up42811046,4
SPARK TRIXX 3up43912046,4

Don’t hesitate to click on the name of each models to find more specs, pictures, and videos!

What does 2up and 3up mean?Simply put, 2up refers to the 2-seater Spark models, which offer convenient rides for one adult and a child. On the other hand, 3up refers to the Spark models with a 3-seater saddle, which typically seats two adults and one child. Additionally, 3up models feature a longer rear platform, which makes them 10 inches longer.

Sea-Doo Spark 2up vs. 3up difference

Engines, Performance and Prices

All Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx models are powered with the same 899cc, 4-stroke Rotax engine, producing 60HP or 90HP, depending on the model.

Keeping performance in mind, Trixx models are solely available with the 90HP engine option.

This power source doesn’t just feature a closed-loop cooling system but is also known as the most fuel-efficient Sea-Doo engine on the market!

Speaking of prices, you can assume that the other main difference between a Sea-Doo Spark and a Spark Trixx is their price tags. As a rule, be prepared to pay $500 for the extra features and colors of the Trixx.

But if you are looking for a cheaper Sea-Doo Spark, there are more basic models on the market that don’t feature iBR, or the 60HP engine option.

Finally, the asking price of regular Sea-Doo Spark models range from $5,499 to $7,699, while you can expect to pay $7,599 or $8,199 for the Spark Trixx models in 2020.

SPARK 2up 60HP$5 69960
SPARK 3up 90HP$6 99990
SPARK 2up 90HP iBR$7 39990
SPARK 3up 90HP iBR$7 99990
SPARK TRIXX 2up$7 89990
SPARK TRIXX 3up$8 49990

Can You Make a Trixx from a Regular Spark?

Yes! If you have a regular Spark, you can upgrade it with the Trixx package! What’s more, the extra features of the Trixx series can be purchased separately based on your needs. But you can’t go wrong if you purchase the whole package!

Is the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Worth It?

Yes, especially if you are considering doing tricks the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx is really worth it! As you will spend thousands of dollars for your Spark in the next few years, purchasing these extra features for $500 seems like a very good offer. Don’t forget, if you purchase a regular Spark, you can still upgrade it any time with the Trixx package if you change your mind!

Sea-Doo Spark vs. Spark Trixx: Which is for You?

If you are looking for the real fun that the vintage 2-stroke jet ski offers, you can’t go wrong with any of the Spark models.

They are not just super fuel-efficient, but also considered the most reliable Sea-Doos on the market.

Moreover, the Sparks are so lightweight that many sedans can tow them easily! This means you can handle them much easier compared to the bulky end of heavy performance and luxury PWCs.

When it comes to the choice of what to buy, a Sea-Doo Spark, or a Spark Trixx, it always depends on individual preferences.

If you like doing tricks or have children, we recommend you choose the Trixx. Your kids will love it, we promise!

But if you are on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with one of the regular Spark models either. They are more affordable, and still offer a ton of fun on the water.

And if you want to upgrade your Spark, you can add the Trixx package to it at any time, as you can purchase these parts separately!

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