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10 Best Places To Jet Ski In Florida [Video]

10 Best Places To Jet Ski In Florida [Video]

Are you looking for the best places to jet ski in Florida? Don’t hesitate to discover the 10 best areas for riding a jet ski!Florida is arguably known as the capital of jet ski rentals. The state has hundreds of miles of beaches, countless lakes, and the most coastline for jet skiing in the United States.  So, it is famously known as the “King” of the US jet ski rental areas.

The number of places to rent a jet ski in Florida is almost limitless.

Beyond jet ski rentals, these companies offer several watersport activities you can enjoy.

The most populars are the jet-powered extreme sports like Flyboard, Jetpack or Hoverboard. If you are interested in boating as well, boat rentals and yacht charters are also available at several services.

Towable toys are also popular; wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing banana riding, or even parasailing are also available at jet ski rental services.

If you are looking for some more chilling experience, you can try out the SUP, Kayak or Hobie Cat rentals.

So if you are wondering: “Where can I find jet ski rental near me in Florida?” don’t hesitate to read further. We at JetDrift, made for you a list with the 10 best places to jet ski in this southeastern city.

Before rent please don’t forget to check our infographic jet ski rental guide with the most important renting tips.  If you are looking for jet ski rentals in another location, please feel free to use our free jet ski rental locator tool!

10 Best Places To Jet Ski In Florida

1. Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Miami

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

Not only is Miami one of the most popular places to jet ski in Florida, but it’s also a world-famous vacation spot. From South Beach to Miami Beach, there is something for everyone in this glamorous paradise.

Miami is a melting pot of different cultures. People from all over the world can be found here. You’ll find Cuban exiles and New Yorkers. South American dancers and Australian surfers. College kids and Caribbean musicians are only part of it!

Whether you plan to spend a month or a weekend in Miami, there are things to do and places to see. Jet skiing is one activity that shouldn’t be missed. Miami’s waters are famous, and for good reason.

They are beautiful and jet skiing on them is an excellent way to spend a day.

2. Florida Keys and Key West

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Florida Keys

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Key West

Although many of the Keys have their unique offerings and benefits, they are better grouped together. They are probably the best place to ride a jet ski in Florida!

With over 130 square miles of total land area, most part of its coastline, there is no shortage of open waters for visitors to explore and enjoy quality jet ski fun.

You can get up close to see the bottlenose dolphins that thrive in their natural habitat.

Florida Keys is also a great destination for snorkeling because of the surrounding clear blue waters. Jet ski rentals allow visitors to access most of the snorkeling locations across the small islands.

Due to the proximity of these locations to one another, visitors often ride from one snorkeling spot to the other.

Without a doubt, jet skiing through Florida Keys can be an amazing experience. There are a wide range of jet ski rental companies – from Key West to Key Largo – where you can rent a jet ski and enjoy an unforgettable water adventure in Florida.

Located at the southern of Florida Keys, Key West is famous for its watersports, beaches, and historic sites. The beautiful water bodies and likely restaurants make Key West a colorful place for a jet ski adventure.

You can choose from several different jet ski rental services in one place.

2. Destin and Pensacola

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Destin

Known for beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, Pensacola is a great destination for water sports and fun. Cruising along that water on a jet ski, with nothing but the ocean and nature around you, can’t be beaten.

If you’re going to be in Pensacola Bay, renting a jet ski is a must!

Here is a list of the best jet ski rentals in Pensacola Bay. You’ll be guaranteed to have some fun and exciting memories without a hassle.

Destin was recently named among the most beautiful American beaches, and rightfully so. Its amazing crystalline sands have great reflective quality and when combined with the clear gulf waters, visitors are welcomed by a dazzling array of colors. These awesome hues are best appreciated up close and personal.

Visitors can explore the waters alone or even join to a tour of the bay or a trip into the Crab Island.

Sitting pretty on Florida’s Emerald Coast region is Choctawhatchee Bay – one of the city’s little secrets. Stretching some 30 miles in length and 4 to 6 miles in width, Choctawhatchee Bay is a jet skiers paradise.

You can access its beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters through the East Pass in Destin, or on rougher days in the ocean, you can go through the Intracoastal Canal and head east towards the pass in Panama City Beach.

When you’re done with your water adventure, you can stop by at any of the city’s fun bars and restaurants for a drink or two.

4. West Palm Beach

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in West Palm Beach

Priding itself as having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, West Palm Beach is high on the list of top 14 places to jet ski in Florida.

You can ride past the glorious-looking Palm Beach estates as you head to towards the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you find it difficult to navigate through the ocean’s waters, you can find your way into the Palm Beach Inlet and look around.

At nearly a mile wide and almost 21 miles long, riders have plenty of room to explore and have fun in Lake Worth Lagoon’s protected waters.

Popular destinations at the West Palm Beach for jet skiers include Singer Island, Munyon Island, and Peanut Island.

The facilities at jet ski rentals here are second to none, including designated swimming areas, restrooms, footpaths, anchorage, docks, camping, picnic areas, showers, and snorkeling.

If you’ve got some time after your water adventure, be sure to visit the boathouse on Peanut Island, the former Coast Guard station, and the Cold War era John F. Kennedy Bunker.

These sites are among the most historic gems in Palm Beach County.

5. Jacksonville Beach

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Jacksonville

A coastal resort city in Florida, Jacksonville Beach includes communities such as Neptune Beach, Mayport, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Atlantic Beach.

Despite its location at the Northeast corner of Florida, Jacksonville Beach offers all of the amazing benefits you can enjoy in other beaches in the state.

Jet ski riders can expect to see everything from sea turtles to dolphins, which makes Jacksonville Beach a fun place to ride.

In addition to the amazing views here, a lot of jet skiers enjoy riding past the pier at the beach.

6. Fort Myers and Sanibel Islands

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Fort Myers

Sanibel is one of Florida’s most popular jet skiing destinations – it is a jet ski paradise.

Featuring placid waters and stunning beaches, Sanibel Island was unsurprisingly ranked #1 of the top 10 best shelling beaches in the United States by Travel & Leisure.

Captiva Island, Sanibel Island’s sister beach, is home to six beaches with one boat ramp on each island. It has continued to attract fishermen, boaters, artists, writers, and even presidents who are looking for the ideal getaway.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands offer travelers the perfect adventure and fun on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pine Island Sound.

7. Marco Islands

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Marco Islands

In need of a unique water adventure experience? Ten Thousand Islands is your ideal getaway destination.

Most visitors to this destination appreciate the nature and beauty of the environment.

The wildlife in the surrounding areas will definitely surprise any traveler. Dolphins, sea birds, and alligators are regular visitors to the islands. Ten Thousand Islands is home to over 200 miles of mangrove forest.

However, not all areas of the island are accessible by jet skis. This is to ensure the nesting birds, crocodiles, and manatees are not disturbed in their natural habitat.

So, if you are looking to enjoy your jet skiing adventure at a more relaxing pace, Ten Thousand Islands may be just perfect.

If you do, be sure to pay close attention to distinct landmarks and channel markers, as it is easy to become lost in the islands.

8. Panama City Beach

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a destination of choice for many travelers looking to catch some fun during spring break.

But it offers much more, it is also one of the best places to ride a jet ski in Florida. Known for its blue water, beautiful white beaches and miles of coastline, it is an excellent place to enjoy a variety of water sports adventures.

You can enjoy riding your jet ski on the Gulf of Mexico and the Saint Andrew Bay. Or head north for an adventure at the North Bay or Grand Lagoon.

Panama City Beach has lots of bars and restaurants where you can dock your jet ski and grab a drink or drink or some unique lunch offering.

The college crowd visiting the beaches here may be discouraging to some, but this is only a problem in the first week of summer and during spring break.

If you are planning a trip to northwestern Florida, be sure to visit Panama City Beach.

9. Orlando

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Orlando

When many people think of Orlando, they do not think of the place as one of the best places for a jet ski adventure. However, the city has a few great jet ski rental spots and there are lots of boat ramps in and around the area.

In addition to this, you can also engage yourself in other amazing activities such as a trip to Universal Orlando, Disney, or participate in any of the awesome Orlando activities, and you are set for a great day of adventure.

10. Clearwater and Tampa Bay

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Clearwater

Discover Jet Ski Rentals in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is not only a great jet ski destination but an ideal entry point for the Gulf of Mexico.

Many people enjoy embarking on day trips into the gulf, and some even go jet ski fishing there. If you prefer to remain close to the mainland, however, Tampa is surrounded by tons of waterways that you can explore as well.

Boats and ships make their entry and exit into and out of the bay, providing great waves for visitors to jump and try different tricks on.

No matter what your route of choice may be, Tampa Bay is a great jet ski destination.

Florida is filled with an array of amazing places to go on a jet ski adventure. Your preferences will largely depend on what you want to experience in a jet ski adventure.

Some days you may need the relaxing feeling that comes from riding through the calm waters at a slow pace, and other days you may prefer the adrenaline rush that comes from riding at high speeds.

Conclusion – The Best Place To Ride a Jet Ski in Florida

This list offers a balanced view of the top 10 places to jet ski in Florida. Though companies were not specifically mentioned here, we recommend that you only work with legitimate jet ski rentals in Florida to make the best of your vacation.

Choosing the right rental service will ensure that you avoid working with rentals that employ various unethical tricks.If you are looking for rentals in other states, don’t hesitate to check our Jet Ski Rental Locator Tool. You can also find several good tips in our infographic jet ski rental guide!This was just a brief overview of the 10 best places to jet ski in Florida. If you are planning to rent a jet ski, don’t hesitate to discover all of these areas!