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5 Best Places To Jet Ski In Miami [Video]

5 Best Places To Jet Ski In Miami [Video]

If you are yet to experience the thrill of the Miami waters on a jet ski, you’ve surely missed something special. Make a plan and do not let another day go by without having a feel of the exciting water adventure.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a jet ski, you can find a number of good jet ski rentals in Miami.

Jet skiing in Miami is one of the most popular activities to be part of. Exploring the city’s beautiful open waters is not only a great experience, but it is an excellent group activity. To get the best of your jet ski adventure, you’d have to rent a jet ski.

Our infographic jet ski rental guide could turn out to be pretty helpful for you in this regard.

More so, we have put together a list of 5 best places to jet ski in Miami. These companies also offer you other amazing activities beyond jet skiing on various jet ski models.

The most common activities include bananas or towing tubes, flyboard or jetpack adventures, parasails, and even seabreachers.

If you are looking for other Miami jet ski rental services (or even in other locations) don’t miss our Jet Ski Rental Locator Tool.

5 Best places to jet ski in Miami

5 Best Places to Jet Ski in Miami

Jet Boat Miami

One of the best places to ride a jet ski in Miami is the Jet Moat Miami, which is the perfect rental for the most fun and exciting activities. It is renowned for its jet ski tours, jetpack, fly board, and banana boat rides.

You can find the popular jet ski models in their fleet. However, beyond watercraft rentals, they offer a wide variety of activities in their watersports package, including:

Sightseeing Cruises

If you wish to enjoy “celebrity-style” fun, the then sightseeing cruise is your activity.

This adventure allows you ample time to view the luxurious homes of Downtown Miami and South Beach while sipping unlimited complimentary cocktails. The tour lasts between an hour and one hour and fifteen minutes.

Private Yacht Charters

Whether it is for a special occasion or you just want to enjoy the day out, Jet Boat Miami has the fleet vessels to suit your taste and budget.

The best bit is that you can rent luxury yachts with a flexible time frame. Yes, you can rent a vessel for as little as 2 hours even.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Whether you want to explore the beach, tour around, or learn more about Miami’s history, a pontoon boat is an answer. A single trip could include up to 5 persons (including children and adults) on the 18’ pontoon and up to 6 people on the 22’ pontoon.

Flyboard and Jetpack

You can choose between a 30-minutes or one-hour session for the flyboard and jetpack adventures.

Jet Boat Miami offers riders with extensive training on land and in water to ensure their safety and comfort as they fly a jetpack or flyboard.

Once you feel comfortable and you can fly on your own, you’d definitely enjoy soaring above the Biscayne Bay.

Banana Rides

Departing the Sea Isle Marina, adrenaline-packed action awaits as Jet Boat Miami offers you a ride to their playground on the Bay. The banana is pulled by a jet ski or boat and driven by one of the most experienced captains in the team. So, get ready to go through twists and spins, while you enjoy all the beautiful views of Downtown Miami.

Watersport Paradise – A great place to jet ski in Miami

Watersports Paradise is a rental service located in South Beach in Miami Beach Marina.

Tour services on offer include boat tours, tubing sessions, waterski lessons, and wakeboard.All-inclusive watersports packages are also available, including island boat tour, snorkels and masks, paddleboard, kayak, and jet skiing.

They offer different models of jet skis for rent. Watersports Paradise is a one-stop-shop for all lovers of fun watersports activities in Miami.


With the Snorkel tour, Watersports Paradise offers a unique feel of the amazing views of Miami islands, waterways and waterfront homes. A trained guide will take you on the ride of your life as you enjoy incredible wildlife views.

After riding through Biscayne Bay, there will be a stop at a snorkeling spot where the boat will anchor for you to swim with the snorkels. Watersports Paradise uses Easybreath snorkels so you can get a 360-degree view underwater.


Have you ever dreamt of being able to swim like a dolphin or fly like Iron Man? If so, flyboarding offers you a chance to live your dream in an adventurous way.

The Watersports Paradise activity package also includes:

  • Tubing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Waterskiing

  • Wakesurfing

  • Boat rental

  • Yacht charter

  • Kayak, SUP rental

  • Flyboard

  • Snorkeling

Miami Tours and Water Adventures

Miami Tours and Water Adventures offers a variety of water sport activities designed for an exciting and unforgettable day of fun in the sun.

The rental’s customer service is excellent and they offer yachts, boats, and watercraft rentals in Miami.

‘Miami Tours and Water Adventures’ have a great fleet of different jet ski models. You can also enjoy the following activities here:

  • Seabreacher

  • Parasailing

  • Snorkeling tours

  • Waterskiing & Tubing

  • Kayaks

  • Flyboard

  • Island adventures

  • Airboat tour

  • Sunset cruises

  • Wakesurfing

  • Paddleboards

Sea Breacher Adventure

The Sea Breacher Adventure combines the dynamic nature of marine animals with great power of a jet ski.

This amazing machine typically looks like a shark and moves like an exotic sports vehicle. What’s more, fun is that once you are in it, it feels like you are riding a fighter jet aircraft. As your driver descends into a dive in the Miami waters, you’d notice the sky slowly disappear if you look through the F-16 fighter-grade glass of the boat.

The adventure promises lots of excitement, so sit back and relax while the fun lasts.

Yacht and Boat Rental

The place offers water sports lovers a wide variety of yachts and boats for their adventure in the beautiful Miami waters. Though they are available at different prices, each yacht/boat promises fun and excitement. There are eight yacht/boat options to choose from, and they include:
  • 72 Mangusta

  • 64 Pershing

  • 64 Opera

  • 60’ Ferretti

  • 45’ Sea Ray Sport Yacht

  • 27’ Sunesta

  • Super Water Sports Boat

  • U-Drive Boat Rental

Exciting Adventures

As exciting as the name sounds, island adventure packages involve a boat tour of the Star Island and surrounding islands. A brief stop at an exclusive island for a feel of other fun activities like jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling is an experience worth mentioning.

The Exotic Car Adventure Tour package offers driving enthusiasts an opportunity to drive 5 exotic cars through Miami’s best roads.

Miami Watersports (Miami Jet Ski Rental)

Miami Watersports offers water sports lovers a unique, thrilling, and unforgettable jet ski ride adventure.

The rental service promises a breathtaking experience as you ride through Miami’s beautiful open waters. You can find several good jet skis for rent in their fleet.

There is a specialized team for each activity on offer – a team for jet skiing, windsurfing, flyboarding, sailing, and parasailing. Members of each team are properly qualified and trained.

Miami Watersports has three different locations in Miami, with a 5 to 15 – minute distance separating them.

Each location offers its unique activities, but the main location is known as the “All Water Activities” on the map.

Owing to its name, “All Water Activities” offers almost all of the water sports activities under one roof.

The other two locations are on a beach. One is located just before the highest bridge of Key Biscayne, while the other is on the other side of the same bridge.

Miami Watersports offers a variety of other exciting services that include:

Hobie Cat Rental

If you love sailing, you’d especially enjoy the Hobie Cat adventure. The experience involves a trip through the waters for a view of the dolphins and manta rays of the Biscayne Bay. Follow this up with a visit to one of the many local sandbars.

A series of shallow flats protect the Bay from the rough ocean, making sailing a safe and enjoyable venture, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sailor.


With an ideal location, Miami Watersports is a paradise for all windsurfers. Since the activity is performed in Biscayne Bay, the water is protected by the island and is relatively calm enough for riders.

Power Catamaran Tours

The 33ft power catamaran thrill ride offers you the ultimate Miami sightseeing experience. It is a 35-minute adventure that takes you through the most unique landmarks in Miami. Here, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the Miami skyline and cruise through multimillion-dollar luxury mansions sitting right on Miami’s beautiful waters.

Other activities you’d enjoy with the Miami Watersports rental service include flyboard, tubing, boat tour, hydro jetpack, kayak & sup, and parasailing.

You can find many good places to ride a jet ski in Miami

Boucher Brothers

Boucher Brothers is not just one of the best places to jet ski in Miami, but a leading hospitality management firm with over 26 years of experience.

They now focus on providing water sports lovers an exceptional experience in Miami’s picturesque waters. The company has a lot of different services like beach management, team building (e.g. boat building), jet ski rental, jet ski tours, etc.

Jet Ski Rental

If you’ve never experienced what a ride on a jet ski feels like, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With an expert from Boucher Brothers, you get to enjoy the thrill that comes with riding a jet ski, without any fear.

If you want, you can enjoy the cruise at low speed and gaze at the pastel-colored Art Deco buildings that line the shore. If not, you can always rock your jet ski and fly above the waves just the way you like.

Either way, you do not need any experience to operate a Jet Ski. The professional staff from Boucher Brothers will brief you regarding all necessary instructions before you head off. You can choose from different jet ski from their fleet.

Jet Ski Tours

A trip aboard the Jet Ski is one of the most popular activities on Miami’s waters.

The jet skis in the Boucher Brothers’ fleet are reliable, super-fast machines that are perfect for a group tour. These tour packages are divided into one-hour tour highlights and two-hour tour highlights.

One-hour tour highlights include a trip to:

  • The Port of Miami

  • Bayside Marketplace

  • Hibiscus and Monument Islands

  • Venetian Isle

  • Biscayne Bay

  • Sunset

  • Star island

  • Downtown Miami Area

  • Fisher Island

  • Miami Beach

Beyond the above destinations, the two-hour tour highlights are extended to:
  • Key Biscayne

  • Miami Seaquarium

  • Star

  • Palm

  • Fisher Island

  • Bay Harbor

As you ride through the waters, you’d likely have a feel of the marine life with the presence of dolphins and colorful tropical fish. Your package can also be customized to include snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic or a picnic on the island located in the heart of Biscayne Bay.


Parasailing on the beautiful Miami waters with Boucher Brothers promises the ultimate Miami experience. This adventure allows you a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of the hottest city skylines you’d ever see. It is a safe, exhilarating and tranquil experience – a truly unforgettable one.


Stand-up paddling (SUP) is the ideal alternative to your demanding gym workouts. A blend of surfing and kayaking, you can paddle while standing up, laying on your stomach or on your knees. The paddleboards are designed to ensure you are well balanced as you ride through the crystal blue waters.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is an adventure watersport that consists of using a large steerable kite to pull yourself around on a board on top of the water. The kites are controlled through the bar and lines that connect to your harness, which is worn around your midsection. The kite can be flown using specific patterns to generate power, and can even be used to jump high in the air.


Kayaking is the perfect way to relax in the waters! Set your mind free of all its troubles as you enjoy the amazing feel of the ocean’s breeze under the sun. The best part of this adventure is that you do not need any athleticism to paddle at your preferred speed.

Banana Boat Ride

All the speed, thrills, and the best of excitement you desire are in store with the banana boat ride. The inflatable “banana” can accommodate up to six people and will be pulled along by a powerful jet ski or boat. It is a bumpy, yet fun-filled ride that will be managed by an experienced pilot.

Takeaways – The Best Place to Ride a Jet Ski in Miami

This was just our brief Best Pleaces to Jet Ski in Miami overview with the 5 popular rental companies.

Beyond Miami, you can find several good rental areas in Florida and Hawaii, it’s definitely worth to discover all:

If you are planning to rent a jet ski, it would be ideal to know the facilities available at each rental service beforehand. If you do not reside in Florida, do well to check our Jet Ski Rental Locator Tool.Want to learn more about what are the main steps of renting a jet ski? Don’t miss our step by step infographic guide!Choosing the right rental service will ensure that you avoid working with rentals that employ various unethical tricks.