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Sea-Doo iDF stands for: Intelligent Debris Free system. Simply put, the iDF is a set of gears in the engine that can reverse the rotation of the impeller.

This is intended to clear any debris from the pump. This means if you notice that the pump has sucked up any debris, you just press a button on the handlebar to remove it!

If you want to know exactly how the iDF works, or which Sea-Doo models come with this new feature, this post is for you!

What is a Sea-Doo iDF?

Seaweed and other debris always cause a lot of headaches for many riders. This is because removing these has always been a big hassle!

In many cases, you have to place the craft on the trailer to get access to the pump to clear it completely. Another common solution is jumping into the water and trying to remove the debris by hand. This is never completely safe, as you have to dig into the pump with your hands!

But fortunately, engineers at Sea-Doo paid attention to their rider’s complaints and invented a revolutionary new technology, the iDF (Intelligent Debris Free system).

As the name implies, the system is designed to remove debris from the pump in an easy way.

Many say that it’s not just another remarkable invention from Sea-Doo, but it’s actually a game-changer!

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing feature:

Would you like to learn more about how the Sea-Doo iDF works?

Let’s drill into the details!

How Does the Sea-Doo iDF Work?

The Sea-Doo iDF works in a very simple way. Sea-Doo engines equipped with iDF contain a set of simple gears that can disengage the driveshaft and reverse its rotation. The driveshaft drives the impeller, which also starts to rotate in the opposite direction. The impeller then forces the water in the pump backward, towards the intake grate. If the pump has sucked up any debris, the reversed water flow will remove it.

It’s also good to know that the system won’t spin the impeller for too long a period of time. Instead, the engine gives only a 12-second “boost” to push the debris out.

You can easily activate the system by pressing a button on the left handlebar. No more jumps into the water to clean the pump!

If you want to see how the Sea-Doo iDF works, don’t miss this informative video:

But won’t the impeller come off the shaft if it rotates in the opposite direction?

The answer is fortunately no, as Sea-Doo’s impellers aren’t threaded. Instead, they have a spline design which means they are 100% engaged in any direction of rotation!

How to Use the iDF System

If you notice your pump has sucked up some debris, you can easily activate the iDF with a button. But what are the exact steps in the process? Let’s review the steps one-by-one:

  1. Stop your Sea-Doo in a safe area
  2. Turn off the engine
  3. Press and hold the iDF button (you can find it on the left handlebar)
  4. An „Engaging” message will appear on the display
  5. The driveshaft engages from the forward position into reverse
  6. Turn on the engine and apply some throttle
  7. The impeller rotates in reverse for 12-seconds
  8. The impeller forces the water in the pump in the opposite direction
  9. After 12 seconds the engine will stop and shut down automatically
  10. The „Engaging” message will appear again on the display
  11. The driveshaft re-engages into the forward position
  12. You can restart the engine and continue your ride
  13. If you feel some debris still in the pump, just repeat the process

Is the Sea-Doo iDF Replacing the iBR?

Many think that the Sea-Doo iDF is replacing the iBR system, but they are wrong.  Surprisingly, Sea-Doos still feature iBR and iDF systems at the same time. Why?

This is because contrary to popular belief, the Sea-Doo iDF is not a reverse system! As it spins the impeller for only 12-second periods, you can’t use it to move your Sea-Doo backwards.

The only purpose of the iDF system is to remove debris from the pump. This means if you want to move your Sea-Doo in reverse you have to use the iBR lever as always.

Does Every Sea-Doo Come With an iDF?

No, unfortunately, an iDF is not standard on every Sea-Doo.

There are models like the GTX Limited 300, Fish Pro, or the RXP-X 300, which come with iDF by default, while on some other models it is only available as an option.

For further info, don’t hesitate to visit Sea-Doo’s official website!

The Cons of the Sea-Doo iDF System

Sea-Doo iDF is an amazing invention, this is not a question. But as always, in addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Let’s see what the drawbacks are of the Sea-Doo iDF system!


How much does the Sea-Doo iDF cost?

Unfortunately, the iDF is only an option on many Sea-Doo models, so be prepared to pay $500 for this extra feature.

Ropes and Rocks

The iDF system is an awesome feature that removes seaweed and other vegetation from the pump. It also does a good job of removing any debris stuck to the outside of the intake grate.

But as we know, pumps can suck up many other kinds of objects like small rocks, ropes, flip flops, and so on.

What happens if any of these get into the pump?

Tow ropes and mooring ropes are prone to rolling up into the driveshaft, while rocks can totally block the impeller. And removing these objects by using engine force is not only not recommended, but it’s also impossible in many cases

But if you don’t check the pump, how will you know what is blocking the impeller?

„Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Let’s face it, an iDF is not just a simple addition like a cup holder, it’s a complex system with many parts. And you know… anything that can go wrong will go wrong sooner or later.

Of course, it’s not just the iDF that can go wrong on a new PWC. It’s a trend that newer and newer features make PWCs less reliable.

Special keys, computers, brake and reverse systems, touch screens, and many other bells and wishtles all create a source of error.

It seems that fixing things on a PWC will be always part of ownership. Vintage 2-stroke models require endless „carb work” and engine rebuilds, while on newer models other parts can go wrong.


The Sea-Doo iDF is an amazing new invention designed to remove debris from the pump – by pressing a button!

Simply put, the system reverses the rotation of the impeller which starts forcing the water towards the intake grate. This way, you can clear the pump without touching it with your hands!

Some new Sea-Doos come with the iDF as standard, while on other models it’s an option for $500.

Beyond its price tag, another drawback of the system is that it isn’t able to remove every kind of debris from the pump.

This means rocks, ropes, (and flip flops) will still cause many headaches for us!

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