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Sea-Doo Spark X 1630cc Rumors and Predictions [Video]

Sea-Doo Spark X 1630cc Rumors and Predictions [Video]

Sea-Doo just released its 2024 lineup with the redesigned Sea-Doo Spark series. But to the greatest regret of many Spark enthusiasts, the revamped models are still only available with the 900 ACE engine rated at 60/90hp. Therefore, despite the rumors, the 1630cc Spark X still hasn’t arrived for this model year.

If you want to find out more of the rumors of this model and the performance of the 1630cc Spark prototypes and their aftermarket turbocharged alternatives you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled what we know so far about this long-awaited Sea-Doo!

The Idea Behind the Sea-Doo Spark X

Let’s face it, PWCs are getting larger and larger each year, and many of them already look like small boats rather than “personal” watercrafts.

Although countless 2-stroke machines are still kept alive, working on decades-old carbureted engines is not for everyone.

Since 2-stroke PWCs were discontinued in the 2000s, during the middle of the following decade the market was hungry for smaller and much livelier PWCs.

Sea-Doo noticed this market niche and released its Spark series as the smallest factory-built 4-stroke PWC ever produced.

While the Spark was a revolutionary idea and a nice step towards smaller skis, unfortunately, its performance was far behind its vintage predecessors.

This was no surprise since previously manufactured performance 2-stroke Sea-Doos like the RX 951 produced a whopping 130hp.

In contrast, the Sea-Doo Spark only delivers 60 or 90hp depending on the model.

Let’s compare the key specs of the Sea-Doo Spark 2UP (90hp) and the vintage RX 951 head-to-head:

ModelRX 951Spark 2UP 90
Engine951cc, 2T, twin899cc, 4T, triple
Weight (lbs)605423
Power to Weight0.2150.213
Top Speed (mph)6250
Length (")113110
Width (")4746.7
Although these skis are the same size and the Spark is significantly lighter, its 2-stroke predecessor is much faster due to a more powerful engine.

This is why so many riders are dreaming about a more powerful Spark X, plus there are a lot of rumors that the manufacturer is seriously considering developing this model.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, and see what is known so far about the long-awaited Sea-Doo Spark X!

What Would the Sea-Doo Spark X be Like?

According to The Watercraft Journal, rumors of a more powerful Sea-Doo Spark X have been around since 2018.

What would this imagined Spark X be like?

Sea-Doo currently uses two different Rotax engines in their PWCs, the small 900 ACE (60-100hp), and the larger 1630 ACE (130-325hp).

The most obvious solution would be to match the Spark hull with the 1630cc engine, wouldn’t it?

The naturally-aspirated 1630 ACE can produce anywhere from 130 to 170hp!

(Another power source alternative would be a modified 900cc, 130-180hp turbo engine, borrowed from Ski-Doo’s snowmobile lineup. However, this idea has already been abandoned.)

A tiny spark with almost doubled engine power? That would be really wild!

Believe it or not, Sea-Doo seriously considered this innovation and built a 1630cc Sea-Doo prototype, Watercraft Zone reports.The reported top speed of this Sea-Doo Spark X with a 1630cc engine was a whopping 63 mph.

Despite promising test results, Sea-Doo dropped the idea of more powerful models.

Therefore, for their 10th anniversary, the redesigned Sparks returned with unchanged 60/90hp engine options.

And it’s sad to say, but it seems that the factory-built 1630cc Sea-Doo Spark X will not appear soon.

Are you wondering what the possible reasons for this might be?

Keep reading!

Why is the Spark X still Not Available?

Low Market Interest

Let’s face it, Sparks are intended to be “budget” Sea-Doos.

Keeping low manufacturing costs in mind, these models come with simple features, an economical Polytec hull, and a significantly smaller, much more affordable engine.

Therefore, the majority of Spark buyers appreciate not only the easy handling and durability of this model but also its industry-leading affordability.

Consequently, it’s safe to say that the 1630cc Spark would be a niche model with limited market interest.

If you’ve come across the forums and social media comments, it’s obvious that this would have a fan base.

However, it seems that the interest is not big enough for the manufacturer to proceed with the development.

It Would Compete with the GTI

The other possible reason why the Sea-Doo Spark can’t get the 1630 ACE engine is that the manufacturer doesn’t want it to compete with the GTI line.Sea-Doo GTIs belong to the Recreation family, which not only enjoys a larger hull but also the naturally-aspirated (130-170hp) configuration of the 1630 ACE engine.

Many owners consider the GTI not only for their larger capacities and more comfort but also for their increased engine power.

Because of this, the manufacturer rightly fears that using a 1630cc engine in its Rec-Lite line would drive many customers from GTIs to Spark X models.

Engine Size

On second thought, maybe the 1630 ACE would be too big in the lightweight tiny Spark.

Keeping safety in mind, the manufacturer probably doesn’t want their customer to ride at 63 mph on a 110” Sea-Doo hull!

Takeaways – Build Your Own Spark X!

Sea-Doo hasn’t released the redesigned 2024 Sea-Doo Spark series with the 1630 ACE engine.

This indicates that the more powerful “Spark X” won’t hit the showroom floor in the near future.

Even though the Canadian manufacturer has already built a 1630cc Spark prototype, this long-awaited model has not yet received the green light.

This means that if you want to own a more powerful Sea-Doo Spark, your only option is to build your own with some aftermarket modifications.For example, a simple ECU reflash with a MaptunerX can instantly increase the engine power of a stock Spark up to 100-110hp. However, you will need some additional upgrades like a new impeller for optimal performance.

If you are looking for something more powerful, a Sea-Doo Spark turbo kit is for you.This kit doesn’t come cheap (ca. $3,500-$4,000), but it can increase the power of a stock Sea-Doo Spark to 140-160hp, which translates to a top speed of 61-63 mph.

So, it seems the formula currently looks like this:[Stock Spark + Turbo Kit = 160hp Spark X]

(Disclaimer: Note that installing aftermarket performance parts may void your warranty.)