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14 Key Sea-Doo Spark Upgrades You Should Consider [Video]

14 Key Sea-Doo Spark Upgrades You Should Consider [Video]

Would you like to make your Sea-Doo Spark faster? Or do you just want to give it a custom look? If yes, then you can choose from a plethora of OEM and aftermarket Spark parts and accessories!

Without further ado, the 14 best Sea-Doo Spark upgrades are as follows:

  1. ECU tune
  2. Impeller and wear ring
  3. Intake grate
  4. Pump seal kit
  5. Ride plate
  6. Air intake/air filter kit
  7. Exhaust tune
  8. Turbocharger
  9. Sponsons
  10. Performance stage kits
  11. Manual reverse kit
  12. VTS – Variable Trim System
  13. Custom features (seat cover, deck mat, graphic kit)
  14. Convenience features

    (+1: The amazing Spark EVO conversion kit!)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about each of them in detail!

14 Best Sea-Doo Spark Upgrades

1. ECU Tune

Can you Tune a Sea-Doo Spark? – we get this question often and the answer is yes! What’s more, the ECU Tune is considered to be the “first mod” on Sea-Doo Sparks. The ECU Tune (also known as “ECU Reflash”) is a software update on the Sea-Doo Spark’s computer that can upgrade engine performance up to 110 HP.

This modification is available for both the 90 and 60 HP engine versions.

If you want to tune the ECU on your Spark, all you need to do is take it to an authorized dealership or service shop. Your other option is to remove the ECU and send it to a professional.

They can easily reflash your ECU and send it back to you in a couple of days.

2. Impeller and Wear Ring

If you increase the performance of your Sea-Doo Spark with an ECU tune, it would be wise to replace the impeller and the wear ring to get the most out of the higher engine power.

Aftermarket Sea-Doo Spark impellers provide better top end or acceleration depending on their design.

They are typically made of stainless steel and come with large custom-shaped blades with variable pitch. The price of performance Sea-Doo Spark impellers ranges from $250 up to $350.

Besides the impeller, it’s recommended that you upgrade the wear ring as well.

Stock wear rings on Sea-Doos are made of plastic, so they can easily get damaged and worn out fairly quickly.

In contrast, performance Spark wear rings are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they are more durable and less prone to breaking if debris clogs the pump. On top of that, thanks to their accurate dimensions, they ensure perfect clearance between the impeller blades, resulting in higher performance.

Price? Be prepared to pay about $150-$250 for a stainless-steel Spark wear ring.

How do you remove a Sea-Doo Spark impeller?

You can remove the impeller from your Sea-Doo Spark in eight simple steps:

  1. Remove the iBR bracket (if featured)
  2. Pull out the bailer tube
  3. Detach the steering cable from the jet nozzle (with a 10mm wrench)
  4. Three bolts mount the pump to the hull. Use a 12mm socket with a long extension to remove them.
  5. Pull out the pump and separate the jet nozzle (Using a 13mm socket with extension.)
  6. Remove the impeller boot (Caution: It’s reverse threaded!)
  7. Insert the impeller removal tool into the impeller.
  8. Loosen the impeller with a 23mm socket.
Here’s a great step-by-step tutorial on how to replace a Sea-Doo Spark’s impeller:

3. Intake Grate

Another great performance upgrade on a Sea-Doo Spark is an aftermarket intake grate. A well-designed scoop grate can feed the pump with more water, which has many advantages, including:

  • Better hook-up ability
  • Increased acceleration
  • Improved handling and straight-line stability
  • Reduced cavitation
A performance Spark intake grate may cost you about $250 – $350.

How do you remove a Sea-Doo Spark intake grate?

You can remove the intake grate on a Sea-Doo Spark in five easy steps:

  1. Remove the top deck
  2. Pull the pump out
  3. Remove the two bolts right up to the ride plate (with an 8mm socket and an extension)
  4. Remove the three bolts on the bottom of the intake grate (with a 13mm socket)
  5. If these three bolts rotate freely, you have to locate the nuts in the bilge and keep them from turning.
If you want to find out more about the process, don’t skip this video:

4. Pump Seal Kit

While on the topic of aftermarket intake grates, it’s worth mentioning the importance of the pump seal kit.

As the name suggests, this kit is intended to seal the pump, which can help reduce cavitation and produce more thrust.

You can easily install it once you’ve pulled out the pump and the intake grate.

5. Ride Plate

Performance Sea-Doo Spark ride plates are typically slightly longer than their OEM counterparts.

Thanks to their extended design, they offer better hook-up and increased handling. Also, they offer slightly better acceleration and top end.

It’s good to know that these extended Spark ride plates only fit non-iBR models!

6. Air Intake/Air Filter Kit

To let the engine breathe more freely, you may want to install an aftermarket air intake.

When it comes to installing a performance air intake, many riders remove the flame arrestor from the intake. This process is also known as “ribbon delete” on Sea-Doo Sparks.

The flame arrestor is a round metal disk featuring multiple layers of metal mesh. This restrictive disk is designed to prevent backfire from reaching the engine bay through the air intake.

Although backfiring was a common issue on 2-stroke jet skis, it’s much less common on modern fuel-injected 4-stroke jet skis.

Despite this, it’s recommended that you not remove the flame arrestor on your Spark, as it’s there for safety reasons. If you remove it, there’s a chance that a backfire will reach the engine compartment.

In a worst-case scenario, if backfire somehow passes through the air intake, it can ignite the gas vapors in the engine compartment. As you can imagine, this can result in a serious explosion.Although it is unlikely that this will happen, the chances are always there. Consequently, keeping safety in mind, you shouldn’t delete the ribbon on your Spark.

Performance air filters kits for Sea-Doo Sparks cost about $50-$150, while complete air intake systems are available for $250-$350.

7. Exhaust System

You can also increase the performance of a Sea-Doo Spark by upgrading its restrictive OEM exhaust system.

Based on your needs and budget, you can choose from various performance water boxes, often combined with free-flow exhaust systems.

The price of Sea-Doo Spark performance water boxes ranges from $300 up to $500, but be prepared to pay an additional $200-$300 for a free-flow exhaust.

8. Turbocharger

Can you put a turbo on a Sea-Doo Spark? – this is a typical question of many tuners, and the answer is yes!

Sea-Doo Spark turbo kits can increase engine speed into the range of 8500-9000 RPM, which translates to a performance of 140-180 HP.

This amazing engine power ensures a top speed of 60-75 mph depending on the kit and the design of the aftermarket impeller (which is recommended for these kits). You also have to reflash the ECU to match the computer to the new engine features.

If you really want to make a Sea-Doo Spark go faster, you can’t go wrong with installing a turbo kit.


Besides the hefty price tags ($4,000-$4,500), installing a turbo kit always lowers engine reliability and durability.

9. Custom Sponsons

If you increase the engine power of your Spark, you may also want to upgrade the sponsons for better handling.

Performance Sea-Doo Spark sponsons come in many shapes and sizes. Some offer better traction in corners, while “powerslide sponsons” are designed to make powerslides easier and longer.

The best models come with an adjustable design giving you the ability to set the height of the sponsons. A pair of these sponsors may cost you about $100-$300.

10. Sea-Doo Spark Performance Stage Kits

For your convenience, aftermarket manufacturers put these performance parts into various packages, which are often referred to as “stage kits.”For instance, Riva Racing offers several Sea-Doo Spark Performance kits labeled with numbers. The higher the number, the more upgrades it includes.

Installing these kits is probably the easiest and safest way to upgrade your Spark. The parts in these kits are carefully selected by professionals, so you can be sure that the various upgrades will work well together.

What’s more, these kits always come with a detailed manual, which makes installation much easier.

11. Manual Reverse Kit

It’s a lesser-known fact that a manual reverse kit can be installed on any non-iBR Sea-Doo Spark model.

This manual reverse is not only cheaper than the electric-controlled iBR system but it is also less prone to failure and easier to install.

The Sea-Doo Spark manual reverse kit costs about $250-$350 + labor, depending on the dealer.

12. VTS – Variable Trim System

The VTS (Variable Trim System) comes as standard on Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX models, but it’s also available for “regular” Sparks as an option.

This feature is intended to increase the jet nozzle’s range of motion, which allows you to bury the nose of the ski in the water or even raise it higher. The latter is famously known as a “wheelie,” which is considered one of the best sit-down jet ski tricks.

13. Custom Features

It’s safe to say that the Sea-Doo Spark is the most customizable jet ski in the marketplace. If you want to customize your Spark, you can choose from countless OEM and aftermarket upgrades, including:

  • Graphic kits
  • Decals
  • Custom seat covers
  • Aftermarket deck mats

14. Convenience Features

Besides optical tuning, you can also add several convenience accessories to your Spark. According to the manufacturer, the list of OEM Sea-Doo Spark accessories are as follows:


As a takeaway, we’ve compiled the most frequent questions asked about Sea-Doo Spark customization.

Can You Customize a Sea-Doo Spark?

Yes! Sea-Doo PWCs are very customizable, and the popular Spark is no exception. To make your Spark unique, you can choose from various performance and convenience upgrades based on your needs and budget.

Can You Tune a Sea-Doo Spark?

Yes, the ECU of Sea-Doo Sparks can be tuned for higher performance. An “ECU reflash” can increase the performance of the Spark into the 110 HP range.

How Can You Make Your Sea-Doo Spark Faster?

The easiest way to make your Sea-Doo Spark faster is by installing some performance parts. The list of these mods are near endless, but the most popular ones are as follows:

  • ECU tune
  • Impeller and wear ring
  • Intake grate
  • Pump seal kit
  • Ride plate
  • Air intake/air filter kit
  • Exhaust
  • Turbocharger
However, keep in mind that these parts don’t come cheap. If you are looking for a faster jet ski, you may want to sell your Spark and invest in a more powerful ski.

What is a Ribbon Delete on a Sea-Doo Spark?

The ribbon delete on a Sea-Doo Spark means removing the flame arrestor from the intake manifold. This arrestor is a metal mesh designed to prevent backfire from reaching the engine compartment. Since it’s a safety feature on the engine, it’s highly recommended that you not remove it.

Disclaimer: Modifications on your ski affect handling, reliability, and durability and can void the warranty. What’s more, many of them are marketed for competition use only. To stay safe and legal, always educate yourself, carefully read the service manual, and check local laws before modifying your jet ski.