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Sea-Doo GTI Line Review and Specs [Video]

Sea-Doo GTI Line Review and Specs [Video]

The 2022 Sea-Doo GTI line consists of four different models, which are as follows:

If you want to discover and compare these Sea-Doos in one chart, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled the specs and all the key info you need into this Sea-Doo GTI comparison post!

Sea-Doo GTI Line Review

The GTI series represents the Recreation line in the deservedly popular Sea-Doo fleet.

These machines are designed with families in mind, which is why they offer great capacities and price-per-value ratios.

It’s safe to say that these models are positioned between entry-level Sparks and full-sized touring/performance Sea-Doos.

The 2022 Sea-Doo GTI family includes four models that share the same GTI platform made of Polytec. This special plastic was first used on the Sea-Doo Spark family, but later it was extended to other skis in the lineup.

The GTI platform is only 130.6 inches long, 49.2 inches wide, and 44.8 inches high, so it provides more playful rides than its full-sized brothers. The ski also comes with a large two-piece Ergolock seat that offers comfortable rides for three adults.

This hull also houses a 15.9-gallon fuel tank and offers a total storage capacity of 40.3 gallons that is made up of a 2.3-gallon glove box and a 38-gallon front bin.

Let’s drill into the details and compare the different Sea-Doo GTI models head-to-head!

The most affordable model in this breed is the GTI 90, which is powered by a smaller 899cc Rotax ACE engine rated at 90 HP. While this amount of power is plenty enough for the Spark series, it proves to be a little insufficient in this bigger body.

This is why the more powerful models with the 130/170 HP engines are far more popular! The GTI 90 also lacks some convenience features, which are standard on the more advanced GTI models.

The base GTI 130 is identical to the GTI 90, except for a more powerful engine. Under the hood, you can find the proven 1630cc, 4-stroke triple Rotax ACE power mill.

Although the performance of this engine is electronically limited to 130 HP, it still provides plenty of power to propel this ski. Thanks to a larger displacement, it has a much better bottom end and overall performance.

If you are looking for more comfort and performance, you should look at the GTI SE models.

These skis come with some extra features as standard, including:

Besides these advanced features, the GTI SE models are available with two engine options. As the name suggests, the GTI SE 130 has 130 HP while the SE 170 provides 170 HP.

Both models share the same 1630cc, 3-cylinder Rotax power source, but the performance of the GTI 130 is electronically restricted.

The flagship ski in this series is the Sea-Doo GTI SE 170, which is the model with the most features, plus it also has the most powerful 170 HP engine option

Sea-Doo GTI Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the key specifications of these models into this Sea-Doo GTI comparison chart:
SpecsGTI 90GTI 130GTI SE 130GTI SE 170
MSRP (USD)$9,299$10,299$11,099$11,699
Engine900 ACE 901630 ACE 1301630 ACE 1301630 ACE 170
Displacement (cc)899163016301630
Length (")130.6130.6130.6130.6
Width (")
Height (")44.844.844.844.8
Dry Weight (lbs)668739739739
Weight Capacity (lbs)600600600600
Storage Capacity (gal.)40.340.340.340.3
Fuel Capacity (gal)15.915.915.915.9
Rider Capacity3333
Trim (VTS)NoNoYesYes
Cruise ControlNoNoYesYes
Reboarding StepNoNoYesYes
This chart is for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

Takeaway – FAQs About the Sea-Doo GTI Family

As a takeaway, we’ve compiled the most frequent questions about the Sea-Doo GTI family!

What is the Sea-Doo GTI?

The Sea-Doo GTI family is considered to be the Recreation line in Sea-Doo’s fleet. These models are wholeheartedly recommended for families as well as average riders. They come with a comfortable hull, moderate performance, and affordable price tags.

What are the Dimensions of a Sea-Doo GTI?

As a rule of thumb, each Sea-Doo GTI is 130.6 inches long, 49.2 inches wide, and 44.8 inches high.

How Much Does a Sea-Doo GTX Weigh?

The dry weight of Sea-Doo GTX models are as follows:

  • Sea-Doo GTI 90: 668 lbs.
  • Sea-Doo GTI 130/SE 130/SE 170: 739 lbs.

What Engines are Available for the Sea-Doo GTI?

The Sea-Doo GTI series is available with three different engine options, which are as follows:

  • GTI 90: 900 Rotax ACE – 899cc, 90 HP, triple
  • GTI 130/SE 130: 1630 Rotax ACE – 1630cc, 130 HP, triple
  • GTI SE 170: 1630 Rotax ACE – 1630cc, 170 HP, triple

How Much Horsepower Does a Sea-Doo GTI Have?

The Sea-Doo GTIs have 90-170 HP depending on the model. The exact horsepower figures of the GTI line are as follows:

  • Sea-Doo GTI 90: 90 HP
  • Sea-Doo GTI 130/SE 130: 130 HP
  • Sea-Doo GTI SE 170: 170 HP

Is the Sea-Doo GTI Supercharged?

No, the Sea-Doo GTI line is exclusively available with non-supercharged (naturally-aspirated) engines.

How Many Gallons of Gas Can a Sea-Doo GTI Hold?

The Sea-Doo GTI family shares the same 15.9-gallon fuel tank.

What Size Storage Compartment Does the Sea-Doo GTI Have?

The Sea-Doo GTI models have a 38-gallon bow storage and a 2.3-gallon glove box, which translates to a total storage capacity of 40.3 gallons.

How Many People Can Ride on the Sea-Doo GTI?

Thanks to their comfortable two-piece Ergolock seat, the Sea-Doo GTI family can carry three adult riders safely and comfortably.

How Fast Does a Sea-Doo GTI Go?

The top speed of the Sea-Doo GTI models ranges from 42 up to 55 mph depending on the engine option:

  • Sea-Doo GTI 90: 42 mph
  • Sea-Doo GTI 130: 50-52 mph
  • Sea-Doo GTI SE 130: 50-52 mph
  • Sea-Doo GTI SE 170: 53-55 mph

How Much Does a 2022 Sea-Doo GTI Cost?

The price tags of the 2022 Sea-Doo GTI models are as follows:

  • Sea-Doo GTI 90: $9,299
  • Sea-Doo GTI 130: $10,299
  • Sea-Doo GTI SE 130: $11,099
  • Sea-Doo GTI SE 170: $11,699

Can a Sea-Doo GTI Tow a Wakeboard or a Tube?

Yes, each Sea-Doo GTI model can tow a wakeboarder or a tube, but it’s recommended that you stick to the 130/170 HP engine options. However, if you are looking for a great jet ski for tow sports, you should take a look a the Sea-Doo Wake series!

What is the Difference Between the Sea-Doo GTI and GTI SE?

The base GTIs are considered the base models in the GTI line, while GTI SE models come with some extra features, including a reboarding ladder, variable trim system (VTS), and cruise control with a no-wake mode.

What is the Difference Between Sea-Doo GTI and GTX?

The Sea-Doo GTI family represents the Recreation line, while the GTX series is considered Sea-Doo’s touring models. The latter is built on the larger and more stable ST3 platform and is even available with supercharged engine options.

What is the Difference Between Sea-Doo GTI and GTR?

The Sea-Doo GTI skis are marketed as Recreation models, while the Sea-Doo GTR is a performance ski.