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To the delight of many PWC anglers, Yamaha has introduced their innovative fishing WaveRunners, the revamped FX series including the flagship FX Limited SVHO.

The Japanese manufacturer designed an entire range of fishing accessories for their skis to compete with the deservedly popular Sea-Doo Fish Pro family. As a result of this competition, we can choose from much more dedicated fishing PWCs!

If you want to discover the latest fishing WaveRunners, this post is for you. We at JetDrift have compiled all these models under one roof!

The 5 Best Fishing WaveRunners

Without further ado, the five best fishing WaveRunners are as follows:

  • 2022 Yamaha FX HO (MSRP $14,299)
  • 2022 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO (MSRP $14,799)
  • 2022 Yamaha FX SVHO (MSRP $16,799)
  • 2022 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO (MSRP $17,499)
  • 2022 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO (MSRP $19,099)

2022 Yamaha Fishing WaveRunner Review

Yes, you read correctly, Yamaha currently offers no less than five different WaveRunners for fishing. But unlike the rival Sea-Doo Fish Pro series, these models are not exclusively intended for PWC fishing.

Instead, Yamaha designed a range of fishing accessories for its FX WaveRunners manufactured in 2019 and up.

All of these models share the same 140.9-inch long and 50-inch wide platform. Unlike its predecessors, the new FX WaveRunner hull is already made of regular fiberglass. In the previous model years, this hull was made of the less durable and harder-to-repair NanoXcel.

Along with the hull, the entire FX line shares many advanced features, including:

  • 18.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Under-seat watertight storage
  • Fast access stern storage
  • Watertight glove box with LED lighting
  • Total storage capacity of 44.5-gallon
  • USB port
  • 12V outlet
  • Integrated cup holders
  • Tow hook
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • 7” Connext Touchscreen with Security and Enhanced Drive Control
  • Optional Integrated Speakers with Phone Call and Audio Control Capabilities
  • GPS Maps and Geofencing Capabilities
  • Touchpad Control
  • Two-tone deck mats
  • Footwell drains
  • Dual mirrors
  • Multi-mount system capable
  • Cruise assist (no-wake mode, cruise mode, etc.)
  • Electric trim system
  • Reboarding step
  • RiDE brake and reverse system.

What are the differences between the various FX WaveRunner models? Mainly their engine options, as the SVHO models come with supercharger engines.

Although each Yamaha fishing PWC is powered by the same 4-stroke, 1812cc, 4-cylinder engine, this power source is available in supercharged and naturally-aspirated versions. The HO (High-Output) models have a naturally-aspirated engine option rated at 180 HP. In comparison, the SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) skis house a supercharged power mill that delivers a remarkable 250 HP.

The pumps of these models are also different as the HO models are propelled by a 155mm high-pressure pump, while the SVHO line has a slightly larger (160 mm) diameter pump for the more thrust.

The top speed of the HO models is about 63 mph under ideal conditions. In contrast, SVHO fishing WaveRunners can reach a (limited) top speed of 67-70 mph.

Other notable differences are that there are more bells and whistles on the Cruiser and Limited models. The high-end FX Limited SVHO comes with exclusive accessories, which include:

  • Integrated Speakers with Phone Call and Audio Control Capabilities
  • Garmin® Striker™ GPS Fish Finder with Transducer & Mount Multi-Mount Adapter
  • Single-Rider Tube with Tube Holder
  • Tube Inflator
  • Tow Rope
  • Soft-Sided Cooler
  • Custom Cover with Glove Box Access
  • Access Fenders (2)
  • Comfortable “Cruiser” seats
  • Pull-up cleats (2)
  • Exclusive color schemes

2022 Yamaha Fishing WaveRunner Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the key specifications of these skis into one chart:

SpecsFX HOFX Cruiser HOFX SVHOFX Cruiser SVHOFX Limited SVHO
MSRP (USD)$14 299 $14 799 $16 799 $17 499 $19 099
Displacement (cc)18121812181218121812
Top speed (mph)6363676767
Length (in.)140,9140,9140,9140,9140,9
Width (in.)5050505050
Height (in.)48,448,448,448,448,4
Dry Weight (lbs)840842860860877
Fuel Capacity (gal)18,518,518,518,518,5
Storage Capacity (gal)44,544,544,544,544,5
Rider Capactiy33333

This chart is for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

Fishing WaveRunner Accessories

Unlike Sea-Doo, Yamaha didn’t create a unique Fishing segment within its fleet. Rather, they offer various JetFish accessories that can turn any FX model into a special fishing PWC!

These exciting accessories include a removable rear platform, a multi-use rack, and two different JetFish packages.

The base of these setups is the multi-functional RecDeck rear platform, which can be mounted on the swim platform of any FX WaveRunner (2019 and up). This six-square-foot platform is covered by comfortable MarineMat carpeting and features two sets of cleats to which you can attach the rack and/or various other accessories.

This is because this deck is not only intended as an extended storage space for PWC fishing gear. Instead, it can be used as a swim platform when doing tow sports or other watersport activities. You can also find a foldable reboarding ladder hidden inside the platform.

Unlike the tiny industry-standard PWC reboarding steps, this is a full-length ladder with three steps!

If you don’t want to carry the platform all the time, it can be removed from the ski in a couple of minutes. The optional Yamaha RecDeck platform is available for $999.99 this year.

The separate multi-use rack can be attached to the top of the RecDeck and is designed to accommodate the JetFish packages.

Yamaha currently offers two different “WaveRunner fishing rigs,” the standard and the premium JetFish Package. What do these packages contain exactly?

In a nutshell, the standard Yamaha JetFish Package is marketed for $499.99 and includes:

  • 12-gallon (45-liter) Engel JetFish Cooler
  • Two rod holders
  • Two cup holders
  • Tie-down straps
  • (It comes without the multi-use rack)

These features can be mounted on the multi-use rack in a second.

In contrast, the Premium JetFish package already costs $999.99, but it already includes the Multi-Use Rack as well.

Surprisingly, these packages don’t include a fish finder but the 6-inch color screen Garmin Fishfinder/GPS does come as an option. This unit fits on all FX WaveRunners and is offered for a price of $899.99. It comes with both a transducer mount and a unique Yamaha mounting unit.

Takeaways – FAQs About the Fishing WaveRunners

As a takeaway, we’ve compiled the most frequent questions about the Yamaha fishing WaveRunners!

Can You Fish from a WaveRunner?

Yes, today’s flagship WaveRunners are so huge that you can fish from them with ease.

Does Yamaha Make a Fishing WaveRunner?

Although Yamaha doesn’t make a dedicated fishing WaveRunner, it offers a wide range of fishing accessories. They can turn any 2019-and-up FX model into a fishing WaveRunner in a few minutes!

Which WaveRunner is Best for Fishing?

There’s no question that the best WaveRunners for fishing are in the FX series. These models come with the optional multi-use rear platform and JetFish packages for the best fishing experience!

How Much Does a Fishing WaveRunner Cost?

The prices of fishing WaveRunners start at $14,299 and go up to $19,099, but these are just the prices of the base models. If you want to build a fishing WaveRunner, be prepared to pay an additional $2,900 for the required accessories, namely the RecDeck, the Premium Fishing Package, and the Garmin Fishfinder!

What Size is the Fishing WaveRunner?

As a rule of thumb, each fishing WaveRunner is 140.9 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 48.4 inches high.

How Much Does a Fishing WaveRunner Weigh?

The dry weight of fishing WaveRunners ranges from 840 pounds up to 877 pounds depending on the model. With the necessary fluids and gas, they reach an approximate curb weight of 960-1,000 pounds.

With a trailer, you can expect a fishing WaveRunner to weigh in the range of 1,100-1,300 pounds.

What Kind of Engine Do the Fishing WaveRunners Have?

FX Fishing WaveRunners are available with two engine options, which are as follows:

  • Naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 180 HP, 1812cc HO (High-Output) Yamaha Marine Engine
  • Supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 250 HP, 1812cc SVHO (Super Vortex High-Output) Yamaha Marine Engine

How Much Horsepower Do the Fishing WaveRunners Have?

The naturally-aspirated fishing WaveRunners, namely the FX HO and the FX Cruiser HO, produce 180 HP. In contrast, supercharged fishing WaveRunners, the SVHO series, provides an amazing performance of 250 HP.

How Fast Do Fishing WaveRunners Go?

The top speed of the HO fishing WaveRunners is about 63 mph, while the supercharged (SVHO) models have a limited top speed of 67-70 mph.

How Much Fuel Can a Fishing WaveRunner Hold?

As a rule of thumb, each fishing WaveRunner shares the same 18.5-gallon fuel tank.

How Much Fuel Do the Fishing WaveRunners Use?

The fuel consumption of the HO fishing WaveRunners is about 13.6 GPH at WOT and 2.9 GPH at best cruise speed. In contrast, the SVHO models have 21 GPH at WOT and about 3.4 GPH at best cruise speed.

However, don’t forget that the fuel consumption of jet skis depends on several factors like the conditions, the load on the craft, and your riding style.

What is the Fuel Range of the Fishing WaveRunners?

Thanks to their 18.5-gallon fuel tank and 7.3 MPG fuel economy, fishing WaveRunners have a fuel range of about 135 miles.

However, keep in mind that this is a “theoretical fuel range,” as you may want to consider using only 2/3 of the total fuel capacity for safety reasons. Best practice is to spare 1/3 of your gas for emergencies.

If we do the math, the real fuel range of the fishing WaveRunners is about 135 x (2/3) = 90 miles.

Fortunately, the large RecDeck platform offers plenty of space, so with a little creativity, you can strap two 5-gallon jerry cans to the cooler. This extra fuel can significantly increase the fuel range of the craft.

Let’s see the numbers again:

Total fuel capacity (gas tank + 2 x 5-gallon gas cans): 18.5 + (2 x 5) = 28.5 gallons

Fuel range (with the 1/3 safety reserve): (7.3 MPG x 28.5 gallon) x (2/3) = 139 miles

Based on our calculations, with a full tank of gas extended with two 5-gallon jerry cans, you can expect a fishing Yamaha WaveRunner’s fuel range to be about 139 miles.

Do Fishing WaveRunners Have Reverse?

Yes, each fishing WaveRunner is equipped with the revolutionary Yamaha RiDE system, which is the brake and reverse system of the machine.

Here’s a short video on how the Yamaha RiDE system works:

Can You Troll with a Fishing WaveRunner?

Unlike the competitor Sea-Doo Fish Pro models, fishing WaveRunners don’t feature dedicated trolling modes. Instead, they only come with a cruise control offering a “no-wake” mode. This feature provides a fixed speed of about 5 mph, which can also be used for troll fishing at a certain level. However, it may not suit every type of trolling fishing method.

How Many Passengers Can Yamaha Fishing PWCs Carry?

Each Yamaha fishing PWC can carry three adult riders safely and legally.

Which Fish Finder is on the Fishing Yamaha WaveRunners?

Yamaha offers a 6-inch Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv Fishfinder/GPS for their fishing skis. This large Garmin comes with an Ultra High-Definition Scanning Transducer, mounting hardware, and a hefty price tag!

Do Yamaha Fishing PWCs Come with a Trailer?

Contrary to common belief, Yamaha fishing PWCs come without a trailer. If you don’t have a trailer yet, you can invest in a high-quality official Yamaha PWC trailer. But if you’re looking for something cheaper, you can find various PWC trailers in the marketplace.

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