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Yamaha VX110 For Sale: Are They Still Worth Buying?

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Yamaha VX series are arguably the most popular WaveRunners ever built.

They are very reliable, easy to ride, and have a great value-to-price ratio.

That’s why you can find VX WaveRunners in the majority of PWC rental shops!

The success story of the VX series started with the legendary VX110, and the newest-generation VX models are still available off the shelf.

If you are looking for a Yamaha VX110 for sale, this post is for you.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled all available information and specs on these amazing crafts into this VX110 review!

Yamaha VX110 Review

The Yamaha VX110 family was released in 2005 and included two models.

The VX110 Sport was more affordable, while the VX110 Deluxe came with more features like reverse, mirrors, and a remote-control transmitter with low-RPM mode.

The most useful feature of the Deluxe was arguably the reverse system, because it made docking and launching much easier.

Unfortunately, its mirrors were placed in a very odd position and were prone to breaking.

Beyond these features, it’s safe to say that the VX110 Sport and Deluxe were basically the same craft. They were built on a super stable hull, which measured 126.8 inches long and 46.1 inches wide.

Both models featured a 3-blade stainless steel impeller, electric start, sponsons, and the adjustable trim system.

The Yamaha VX110 engine was a 1,052cc, 4-stroke, 4 cylinder Yamaha marine engine. Just like any other WaveRunner power plant, this unit was also cooled with an open-loop cooling system.

Although it wasn’t the most powerful model in the fleet, the Yamaha VX110 produced 102HP at 8,000 RPMs. This performance and the 716 pounds of dry weight resulted in a power-to-weight ratio of 0.14.

Its name could be misleading as the ‘110’ suggest that this craft was powered with a 110HP engine, but according to the owner’s manual, it’s no more than 102HP.

But the market was already used to the manufacturers’ practice of rounding up these numbers.

The trend was that PWC manufacturers competed by releasing more and more powerful models. Finally, Yamaha got out of this race and no longer publishes their official horsepower numbers.

But don’t worry, as we at JetDrift have gathered these important specs year-after-year into this WaveRunner Horsepower Chart!

Yamaha VX110 Top Speed

Back to the VX110, these WaveRunners were not as powerful as the F140 or the high-performance GP1300R, but they still had plenty of power to pull out a skier or a tuber. With the 110HP (actually 102HP) power source, the top speed of the Yamaha VX110 was no less than 56 mph. Under ideal conditions and with a smaller rider, it could even reach slightly higher speeds.

Although it wasn’t the fastest WaveRunner on the market, riding it was a lot of fun. Moreover, as it offered convenient rides for 3 people, the VX110 was considered to be a great family-WaveRunner.

Yamaha VX110 Reliability and Durability

When it comes to reliability, it’s a proven fact that the most reliable WaveRunners are the 4-stroke, non-supercharged models with lower-performance engines.

That’s why the VX series are well-known for their outstanding reliability, durability, and low running costs.

Many owners say that these WaveRunners require only regular maintenance and gas, that’s all. There are no malfunctions or other issues, as long as they get the right care!

This is why you can find Yamaha VX WaveRunners in most PWC rental shops. These rental crafts take a lot of abuse day-after-day, and rental companies prefer the most durable and reliable models.

The higher reliability, and lower fuel consumption of course results in lower maintenance costs.

Yamaha VX110 Fuel Consumption

Beyond its low service costs, the VX110 was also very good on gas, as it burnt only 7.4 gallons per hour at full speed. Thanks to its 15.9-gallon fuel tank, you could expect more than 2 hours of fun before refueling.

As far as fuel ranges, at 40 mph the VX110 offered 8.5 mpg, while at full speed, around 6.5 mpg. This means this craft was so fuel-efficient that it burned half as much fuel as the flagship musclecrafts. Moreover, it was much more affordable!

Because of these advantages, the VX110 and the whole VX WaveRunner family is so popular among buyers.

Yamaha VX110 Specs

Let’s drill into the hard numbers! We did the research and compiled the key Yamaha VX110 specs into one chart:

Length (in)126.8
Width (in)46.1
Dry weight (lb)716
Max.fuel.cons. (gal/hr)7.4
Cruising range (hr)2.14
Engine stroke4
Displacement (cc)1.052
Performance (HP)102
Power to weight ratio0.14
Fuel capacity (gal)15.9
Rider capacity3

Yamaha VX110 For Sale

If you are looking for a Yamaha VX110 for sale, you may wonder where you can still find one.

As these WaveRunners have not been manufactured since 2005, you can only find pretty aged models on the used market. We recommend that you start your research in online forums and FB fan groups.


Because beyond the good deals you can also find a lot of useful information about these models there! This information can come in handy before you jump into a deal.

Beyond the online forums, you may find many Yamaha VX110s for sale on Craigslist or on other ad sites.

Yamaha VX110 Prices

Yamaha VX110 prices range between $2,000 – $6,000. The price strongly depends on the engine hours and model year, but mainly on the condition of the craft.

Conclusion – Are Yamaha VX110s Still Worth Buying?

If you take a look at the market, you can still find many Yamaha VX110s for sale. Are they still worth buying? It’s a common question of many buyers, and with good reason.

Prices on new WaveRunners can be shocking, not to mention their running costs! That’s why many buyers consider buying a used PWC rather than a new one.

But despite the lower purchase price, it’s not recommended to buy such an old 4-stroke PWC.

This is because their engines are worn out and may need major repairs or even a rebuild soon. Let’s face it, the VX110 has been out of production since 2006! This means all of these WaveRunners are quite old and lack many important features.

Because of this, especially if you are a beginner, best practice is to buy a new (or max. a few years old) non-supercharged PWC with non-supercharged engines. These are considered to be the most reliable models on the market, and that’s why they are highly recommended for any beginner.

If you are still considering buying a Yamaha VX110, don’t miss our step-by-step guide on how to buy a used WaveRunner.

This is our short Yamaha VX110 review. We hope you like it!

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