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The Sea-Doo GTX 230 is considered the middle-sized model in the GTX family. Like its brothers, including the flagship GTX Limited 300, the GTX 230 is also built on the super-stable ST3 platform and powered by the lively 1630cc Rotax engine.

If you want to find out more about this ski, this post is for you. We at JetDrift have compiled the specs and all the key info you need into this Sea-Doo GTX 230 review!

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Review

Dimensions and Capacities

The 2022 Sea-Doo GTX 230 is built on the large heavy-duty ST3 platform. This fiberglass hull features a moderate-V design and offers industry-standard stability and performance.

You can find the same platform in the entire GTX series, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy/Sport, as well as the sporty RXT-X 300.

Regarding dimensions, the 2022 Sea-Doo GTX 230 is 135.9 inches long, 49.4 inches wide, and 44.8 inches high. The dry weight of the ski is 805 pounds, which converts to a curb weight of about 950 pounds.

This large body can carry three adult riders with ease and has a total weight capacity of 600 pounds.

The overall storage capacity of the GTX 230 is 26.1 gallons split into a small a 0.8-gallon glove box and a 25.3-gallon bow storage compartment.

At first glance, this ski has a much smaller front storage compartment than rival models, but its “easy-access” design makes it much more usable. Here’s how the Sea-Doo GTX 230 easy-access storage works:

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Engine and Propulsion

The engine of the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is a supercharged, 4-stroke Rotax 1630 ACE rated at 230 HP. In a nutshell, the key features of this engine are as follows:

It’s good to know that this model is available with the more powerful 300 HP and the naturally-aspirated 170 HP engine options.

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Performance and Handling

There’s no question that the GTX 230 is intended for long tours. Its 18.5-gallon gas tank ensures a great fuel range, while the well-designed seat offers comfortable rides.

Even though it has outstanding performance, it still offers predictable and forgiving handling. The large dimensions and increased stability of the ST3 hull make the GTX 230 very comfortable, but on the other hand, it does lead to a less nimble attitude.

Therefore, compared to the smaller Recreation (GTI) and Rec-Lite (Spark) Sea-Doos, you can expect less playful rides on the GTX 230.


The top speed of the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is restricted to 65-67 mph due to U.S. Coast Guard restrictions, but with some aftermarket modifications, this ski can reach an amazing 70-75 mph. (Only for closed-course racing, of course.) What’s more, according to the manufacturer, the Sea-Doo GTX 230 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.29 seconds!

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Features

The list of Sea-Doo GTX 230 features is nearly endless, but the most important ones are as follows:

One of the most advanced features of the 2022 Sea-doo GTX 230 is its 7.6-inch Digital Display. This dashboard provides you with a lot of valuable information that comes in handy on your ride.

The key features of this innovative Sea-Doo dashboard include:

  • Speedometer
  • RPM
  • Clock
  • VTS™
  • Fuel consomption
  • Fuel autonomy
  • Vehicle hours
  • Sport Mode
  • ECO® Mode
  • Slow Mode
  • Speed Regulator

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve listed the Sea-Doo GTX 230 specifications in these charts!

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Engine Specs

Sea-Doo GTX 230Engine Specs
Engine type4-stroke, Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC)
Declared Power169.16 kW @ 8000 RPM
InductionSupercharged intercooled
Number of cylinders3
Number of valves12 valves with hydraulic lifters
Bore100 mm (3.9 in)
Stroke69.2 mm (2.7 in)
Displacement1 630.5 cm³ (99.5 in³)
Compression ratio8.3:1

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Lubrication and Cooling System

Sea-Doo GTX 230Lubrication and Cooling System
Engine Recommended oil4T 5W40 Synthetic blend oil
Engine Oil Capacity3 l (3.2 qt(liq.,US)) oil change w/ filter and 5 l (5.3 qt(liq.,US)) total
Cooling SystemClosed loop cooling system
CoolantExtended life pre-mixed coolant
Cooling system capacity5.4 l (5.7 qt(liq.,US)) total
Fuel injection typeMultipoint fuel injection with iTC (intelligent Throttle Control). Single throttle body (60 mm) with an actuator
Fuel TypeRegular unleaded gasoline
Fuel Recommended Octane87 ((RON + MON)/2) inside North America 91 (RON) E10 outside North America
Fuel tank capacity (including reserve)70 l (18.5 gal(liq.,US))

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Electrical System

Sea-Doo GTX 230Electrical System
Ignition system typeIDI (Inductive Discharge Ignition)
Battery12 V, 18 A•h
Spark plugNGK, DCPR8E with solid post or equivalent
Spark plug Gap0.80 to 0.90 mm (.031 to .035 in)

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Propulsion

Sea-Doo GTX 230Propulsion
Jet Pump TypeAxial flow single stage
Drive shaftCrowned splines, direct drive
VTS systemElectronically-controlled through the VTS control button

Sea-Doo GTX 230 Dimensions and Capacities

Sea-Doo GTX 230Dimensions and Capacities
Dry weight365 kg (805 lb)
Number of passenger (driver incl.)3
Load limit (passenger(s) and luggages)272 kg (600 lb)
Storage capacity98.9 l (26.1 gal(liq.,US))
Overall length345.1 cm (135.9 in)
Overall width125.5 cm (49.4 in)
Overall height113.8 cm (44.8 in)
Impeller materialStainless steel
Impeller housing/statorAluminum/aluminum

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the 2022 Sea-Doo GTX 230!

What Size is a Sea-Doo GTX 230?

The Sea-Doo GTX 230 is 135.9 inches long, 49.4 inches wide, and 44.8 inches high.

How Much Does a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Weigh?

The dry weight of the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is a 805 pounds, but you can expect the curb weight of this model to be about 930 pounds.

What Kind of Engine is in the Sea-Doo GTX 230?

The engine of the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is the high-performacne Rotax 1630 ACE. This 4-stroke triple features an electronic fuel injection system and closed-loop water cooling.

How Much Horsepower Does a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Have?

As the name suggest, the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is officially rated at 230 HP. But if we take a closer look at its operators’s manual, it informs us that this power mill puts out 169.16 kW (226.8 HP) at 8,000 RPM.

Is the Sea-Doo GTX 230 Supercharged?

Yes, the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is boosted with a supercharger with an external intercooler. It’s good to know that the supercharger of certain Sea-Doo models requires periodic maintenance.

How Fast Can a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Go?

The top speed of the GTX 230 is about 65-67 mph in stock condition. However, with some aftermarket modifications it can hit 70-75 mph with ease.

How Fast Does a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Go From 0 to 60?

The Sea-Doo GTX 230 is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 5.29 seconds.

How Many Passengers Can the Sea-Doo GTX 230 Carry?

The Sea-Doo GTX 230 can carry 3 adult riders legally and comfortably.

How Much Weight Can a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Hold?

The total weight capacity of the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is 600 pounds.

What Size Storage Compartment Does the Sea-Doo GTX 230 Have?

The Sea-Doo GTX 230 features a 25.3-gallon bow storage and a 0.8-gallon glove box, which tconverts to a total storage capacity of 26.1 gallons.

How Much Fuel Does a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Hold?

Keeping longer tours in mind, the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is equipped with a large, 18.5-gallon gas tank.

What is the Range on a Sea-Doo GTX 230?

Depending on the external conditions, the load, and your riding style, the fuel range of this ski varies widely. The general rule is that the range of the GTX 230 is about:

  • 110-130 miles at best cruise speed (35 mph) – ca. 5 GPH
  • 80-100 miles at average speed (50 mph) – ca. GPH

Again, pretty average numbers, as the fuel range of a jet ski depends on many factors!

How Long is the Factory Warranty on a Sea-Doo GTX 230?

The factory warranty covers the Sea-Doo GTX 230 for only one year.

How Much Does a Sea-Doo GTX 230 Cost?

In 2022, the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is available for an MSRP of $14,399.

Where Can You find a Sea-Doo GTX Limited For Sale?

If you are in the market for a Sea-Doo GTX 230, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer’s official site.

You may also find our jet ski comparison tool useful, with which you can compare the latest jet ski models head-to-head!

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