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Sea-Doo X-Package and X-Package Module Explained [Video]

Sea-Doo X-Package and X-Package Module Explained [Video]

The Sea-Doo X-Package is a set of race-inspired features that come standard on high-end performance Sea-Doos. Often referred to as “X-models” these Sea-Doos are the supercharged RXP-X 325, the 3-seater RXT-X 325, and the smaller GTR-X 300.

If you want to find out more about the X-package and its features, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this post!

What is a Sea-Doo X-Package?

The Sea-Doo X-Package is intended to improve the handling, ergonomics, and gauge functions of the machine. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t change the performance of the engine.

The first “X-Models” were the RXP-X 255 and RXT-X 255, introduced in 2008. Since then, Sea-Doo has released many other exciting X-models in both the RXP and RXT series.

In a nutshell, the main elements of the X-Package are as follows:

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about each in detail!

X-Steering with A.E.S.

Sea-Doo’s X-steering is often referred to as adjustable ergonomic steering, also known as A.E.S.

This system includes fully adjustable handlebars that allow you to adjust the angle and width of the grips.

The main idea behind X-Steering is to make the cockpit customizable to your body size and riding style.

Different riding conditions may also require you to change your riding position. For example, most riders prefer to stand in rough water conditions.This is where X-Steering comes into play since it allows you to raise the handlebars for a more convenient riding position.

This translates to more comfort, better vision, and ultimately improved safety.

(Note that the design of the X-steering system varies by the model and year.)


The manually-adjustable X-Sponsons offer three different settings, including:

  • Race: The lower sponson position for the best grip and most aggressive turns.
  • Freeride: Highest sponson position for less grip and more forgiving rides.
  • Sport: Middle sponson position, which provides a balance between these two extremes.
Unfortunately, to adjust the sponsons you have to completely remove them with an Allen key.

X-Style Racing Seat

The X-Style racing seat has been known by many names including X-Seat, X-Style seat, or just “groove Sea-Doo seat.” Many riders confuse this seat with the innovative Ergolock seat, but they are wrong.

This is because early Sea-Doo X-models lacked the Ergolock system. Instead, they had the much simpler X-style racing seat. (These models included the pre-2012 RXP-X and pre-2016 RXT-X models.)

Compared to the standard RXT and RXP seats, this unique saddle had deeper grooves and featured a race-inspired design.

It was replaced by the Ergolock seat system that debuted on the 2012 RXP-X 260 and carried over to the 2016 RXT-X 300.Since 2016, both the RXP-X and RXT-X models have been exclusively marketed with an Ergolock seat while its predecessor slowly sinks into oblivion.

X-Traction Carpet

Also known as the X-Style Traction Mat, the X-Traction Carpet is a unique deck mat package that features a custom diamond plate pattern.

It comes standard on all X Sea-Doo models.

Extended-Range VTS

Another great feature of the X-Package is the Extended-Range VTS trim system, which increases the range of the VTS by 50 percent.

In other words, this feature allows you to set the trim (a.k.a. the vertical angle of the jet nozzle) much higher and lower than on standard Sea-Doo models.

Thanks to this feature, you can raise the bow higher or bury it deeper into the water based on your needs.

It ensures more aggressive accelerations since it keeps the bow down when the ski is coming out of the hole.

It also comes in handy if you want to do some sit-down jet ski tricks!

What Does the Sea-Doo X-Package Module Do?

The Sea-Doo X-Package Module is a simple hardware that unlocks the race-intended X-Package gauge functions in the Information Center, including:

  • Fuel monitoring (distance and fuel time to “empty”)
  • Lap timer
  • Average RPM
  • Top speed and RPM
  • Engine temperature
  • Launch control (on the newer models)
Note that the Information Center can display only one of these parameters permanently.

Can You Add the X-Package Module to a Sea-Doo?

If you want to upgrade your current Sea-Doo with new features, the good news is that the X-Package module can be purchased separately. Even though it’s a simple plug-in hardware, it may require other hardware like a harness and/or new fuses.

Since the list of the required extra hardware may vary from one model to the next, best practice is to check your ski’s manual or contact your dealer for further advice.

But as we’ve discussed, installing the X-Package Module won’t change the engine power of your machine. Instead, it unlocks the aforementioned X-Package gauge functions.

Depending on the type and year of the ski, this Module can also liberate the VTS restriction and the Launch Control.

(Sea-Doo introduced the Launch Control on the 2018 RXP-X 300, so earlier models more than likely lack this feature.)

Therefore, the X-Package Module only can provide Launch Control and Extended VTS on the RXT, GTX, and WAKE PRO model (2018 onwards), as well as the GTS, GTI, GTR, and WAKE 155 (2020 onwards).


The Sea-Doo X-Package is a set of OEM race-inspired features.

They come in standard on “X-models” like the RXP-X and RXT-X but certain elements like performance sponsons or the X-Package Module can be installed in other simpler Sea-Doo models.

The main elements of the X-package are as follows:

  • X-Steering (A.E.S.)
  • Adjustable X-Sponsons
  • X-Style racing seat (Later: Ergolock)
  • X-Traction mats
  • Extended-range VTS
  • X-package gauge functions
  • Launch control
Note that only early X-Sea-Doos featured the X-style racing seat since it was replaced on the RXP-X by the Ergolock seat in 2012. Four years later it found its way to the RXT-X as well.

Contrary to popular belief, the X-Package Module can’t add any horsepower to the ski but can unlock some race-intended gauge functions. It can also add the Launch Control and the Extended VTS on newer models.

(If you are looking for a performance upgrade, you may want to consider an ECU Reflash or other aftermarket performance mods.)

While the Module is a simple plug-in hardware, installing it may require some extra hardware like fuses and/or a harness.

For compatibility and installation instructions please refer to your ski’s service manual or contact an authorized Sea-Doo dealership.