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Jet Ski For Rent – Find The Closest Rentals With This Locator!

Jet Ski For Rent – Find The Closest Rentals With This Locator!

Are you looking for a jet ski for rent? Feel free to use our jet ski rental locator tool and find the closest jet ski rentals in your area!Summer is here and there is no better way to beat the heat than with some fun in the water. A jet ski can be your perfect best friend!

However, if you do not already have a jet ski that you can use in the water, you will have to purchase one.

Buying a jet ski can be a long and tricky process and there is a high chance of you not getting the watercraft that is best suited to your needs and your budget.

So, it is not advised to buy a jet ski without having done proper research and tried out different models. Don’t hesitate to learn more about these topics before you purchase:

Jet skis have increased in popularity over the years which is what has made their appearances out in the waters more common.

However, as the demand for jet skis increases, their prices keep going up and not everyone can afford to buy one.

Similarly, there are those people that can purchase a jet ski but they are not willing to as they only use them for a short period of time during the summer season.

For such people, purchasing a jet ski just to ride it for a couple of months and then keep it tied to a dock for the rest is unreasonable to say the least. Therefore, a good route for you to take is renting a jet ski.

Renting a jet ski can be the perfect solution to all your jet ski buying problems and can make you feel no difference.

Now you must be wondering where you can get a jet ski for rent. There are multiple jet ski rentals around you, all you have to do is use our free jet ski rental locator to get in touch with the best rentals around your area.

Another way you can make the renting process easier for yourself is by going through our infographic jet ski rental guide. You can find a plethora of important tips and tricks that might be helpful in making your life easier.

This guide has been compiled based on several customer reviews and other FAQs from several jet ski rental services to give you proper insight into the whole process.

During our research, we also found that there are many rental services that indulge in unethical practices which is what you need to stay away from.

Discover new places where can you get a jet ski for rent

How to get a jet ski for rent

The good news is that there are several jet ski rental companies you can choose from.

From small family businesses to large companies with several locations there are countless different services are available nationwide:

Offsite Jet Ski Rental Services

While it’s a less common solution to get a jet ski for rent, it’s quite convenient and has been tested in the past. If you want to rent a jet ski, just give a call to the rental service and they will deliver the jet ski straight to your location.

Many rentals also offer a fixed pick-up and drop-off location which means that you have to pick up and drop off the ski on a pre-arranged fixed point yourself.

These rentals are really flexible as far as time is concerned and in most cases daily, weekend, or even weekly rental packages are also available.

The minimum renting time, however, is usually at least one day, because of which you can’t rent a jet ski just for an hour or two.

An advantage of using these services is that everything you need for your ride is provided by them. Life jackets are usually included in the price, and watersport equipment (like wakeboards, tubes) is also available typically for a certain extra charge.

Moreover, if you decide to get a jet ski for rent in this way, it will be delivered with a full tank of fuel.

It should be noted, however, that filling up the tank upon return may be your duty as well as the cleaning of the watercraft in some cases.

These tiny details always depend on the rental’s policy so always make sure that you’ve read and understood their policy thoroughly and ask questions about any confusion that you have in order to avoid embarrassment and even extra money later.

Payment in advance might also be necessary in most cases along with an early reservation.

To get all the information about a rental company, it is always best to check the rental’s FAQ and online booking form, or better yet just give them a call for your queries about availability and reservation.

Onsite Jet Ski Rental Services

Classic onsite jet ski rentals are the typical and most common way you can get a jet ski for rent.

These rentals manage everything for you like fueling, launching and even educating you about the basics.

The jet ski fleet is waiting for customers in the water or on “drive-on jet ski docks”, so the start-up is convenient and fast.

The most common time frames that you can rent a jet ski for one hour and two hours rentals.

However, at some places, 15-30 minute rentals may also be available. So you can enjoy your experience of riding a jet ski in a short period of time as well. Additionally, if you do not have a Boating Safety Card (jet ski license), you can get a temporary one from these services.

All you have to do is take part in a short introductory education session and then fill a test form.

Onsite jet ski rental service at a lake

Guided Jet Ski tours

Many jet ski rental companies offer guided jet ski tours.

These tours are a great way to enable you to enjoy riding a jet ski despite having any prior experience.

The companies administrating these tours will provide you with thorough assistance throughout, making it all easy and memorable for you.

The tours are usually 2 or 3 hours long where a professional guide rides with you on his own jet ski. There usually is a larger group of riders that ride together and a fixed route that the group follows.

Additionally, private tours are also available in case you are not comfortable with going with a group. This includes just the one guide riding with you on his own jet ski.

In this case, your guide can even personalize the tour based on your preference.

Other advantages of these tours include the opportunity to engage in other activities like dolphin watching, snorkeling or beaching on beautiful islands. You can discover the amazing wildlife and even see multi-million dollars waterfront homes and yachts from the water.

The fun and adventures offered by these tours go beyond just jet skiing and this is what makes them a common choice for many people.

What’s more to note is that if you want to discover more crowded areas like waters around New York City, guided tours are your only chance as they take a larger group and are pre-organized.

You might not be able to ride through such areas if you were on your own on a private jet ski.

Don't miss the guided jet ski tours!

Advantages of renting commercially

Some of the major benefits of renting commercially are as follows:
  • Nationwide availability of jet ski rental service providers.
  • Rentals usually provide free parking to their customers.
  • You have different brands to choose from.
  • Freedom to select big or small crafts with more or less engine power.
  • No responsibilities of trailering, launching and cleaning.
  • Some rental companies even allow their customers to take the craft to the lake of their choice or even get it delivered there for an extra fee.
  • You will be given clear instructions or even a small training session if you are riding for the first time.
  • It is safer to ride a jet ski if you have rented it from a rental because you will be riding under their supervision. Their lifeguards are well-trained professionals; well equipped to tackle tricky situations with ease.
While there are many benefits of using jet ski rentals, a few drawbacks include high cost, multiple additional hidden fees, and taxes.

All these costs are, however, for your safety and the professional level of service they offer.

Peer to Peer Jet Ski Rental

The second method of renting a jet ski is through peer to peer renting.

This means that you get directly in contact with the private owners and rent your jet ski through them. You may find several peer to peer rental offers on mediator websites, such as

You can get the craft for a whole day through this method as peer to peer renting usually doesn’t involve hourly rental.

You can get in touch with the private owners online and decide the pricing and conditions of your rental agreement. Here are a few benefits of peer to peer renting:

  • Get the craft for a whole day and take it wherever you want.
  • The cost is usually less than what the jet ski rentals would charge for a whole day.
  • Renters don’t usually charge extra hidden fees like some unethical rental services.
Peer to peer jet ski rental: trailering and launching will be your dutyEven with the benefit of cost, this is not a widely used method by people who rent crafts. With no rental or insurance policies, and unclear terms and conditions, people don’t usually feel confident about this method of renting.

With Peer-to-peer method, you should know that trailering, fueling, launching and cleaning will fall under your duties; renters would want the craft just the way they gave you.

Borrowing from Family/Friends

This is more like borrowing than renting because you would know the lender personally.

But, when it comes to jet ski, you need to understand that it costs thousands of dollars to purchase one. If you are borrowing it from a friend or someone in your family, damaging it won’t be a good idea.

Also good to know that many jet ski owners doesn’t like when they asked for borrowing their jet skis.

So always think twice to ask especially from close friends or relatives! And don’t be surprised if say no and suggest to get a jet ski for rent from a professional rental company.

Despite that, it is the easiest way if they let you borrow it.

Some benefits of this method are as follows:

  • No renting cost at all.
  • You are free to take it for days if you get permission.
  • No extra or hidden fees. Just pay for gas that you use.
While there is a big benefit of not paying any renting fee, there is a significant risk of compromising your relationship.

This is because a jet ski is a big, if not a huge investment and if you cause any damage to it, your friend or family member won’t be very pleased.

Another drawback includes the trailering, launching, and cleaning of the watercraft on your own. So, you may still have to spend some money on these things.

So if you do not prefer of get jet ski for rent from professional services, you can consider borrowing one instead.

Just make sure you are aware of all the pros and cons, and what problems may arise

Most popular locations

While jet skiing is a popular sport nationwide, there are many areas where you can find more rentals than anywhere else. You can find these areas mainly in Florida, California or Texas. The biggest cities like Washington, New York and Chicago are also popular hotspots for jet ski rentals.

Browse through the internet or use our free jet ski rental locator to find the best rental services near you.

If you are looking for jet ski rentals in Florida, your choices are almost endless. While Miami is the most common city for jet ski rentals, you can also find some of the best rentals in other areas. These include:


Jet skis are one of the most exciting type of vessels ever invented.

If you know how to ride them, they can provide endless hours of fun on the water which can be a great way to cool off in the heat of the summer months.

There are a huge number of different models available in the market that you can choose from which is what makes the process of buying a jet ski very lengthy and also risky.

In order to avoid that risk and also save up on some cash, many people look to rent out a jet ski whenever it is needed.

These are some of the most promising ways of getting a jet ski on rent. Make sure to read our complete guide on renting a jet ski for complete details.

If you are new to jet ski riding, it is suggested that you start with jet ski rental services.

This might be the most professional, convenient and safest way to find a jet ski for rent.

Don’t forget that you can find the closest rentals in your area with our free nationwide jet ski rental locator.

When you choose peer to peer jet ski rental, make sure to clear everything with the owner at the start.

Don’t forget that without a contract your riding experience may end in debate if the ski is damaged or even just dirty or not filled up with gas.

Some questions that you might want to clear are:

  • Your duties after riding the ski,
  • The time period of renting,
  • Fueling and payment.
Borrowing a friend or family member’s jet ski is also possible but make sure to ride with as much care as you can.

Damages on the jet ski may affect negatively not just your pocket but your relationship as well! So always consider this factor before borrowing a jet ski from your closest friends or relatives.

As you’ve seen there are many different ways to get a jet ski for rent. Before making your decision, you have to make sure that you’ve considered all the pros and cons thoroughly and are mentally and physically prepared for the consequences.

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