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Jet Ski vs. WaveRunner vs. Sea-Doo vs. Krash Comparisons

Jet Ski vs. WaveRunner vs. Sea-Doo vs. Krash Comparisons

Autumn is never the favorite time of year for anyone who owns a PWC (personal watercraft), as it means the season is over, and we now have to prepare for the cold winter months by getting the yeary services and winterization of our craft taken care of.

On the other hand, we can look forward to autumn because it’s when the main manufacturers release their new models!

It’s a great time as we can browse and compare the new PWC models during the long winter months, while we are waiting for the next season to start!

If you are thinking about buying a new craft for the next season, you may want to do as much research as possible before you decide on a purchase.

To help you in the buying process, we at JetDrift have collected information on all the 2022 personal watercraft models from the following 4 manufacturers and included it into this post:

  • Yamaha
  • Sea-Doo
  • Kawasaki
  • Krash
Based on the currently available specifications and information, we made unbiased comparisons on all of the new modes, and highlighted what’s new in 2022! What’s more, if you currently own a PWC you can compare your craft head-to-head with the newest models using our new PWC comparison tool.

Before digging deeper into our 2022 Jet Ski vs WaveRunner vs Sea-Doo vs Krash comparison, you may want to compare all of the current prices listed on this chart:

Jet Ski vs. WaveRunner vs. Sea-Doo vs. Krash 2022

2022 PWC Models and Prices

If you would like to learn more about these models, don’t hesitate to click on their names on the chart to find specs, pictures, videos, and comparisons!

BrandModelMSRP ($)HPTop Speed (mph)
Sea-DooSPARK 60 2up56996042
Sea-DooSPARK 90 3up69999050
Sea-DooSPARK 90 2up iBR73999050
Sea-DooSPARK TRIXX 2up78999050
Sea-DooSPARK 90 3up iBR79999050
YamahaEX Sport829910050
Sea-DooSPARK TRIXX 3up84999050
Sea-DooGTI 9092999042
YamahaEX Deluxe929910050
KawasakiSTX 160989916062
YamahaEX Limited989910050
YamahaJetBlaster 999911054
Sea-DooGTI 1301029913052
KawasakiSTX 160X1049916062
Sea-DooGTI SE 1301109913052
YamahaVX Deluxe1124912553
YamahaVX Cruiser1154912553
KawasakiULTRA LX1169916054
Sea-DooGTI SE 1701169917055
KawasakiSTX 160LX1219916062
YamahaVX Cruiser HO1244918065
Sea-DooWake 1701249917055
YamahaVX Limited1284912553
Sea-DooGTR 2301289923067
YamahaGP1800R HO1314918067
Sea-DooGTX 1701339917055
Sea-DooFish Pro Scout 1301389913052
YamahaVX Limited HO1404918065
YamahaFX HO1429918063
Sea-DooGTX 2301439923067
YamahaFX Cruiser HO1479918063
YamahaGP1800R SVHO1534925067
Sea-DooFish Pro Sport 1701589917055
Sea-DooRXP-X 3001609930067
Sea-DooGTX 3001609930067
Sea-DooWake Pro 2301649923067
KrashFootrocket Pro1679913046
YamahaFX SVHO1679925067
KawasakiULTRA 310X1719931067
Sea-DooRXT-X 3001749930067
YamahaFX Cruiser SVHO1749925067
Sea-DooFish Pro Trophy 1701779917055
KawasakiULTRA 310LX-S1819931067
Sea-DooGTX Limited 3001829930067
YamahaFX Limited SVHO1909925067
KawasakiULTRA 310LX1919931067

2022 PWC Engines

To understand and compare the engines from the each of the manufacturers we’ve compiled all of the available information on the various PWC engines on the chart below.

Some additions to the chart: – You can shorten the rows by clicking on the headline.

SC: Supercharger. You can learn more about this unit here.2T/4T: 2T=Two-stroke engine, 4T=Four-stroke engine. You can read about jet ski engines here.Cooling: Open=Open-Loop Cooling, Closed=Closed-Loop Cooling. You can find out what the differences are here.HP: Horsepower. You can read about PWC’s performance here.If you would like to find out which models are powered with these engines, don’t hesitate to click on the HP numbers on the chart!

BrandHPSCDispla- cement2T/4TCooling
Sea-Doo60, 90No8994TClosed
Yahama100, 110, 125No10494TOpen
Sea-Doo130, 170No16304TClosed
Sea-Doo230, 300Yes16304TClosed
Now we can move on to each of the categories and models one-by-one!

2022 PWC Categories

When it comes to the classification of personal watercrafts, the models are separated into several distinct categories.

What are these?

  • Rec-Lite
  • Recreation
  • Performance
  • Luxury
  • Stand-up
  • Tow Sports
  • Sport Fishing
To better understand the purpose of each class, and to compare them more easily, we will compare the current models from category-to-category.

Rec-Lite PWC category

When it comes to the Rec-Lite watercraft category, we are talking about cheapest sit-down PWCs on the market, but they also have the lowest maintenance costs as well.

What’s more, they are very reliable models, thanks to their lower performance engines and the lack of maintenance-requiring parts (like a supercharger).

They come with the smallest and most nimble of hulls among all of the new PWCs.

Their smaller dimensions and lighter weight could be a great advantage, while towing with your car, launching or just moving it around by hand. Just a quick comparison of the heaviest and the lightest sit-down PWCs on the market:– Sea-Doo Spark 2up with trailer:        cca. 600-650 lbs.

Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX with trailer:   cca. 1250-1300 lbs.

Back to the Rec-Lite PWCs – currently you can find only Yamaha WaveRunner and Sea-Doo models in this category.

2022 Yamaha EX Line

Comparing the Rec-Lite 2022 WaveRunners with the 2021 model year, it’s clear that we can not see too many changes on the engines and hulls, except for the “compulsory” color changes of course, and some new and useful additions.

All of Yamaha’s Rec-Lite watercrafts also come with the same, 1049 cc, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke non-supercharged engine (with open-loop cooling). A really cool addition for the EX series is the new set of storage modules:

  • you can upgrade the EXs with a small bow storage of a 5.4-gallon dry bag for $75.99.
  • a hatch storage for $54.99 has a transparent window for storing your smartphone.
  • the new durable stern storage, which can be mounted without drilling, offers 4 gallons of extra capacity for $129.99.
Yamaha’s Rec-Lite models are available from $7,199 to $9,899 this year. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to find out all about the new models here:– 2022 Yamaha EX2022 Yamaha EX Sport2022 Yamaha EX Deluxe2022 Yamaha EX Limited

Sea-Doo Spark Series

When it comes to the Sea-Doo Spark Series, we are talking about an extremely popular model line, in which over 130,000 units have been sold since the Spark was first released.

What’s new in the 2022 Sea-Doo Spark and Spark TRIXX series?

Well, we’ve got a new set of colors as usual, and a great number of new accessories as well.

The Sparks are still powered with the 899 cc, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, non-supercharged Rotax (closed-loop cooling) engines, offering 60 and 90 HP performance, depending on the model.

According to the chart above, it’s clear that the prices go from $5,699 to $8,499.

You can find out all about the current models here, or you can read further for more detailed comparisons!

– Sea-Doo Spark 2 UP Line

– Sea-Doo Spark 3 UP Line

– Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Line

2020 Sea-Doo Spark vs.Yamaha EX Comparison

Most affordable modelsLet’s compare the 3 most affordable PWC models on the market:– Sea-Doo Spark 2UP 60 HPSea-Doo Spark 3UP 90 HP –  Yamaha EX WaveRunner

ModelSPARK 2up 60HPSPARK 2up 90HPEX
MSRP ($)$5 699$6 999$7 199
Displacement (cc)8998991049
Length (")110110123,2
Width (")46,446,444,5
Reboarding stepNoNoNo
Storage cap. (Gal)0,40,47,7
Weight cap. (Lbs)352352529
Fuel cap. (Gal)7,97,913,2
Curb weight (Lbs)463463667
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,150,220,17
The high-end Rec-Lite modelsIf you are looking for Rec-Lite watercrafts with these units, you should consider one of these models from the higher end of the spectrum in the Rec-Lite category:– 2022 Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX 90 HP2022 Yamaha EX DELUXE
ModelSPARK TRIXX 3upEX DeluxeEXR (2020)
MSRP ($)$8 499$9 299$9 399
Displacement (cc)89910491049
Length (")120123,6123,6
Width (")46,444,544,5
Reboarding stepNoYesYes
Storage cap. (Gal)7,47,77,7
Weight cap. (Lbs)450529NA
Fuel cap. (Gal)7,913,213,2
Curb weight (Lbs)492689629
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,210,170,20


When it comes to the Recreation category it’s safe to say that this is the most popular PWC category, and for good reason. Recreation models offer plenty of seat and storage capacity, and more stable hulls, so they are perfect even for beginners.

You can discover and compare the 2020 Recreation PWCs on the chart below:

BrandModelMSRP ($)
Sea-DooGTI 908 999
YamahaVX-C8 999
YamahaVX9 899
KawasakiSTX 160X9 999
Sea-DooGTI 1309 999
Sea-DooGTI SE 13010 799
YamahaVX Deluxe10 966
YamahaVX Cruiser10 999
Sea-DooGTI SE 17011 399
YamahaVX Limited11 399
KawasakiSTX 160LX11 699
YamahaVX Cruiser HO11 799
Are you interested in what’s new in 2020 from the each manufacturer?

2020 Kawasaki Recreation Jet Skis

The big news this year is that Kawasaki released its new 2020 Jet Ski Line in the Recreation category.

It’s the 2020 STX 160 series, which is an upgraded and completely redesigned version of the (still available) 17-year-old STX-15F Jet Ski.

What are the most significant changes on the new STX 160 models compared to the STX-15F?

  • The platform of the 2020 Kawasaki STX-160 has been completely redesigned and is made of fiber-reinforced plastic. The new larger rear platform can accommodate larger items like wakeboards or wakeskates and it’s also perfect for re-boarding.
  • The engine remained unchanged, it’s still the same non-supercharged version of Kawasaki’s 1,498 cc, 4-cylinder 4 stoke engine, which produces around 160 HP and has open loop cooling.
  • When it comes to storage, the full storage capacity increased to 35 gallons. This additional space is thanks to the the bow storage, which has been upgraded to 30.1 gallons. The glove box has been completely redesigned, which means it’s already perfect for smartphones.
  • Fuel capacity has been upgraded as well, from 16.4 gallons to 20.6 gallons.
  • Cruise Control as well as Smart Learning Operation Mode (maximum speed limiter), comes standard on the STX 160 Line. Cruise control is a great addition to set the ECO mode, which means you can reach the Jet Ski’s optimum fuel consumption.
  • LCD screen: All of the STX 160 models already come with a new large LCD dashboard, where you can check the speedometer, tachometer, and numerous other important indicators.
With the new Recreation Jet Skis, Kawasaki now offers four different models in this category:

2020 Sea-Doo Recreation Models

Sea-Doo’s Recreation watercrafts, known as the GTI line, underwent major changes this year.

On one hand, the models’ weights have been reduced from 790 lbs. to 739 lbs., thanks to the new Polytec hulls.

The biggest news from Sea-Doo for 2020, is that they canceled their 1494 cc Rotax engine. All of their models now come with the same 1630 cc displacement engine, except the Spark series and the GTI 90, as these models are still powered with the 899 cc engine.

This 1630 ACE Rotax engine produces 130/170 horsepower in naturally-aspirated (non-supercharged) version, while the supercharged version of this engine offers 230/300 horsepower, depending on the model. This means the 2020 Sea-Doo GTI SE 170 already powered with 170 horsepower!

You can discover the new Recreation Sea-Doo models here:

2020 WaveRunner Recreation Models

From Yamaha we can’t expect too many changes in this category, except for the new colors (and slightly higher prices). If you are looking for the 2020 WaveRunner Recreation models, you can find out all about them here:

2020 Sea-Doo GTI vs. Yamaha VX vs. Kawasaki STX 160

Let’s compare competing models side-by-side!

We can start again with the most affordable models in this category. For a fair comparison, we chose the GTI 130 HP model from Sea-Doo, as the GTI 90’s performance is in another league of course.

However, this means that the cheapest Sea-Doo in the Recreation category is the GTI 90 for $8,999. It’s good to know that this model is powered with the same 899 cc, 90 HP engine as the Spark series. And finally, it produces significantly lower performance than its competitors.

Based on the above, let’s compare the next 3 models by the numbers:

ModelSTX 160VXGTI 130
MSRP ($)$9 599$9 899$9 999
Displacement (cc)149810491630
Length (")124,1131,9130,6
Width (")46,548,049,2
Reboarding stepYesYesNo
Storage cap. (Gal)35,024,642,5
Weight cap. (Lbs)496NA600
Fuel cap. (Gal)20,618,515,9
Curb weight (Lbs)864830847
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,220,180,18
If you are looking for the most equipped and most powerful models in the Recreation category, don’t hesitate to compare the following models, based on the numbers:
ModelGTI SE 170STX 160 LXVX Cruiser HO
MSRP ($)$11 399$11 699$11 799
Displacement (cc)163014981812
Length (")130,6124,1131,9
Width (")49,246,548,0
Reboarding stepYesYesYes
Storage cap. (Gal)42,535,024,6
Weight cap. (Lbs)600496NA
Fuel cap. (Gal)15,920,618,5
Curb weight (Lbs)847878893
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,230,220,23


Luxury and Touring PWCs (often classified together) offer the widest range of features and additions. They are usually powered by the same supercharged engines as the performance models.

However, their hulls are usually more stabe and comforatble, which promises a more convenient ride but a less sporty attitude, on the other hand.

BrandModelMSRP ($)
KawasakiULTRA LX11 199
Sea-DooGTX 17012 999
YamahaFX HO13 699
Sea-DooGTX 23013 999
YamahaFX Cruiser HO14 199
YamahaFX SVHO15 699
KawasakiULTRA 310X SE15 799
Sea-DooGTX Limited 23016 199
YamahaFX Cruiser SVHO16 399
Sea-DooGTX Limited 30017 199
YamahaFX Limited SVHO17 599
KawasakiULTRA 310LX17 999

2020 Sea-Doo Touring models

Just like the GTI SE 170, the power source of the Sea-Doo GTX 155 has also been upgraded to the new 170 HP, 1630 cc Rotax engine.

The other great news for the new year is that all 2020 Touring Sea-Doo models are equipped with a larger, 18.5-gallon fuel tank.

It’s also good to know that the Sea-Doo GTX 230 is actually very much the same as the Sea-Doo GTX 170. The only difference is that the GTX 230 has a supercharged engine, which offers a higher top speed and much better acceleration.

You can discover and do comparisons on the entire Sea-Doo GTX Line here:

2020 WaveRunner Luxury Models

Yamaha also added new colors to its 2020 FX WaveRunner Line. Beyond that, there are no major changes on the hulls or engines of the FX Line for this year:

2020 Luxury Jet Skis from Kawasaki

Kawasaki’s also did not make too many changes on their Luxury Jet Ski models beyond the new color sets:

2020 Sea-Doo GTX vs. Yamaha FX vs. Kawasaki Ultra Series

You can compare below the most affordable Luxury/Touring models from each manufacturer:

MSRP ($)$11 199$12 999$13 699
Displacement (cc)149816301812
Length (")132,7135,9140,9
Width (")47,049,450,0
Reboarding stepYesYesYes
Storage cap. (Gal)60,026,144,0
Weight cap. (Lbs)496600NA
Fuel cap. (Gal)20,618,518,5
Curb weight (Lbs)933901962
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,200,220,22
You can also discover and compare the premium models in the section below:
ModelFX Cruiser SVHOGTX Limited 300ULTRA 310LX
MSRP ($)$16 399$17 199$17 999
Displacement (cc)181216301498
Length (")140,9135,9132,7
Width (")50,049,447,0
Reboarding stepYesYesYes
Storage cap. (Gal)44,026,156,0
Weight cap. (Lbs)NA600496
Fuel cap. (Gal)18,518,520,6
Curb weight (Lbs)9469741 074
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,300,350,33

Performance PWC models

When it comes to performance models, these are the most powerful PWCs on the water. You can expect to get the highest top speeds and the greatest acceleration on these models.

On the other hand, they come with very high price tags and maintenance costs, due their high-performance, supercharged engines.

BrandModelMSRP ($)
YamahaGP1800R HO12 299
Sea-DooGTR 23012 399
YamahaGP1800R SVHO14 399
KawasakiULTRA 310X15 299
Sea-DooRXP-X 30015 399
Sea-DooRXT-X 30016 199
KawasakiULTRA 310R16 299

2020 Performance Sea-Doos

Sea-Doo definitely made the biggest changes in this category for the 2020 model year. Both the GTR-X 230 and RXT 230 models have been eliminated!

The other news is that the GTR 230 got the new Polytech hull from the new GTI Line.

So finally, this means there are only three performance models currently in the Sea-Doo fleet:

2020 Performance WaveRunners

When it comes to Yamaha, at first glance it looks like we got a new model, namely the GP 1800R HO.

But unfortunately, it’s not a new model, it’s just a name change of the former VXR, as this model is being released under the name GP 1800R HO in the 2020 model year.

This model is the naturally-aspirated version of Yamaha’s flagship WaveRunner, the GP 1800R SVHO. Surprisingly, it’s the only performance PWC on the market that is powered by a naturally aspirated (non-supercharged) engine.

So finally, Yamaha offers these two performance WaveRunner models in 2020:

2020 Performance Jet Skis

Kawasaki can’t go wrong with their 310 HP Ultra series. These models again arrive without any major changes in the new year. New color sets?  Yes of course. You can find out all about those here:

2020 Sea-Doo GTR vs. Yamaha GP1800R HO vs. Kawasaki Ultra 310X

You can compare the most affordable performance PWCs here based on the numbers:

ModelGP1800R HOGTR 230ULTRA 310X
MSRP ($)$12 299$12 399$15 299
Length (")131,9130,6132,7
Width (")48,049,247,0
Reboarding stepYesNoYes
Storage cap. (Gal)24,642,556,0
Weight cap. (Lbs)NA600496
Fuel cap. (Gal)18,515,920,6
Curb weight (Lbs)8658821 052
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,240,300,34

2020 Sea-Doo RXP-X vs. Yamaha GP1800R HO SVHO vs. Kawasaki Ultra 310R

And here are the flagship performance models from the big three:

ModelGP1800R SVHORXP-X 300ULTRA 310R
MSRP ($)$14 399$15 399$16 299
Length (")131,9130,6132,7
Width (")48,048,347,0
Reboarding stepYesNoYes
Storage cap. (Gal)24,630,756,0
Weight cap. (Lbs)NA400496
Fuel cap. (Gal)18,515,920,6
Curb weight (Lbs)8959521 047
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,330,360,34

Tow Sport and Fishing

We also have to mention the changes made on Sea-Doo’s special Watercrafts, the 2020 Sea-Doo Fish Pro and the Wake Series.

The biggest news is that Sea-Doo replaced the 1494 cc engine on these models, so now all of them come with the same, 1630 cc ACE Rotax engine.

Beyond the upgraded engine, not very many changes have been made on the Fish Pro’s hull or features.

Unlike the Fish Pro, the 2020 Sea-Doo Wake 170 has been completely redesigned. This model now comes with the new Polytec GTI platform. The new hull offers more stability and a saddle with improved comfort.

The storage capacity has been increased from 30.7 to 42.5 gallons, and the fuel capacity has also been increased from 15.9 to 18.5 gallons. In addition to those superb changes and upgrades, there has unfortunately been a weight increase from 718 lbs to 747 lbs.

Speaking of the 2020 Wake Pro 230, it comes with similar colors as its smaller brother, but powered with the supercharged 230 HP engine version. This model also has the 18.5-gallon fuel tank, while the storage capacity remained the same, at only 26.1 gallons.

A sound package is available for both models as an option.

You can find out all about these models here:

ModelWake 170Wake Pro 230Fish Pro
MSRP ($)$12 199$14 899$14 999
Length (")130,6135,9146,8
Width (")49,249,449,4
Reboarding stepYesYesYes
Storage cap. (Gal)42,526,139,6
Weight cap. (Lbs)600600600
Fuel cap. (Gal)15,918,518,5
Curb weight (Lbs)855934983
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,230,280,20

2020 Stand-Up PWC models

And don’t forget about the Stand-Up watercraft category. It seems that we can’t expect too many changes in terms of the available stand-up PWC models.

The 2020 Yamaha SuperJet and the new Kawasaki SX-R come with the same colors and specifications as in 2019.

It’s also good to know that Krash Industries will release their new model line sometime in the spring of 2020.

However, we haven’t any official information about the 2020 Krash PWC Lineup. Rumor has it that there won’t be any major changes in the specifications, but the models will get a new set of colors for the new year.

Once new 2020 Krash PWC models are released, we will immediately update our database with pictures of them all of course!

Until then, you can purchase the 2019 models at any Krash dealership in the U.S., as these models are still available nationwide!

BrandModelMSRP ($)
YamahaSuperjet8 699
KawasakiSX-R9 999
Krash50 CAL12 599
KrashReaper12 599
KrashPredator12 599
KrashFootrocket12 599
KrashFootrocket Pro16 799
MSRP ($)$8 699$9 999$12 599
Length (")88,2104,582
Width (")26,830,126,0
Reboarding stepN/AN/ANo
Storage cap. (Gal)0,00,00,0
Weight cap. (Lbs)1 rider1 rider1 rider
Fuel cap. (Gal)4,86,14,75
Curb weight (Lbs)336551338
Power to curb weight ratio (HP/Lbs)0,240,290,42


After all the specs and information, is it possible to summarize in a couple of words what’s new on the PWC market in 2020? Let’s give it a try:– Kawasaki released the new 2020 STX 160 Family, which is a completely redesigned and upgraded version of the former STX-15F. The other models got only new color sets.

Yamaha hasn’t made any major change in its WaveRunner fleet. But, we have new colors, some new features, and sligthly higher price tags in 2020.

Sea-Doo has probably made the biggest changes in its new model line. Sadly, the performance GTR-X 230 and RXT 230 models are gone for this year.

On the other hand, the platform of the GTI Line has been completely redesigned and is now made of Polytech. Also, the new 2020 GTR 230 and the 2020 Wake 170 now come with this hull, and the increased 42.5-gallon fuel capacity. Numerous models are equipped with a larger 18.5-gallon fuel tank, and there were major changes on the engines as well.

The former 1494 cc Rotax engine was canceled, so currently you can find Sea-Doo engines with 2 displacement versions: the 899 cc Rotax engine either produces 60 or 90 HP, depending on the model. (Spark Line and GTI 90).

All of the other models are powered with a 1630 cc Rotax engine, what offers 130/170 HP, or even 230/300 HP with supercharger.

This was our detailed 2020 Jet Ski vs WaveRunner vs Sea-Doo vs Krash comparison, we hope you find it useful!

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